Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Firmware Upgrade 0530-0546 KW22-2012

Firmware Changes

Version 0530/0546 – production (from week) KW22/2012
(any MDI’s produced or fitted in the factory from week 22 2012 onwards should have this version fitted out of the factory)

General Notes

See Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Firmware Upgrades for general information on the firmware updates including restrictions, file formats and connectivity.

Firmware is for units with a software version of 0530 or greater, if firmware is unable to be updated or you have already flashed this version it will not load.

  • Download the firmware from one of the links below.
  • Extract the file using your preferred ZIP or RAR tool.
  • Copy the file mdi.bin.enc in the root (top) level of a USB flash drive and insert this into the USB cable.
  • Turn the headunit on or start the car and the update will proceed. If the MDI is selected the status will be displayed.
  • After around 1 minute the update will complete and the USB flash drive may be removed.

VW MDI 0530 KW22/2012 Firmware – Not AVAILABLE – 0530 is the only firmware for the updated hardware. If you have the updated hardware it already has 0530 loaded and there is no newer version at this time.

Possible Error Messages during the update process

  • Update with older version is not possible
    • The file on the USB flash drive is older than the software version on the MDI.
  • Update on the same version is not possible
    • The file on the USB flash drive is the same as the software version on the MDI.
  • Update file is corrupted or damaged
    • Re download the file and start again
  • Multiple update files found
    • There are multiple update files in the root of the USB flash drive, delete the older versions and start again.
  • Update was terminated
    • An error has occured in the update, start again.


39 thoughts on “Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Firmware Upgrade 0530-0546 KW22-2012”

  1. It would be so awesome to be able to download/apply this. Granted I have an old 5th gen video ipod, but I’m experiencing some freaky behavior. Maybe this would solve it.

  2. Where is the download link? Where are the links for 0530/0546? I need to install this and the download links were never posted…


    I have a RNS510 F with 5N0035342 G MDI module. Strangely when I connect the IPOD the HDD menu stays white but the MDI menu goes gray (like this option was missing) and after some time appears a message ” MDI: UNSUPORTED DEVICE”.

    here is the result:

    VCDS Version: Release 11.11.3
    Address 2E: Media Player 3 Labels: 5N0-035-342.lbl
    Control Module Part Number: 5N0 035 342 G HW: 5N0 035 342 G
    Component and/or Version: SG EXT.PLAYER H19 0770
    Software Coding: 010100
    Work Shop Code: WSC 00000 000 00000
    VCID: 2B5F19754A1E111
    1 Fault Found:

    03138 – Input AUX IN
    009 – Open or Short to Ground
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 01101001
    Fault Priority: 4
    Fault Frequency: 1
    Reset counter: 72
    Mileage: 0 km
    Time Indication: 0

    On the other hand when I connect a USB pen with the firmware upgrade the RNS 510 MDI option screen goes dark gray and says that the pen does not have “voice files” –> so it does not detect firm Upg.

    Any ideas about the problem? why the change from white to dark grey at the RNS510 menu ?…


  4. Hi
    I’ve tried upgrading my MDI firmware with several releases (2012, 2011, 2010), but for each and every one of them the RNS510 only displays “No audio content found”. I’m using a 4Gb USB stick, formatted to FAT32 (tried FAT as well) with no folders on it, just the MDI firmware. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

  5. The link posted near the top by GeorgeChios is WRONG!! that is the 240 version firmware NOT the newer one. The checksums are identical to to the 240 version (incidentally the official150 links in the other thread are also wrong and are the 240 version)
    These are the 240 checksums
    File: mdi.bin.enc
    CRC-32: 334b0018
    MD4: 22d10b04028eda8499603bdeb36f324c
    MD5: 2816c146a0352183c66ba950f293ff2d
    SHA-1: 6ec283b0475b09905be90dd88377bc8ef8720b18

  6. I just used this updated on my 2010 version MDI / RCD 510 so it does work!

    Before the update my MDI to Apple Lightning adapter (5N0 035 554 G) didn’t work, I could only hear static. After installing this update, the cable works excellently.

    I used the first link at the top of the page.

  7. Hi all, the latest 6276 RNS-510 firmware doesn’t work well with the MDI kit and Bluetooth Audio Streaming, I think a solution will be the firmware from MDI box 5C3 035 342A.
    Does anyone know if this Is this available to download, I have a unit with firmware 550 and part number 5C3 035 342 but has the same issue. Pauses when you change from A2DP to MDI, then doesn’t skip track without pausing again

  8. @Camerz It would work as the version on this page is the 240 version for pre week 22, 2012 cars and not the version it’s supposed to be

    1. @lee, what link you have use? i have an rns510 on my 2010 car.
      what´s the serial number of your adpater MDI to apple?

  9. @lee, what link you have use? i have an rns510 on my 2010 car.
    what´s the serial number of your adpater MDI to apple?

    1. There is no link, version 0530-0546 only ships on hardware that it can work on and there is no other version at this stage.

  10. Hello, i found a working Link for MDI Firmware 0530-0546-kw22-2012:

    i hope it works for yuo!

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