FAKRA (SMB) Connector Information and Specifications

FAKRA Connectors are designed for automotive applications and are based on the SMB connector interface and comply with the standard for a uniform connector system established by FAKRA (FACHARBEITSKREIS AUTOMOBIL – German group of experts from vehicle manufacturers and equipment suppliers). Due to their special standard locking system FAKRA connectors fulfill the high functional and safety requirements of today’s automotive industry and are specified for 6 GHz in 50 omh or 60 ohm. These connectors are commonly used in GPS antenna, Engine management system, Analog/Digital radio, Auxiliary heating, TV/Video-displays, Antenna, Distributor box, Accident data analysis, Mobile phone, Remote control keyless entry, Distance control, Air pressure control, and Navigation systems.

The connectors are equipped with a standardized coding system which permits easy and fast assembly using fourteen possible coding options. The locking system has primary and secondary locking to prevent inadvertent detachment.

The FAKRA standard is described today in the DIN 72594-1 / ISO 20860-1 and harmonized with the USCAR-17 standard and the goal is to transfer the DIN and USCAR standard into an international ISO standard. USCAR-17 is meanwhile replaced by ISO 20860-1 and the same will happen with DIN 72594-1.










  1. Sophisticated mechanical and color coded system with 14 different codes
  2. Continuous strip mounted, stamped and formed center contacts ensure efficient automatic assembly
  3. High mounting security:
    1. Pre-assembling locking features ensures correct position of the coaxial insert in the coded housing
    2. Secondary locking feature prevents incorrect mating
    3. Secure primary locking system between plug and jack with tactile and audible locking mechanism
    4. Protection frame and protection strip protect against accidental demating
  4. Coaxial insert and cable can be rotated freely 360° in coded housing
  5. Secure secondary locking with high axial retention force of the coaxial insert in the coded housing
  6. Shock and vibration proof housing protects coaxial insert
  7. Cable types with fixing groove for chassis mounting
  8. Special shape of inner contact ensures tilt resistant PCB mounting


volkswagen_fakra_plug_dimensionsFAKRA Plug (male)

  • Snap-on coupling
  • Plastic housing covered (14 color options)
  • Six slots radically spaced outer contact inside shell
  • Female center contact
  • Insulator surrounds female center contact wholly for 50 ohm
  • An air gap between female center contact and outer contact for 75 ohm Fakra male



FAKRA Jack (female)volkswagen_fakra_jack_dimensions

  • Snap-on coupling
  • Plastic housing covered (14 color options)
  • A trough for mating captive after a smooth area of dia. 3.7mm, 3.0mm length from mating end
  • Male center contact
  • Insulator nestles up throughout against outer contact. An air gap between insulator and male center contact for 50 ohm Fakra female
  • Reducing insulator amount. An air gap between male center contact and outer contact for 75 ohm Fakra connector

Plug and Jack Keying Options

Plug Keying Options










Jack Keying Options












Mechanical and Colour Coding













Commonly used Volkswagen Fakra connectors

A-Black – DAB/DAB+(RNS310 DAB/RNS510 DAB)

B-White – DAB/DAB+ with active power

C-Blue – GPS (RNS2-MFD2/RNS510-MFD3/Skoda Columbus/Audi RNS-E/Audi MMI)

Further information on Connectors, Cables and Adapters can be found in this post – FAKRA (SMB) Connectors, Cables and Adapters

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