Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Upgrade and Information

Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Upgrade and Information

To download firmware visit the Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Download Repository.

Update/Factory/Modified image

An update image is denoted by the extension .301 in the version.txt file and this will update without deleting music, maps or changing the partition sizes.

A factory image is denoted by the extension .901 in the version.txt file and this will delete your music, maps and may change the partition sizes.

However there are some custom modified update images that may perform other tasks like re-enabling the setup or re-partitioning the hard drive and this may wipe your music and maps so always make sure you have a copy of anything that you need. Modified firmware generally has fixes for Regensburg syndrome, MP3 VBR Resume, Test Mode and fixes for Gateways.


Revision/Version numbering system

Volkswagen have revised the revision/version number system and now each release is denoted with an 8 as the final digit, instead of a release being known as 4020 / 4024 / 4026 / 4028 it will now just be known as 5238.

The revision file on the firmware media now shows #VwSwIndex:5238/5238/5238/5238/5238 instead of #VwSwIndex:4020/4026/4028/4024

For older releases the final digit of the version number denotes the vehicle/type of head unit the firmware upgrade is for.

yyyx firmware where x is

  • 0 VW
  • 2 VW Touareg
  • 4 Skoda
  • 6 Seat
  • 8 VW T5 Multivan & California


Firmware Upgrade Notes

Version 6xxx


Version 5xxx

Firmware Changes

  • DAB+ Support (from 5xxx, 5238 and above is recommended)
  • 5274 can be somewhat unstable on some head units as such we recommend 5269.

Version 4xxx

Firmware Changes

  • DAB Support (from 4xxx)
  • Radio Text (from 4xxx)


Version 3xxx


Firmware Changes

New Startup Screen

Old startup screen
New startup screen

File System Changes

  • 1xxx/2xxx firmware has a 20GB music and 10GB navigation partition.
  • 3xxx firmware has a 15GB music, 7.5GB navigation and 7.5GB POI database partition.

POI Database

  • Requires a separate partition on the hard drive and new POI data v6 or greater.

See Volkswagen RNS 510 Maps POI – New Features with Firmware 3xxx for further information

New Setup Screen

details coming soon.

Map Changes

New maps required to support new POI format

  • European beta maps currently available with new POI database map support
  • European official maps (CD_7476 and CD_7477) – due for release mid 2011
  • Australian official maps (Version 4) – due for release late 2011


Version 3xxx Specific Problems

  • HDD re-partitioning does not occur when upgrading to version 3930 and 3970 from 1xxx/2xxx, upgrade from 3800-3910 to use these versions.
  • POI search with the European beta maps only works with version 3800 and 3810.



Version 2xxx

Firmware Changes


  • Faster Startup (from 2660 onwards)
  • Voice Control (from 2660 onwards – requires microphone – see Volkswagen RNS 510 Microphone Connection for voice control)
  • Speed Limit Display (from 2660 onwards)
  • Stability Improvements (from 2660 onwards)
  • Faster Startup (from 2660 onwards)
  • Display OPS and RVC at the same time (from 2660 onwards)
  • SDHC 32 GB Support – HW04 and above (from 2660 onwards)
  • Display Off on extras tab (from 2660 onwards)
  • Clock display if RNS 510 switched off (from 2660 onwards)
  • Excluded roads – under route options (from 2660 onwards)

Version 1xxx

Firmware Changes

  • Climatronic control if appropriate climatronic fitted (from 1100)
  • Bluetooth audio support (from 1100)
  • AV output (from 1100)
  • Faster touchscreen response (from 1100)
  • New volume location at bottom of screen without any dimming (from 1100)
  • Bluetooth Audio Support (from 1100)
  • New Balance Fader (from 1100)

Version 0xx

None Available







37 thoughts on “Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Upgrade and Information”

  1. 🙂 Excelent collection of info – I found that little snippet that might just fix my problem (“HDD re-partitioning does not occur when…”)

  2. Hi guys,
    Where can I find the 1002 version to avoid the Battery drain issue?
    I’m running a 2662 version but the issue is still there..

  3. Hi,
    I have an old version that with the latest firmware updates each time it is turned off, it restart from Germany (I think Kassel, but I forgot). I remember there was a notice on the web saying that they were working to sort it out, but for what I am concerned it has not!
    Can anyone give me more information?

    Thank you

  4. Hi,
    I’m looking into upgrading my RNS 510 in my 59plate Passat CC and would like advice about in which order I have to do the upgrade to the lastest stable firmware version.
    The main reason I’m doing this to gain access to 32gb memory SDHC cards and to have the OPS function on the same page as RVC display as recently retrofited RVC camera without control module.
    My worry with the upgrade is that I may loose my Maps etc and there was no disc that came with car upon purchase. Can Maps be downloaded from web or do I need to go to VW agent.

    Model of Radio is listed below from snapshot of VCDS:-

    Address 56: Radio (J0506) Labels: 1T0-035-680.clb
    Part No SW: 1T0 035 680 B HW: 1T0 035 680 B
    Component: RNS-MID H11 1200
    Revision: AB001001 Serial number: VWZ6Z7J9291017
    Coding: 04000440040000A200
    Shop #: WSC 10403 000 00000
    ASAM Dataset: ————————- ——
    VCID: 2D5B2DAC740A1F1

    No fault code found.

    I look forward to hearing from anyone who can guide me through this process.

    Much appreciated

  5. Hi, I have a problem, I fited a skoda columbus in my octavia 2 2004, on the case of the unit the code is 3T0035680 A and FW 2724 but in the secret menu is 3T0035680 whitout the A and FW 0904, I dont understand why is this. Now the problem, MFSW and MFD not working

  6. How do you tell the version and model number you have ? I have tried the “press setup for 30 seconds” but this does not work, the car is a 2010 VW Passat CC if that helps. Cheers Les

  7. Hi Lesmayhead,
    I have a 2009 Passat CC and the secret menu was not available until it was unlocked using VCDS. Go to Navigation channel 37. Click on Adaptation 10. Enter 50 into the channel value. Then change the value from 0 to 1. Click test, exit VCDS, and press and brightness to reboot the RNS-510. This should unlock your RNS510 making the secret menu available after 30-30seconds.



  8. hello.i also have a 2009 passat cc and the secret menu is not working. what do you mean by “unlocked using VCDS”?
    can you tell me what version is your rns 510? do i need to “code” or “recode” my rns510 after i upgrade it to 3810a_noru? and what does that mean?
    what i want to do is upgrade it to 3810a_noru and then 4020. is this the right way to get the lastest version?

  9. Very useful information, there’s just a thing that i can’t really find.

    My car (leon 1p 2008) has a Seat Multimedia System, which is apart from the sd card slot, the same.
    It’s now running on:

    HW Vehicle: 0xC001
    SW version: 0996
    Delivery part number 5P0034680A
    HW radio 0003
    SW radio EUR_CN_130H

    To what version could i update ?? Do i get the volkswagen start screen or will that automaticly be set to seat ?

    Maybe important to keep in mind that i have the : 5P0 862 335 B Bluetooth car kit

  10. I just bought a 2013 Passat SEL and this RNS510 is a piece of garbage. By far it is the slowest thing I have ever seen. I could understand if it was the year 1996 but come on really. They sell these things for $1800+. I dont think that this thing is worth $1. It is worthless!!!!!!! Firmware upgrade all you want people the processors in this thing are JUNK they can’t handle the information that is being presented. Hell this thing cant even find a resteraunt that I am parked in front of, whats with that!! JUNK JUNK JUNK thats what I say, and I want it out of my car!

  11. please can anyone help me to choise which firmvare is corect for my rns510. right now i am having problems like every day is car batery empty. it is rns 1T0035680D, HW Version: HW03, SW Version-4120.if anythig else you need just tell me please.

  12. I have upgraded the firmware on a -10 Tiguan but after the upgrade the system does not boot up. The installation process goes fine, finding the image, complete installation and report back the installation of firmware was successfully. When removing the CD the system restarts (as it should), the start-up screen with the VW logo and a map of Europe in the background appears but after some second it restarts again. This seems to go on forever, at least I have not seen the end of the constant reboot and progress.

    Btw, I have downloaded from three different sources, burned onto three different CDs, hence I assume the unit might be a problem or, most likely, I do the upgrade the wrong way.

  13. Note! Skoda owners

    Extract files PQTABLE and SKTABLE from image (use magiciso or ultraiso). Files can be found from path: \VUCI\B101\RNSMIDEC\PROG
    Switch the filenames by just renaming SKTABLE to PQTABLE and vice versa
    Overwrite the renamed files back to image and save the image. Burn this image to DVD or CD.
    Load or reload the Firmware to your RNS-510 using the steps below.
    Voilá… buttons are back!

    This procedure is ok on a 3890 firmware? I have a B version on a Golf 5 My09 and skoda blueth. 1Z0035729B

  14. I have an RNS 510 and i think it’s on 0xx because i have the volume in the middle of the screen and the setup button “secret menu” only takes you to FM, AM and DAB (It doesn’t even have a DAB tuner:/)
    I can’t get any links until 3810 / 3814 / 3816 / 3818 will i be able to upgrade directly to this?

  15. Hi Guys, I have 2009 Japanese import Golf 6 with satnav. If I down load one of these versions will it change the satnav from the current Japanese to English?

  16. Hi, I have a 10/2009 Passat CC with a RNS 510 1T0035680B, H11, SW 1200. Can you tell me what firmware update i can apply on this one?
    Can i upgrade directly to the 6xxx version, or must i upgrade step by step through the versions 2xxx,3xxx,4xxx,5xxx and then 6xxx?

    Is it possible to upgrade to the 6xxx at all?

    Thanks in advance!

  17. hi , i have a passat cc 2011 with RNS 510
    suddenly the the langue change from English into germane and i can’t play any thing on it even the radio and the CD .HDD . no voice comes out , and when i try the force restart it”s not working and even the hiding menu can”t be shown , i don”t now the version of it .
    please help me to fix my problem

  18. With regards to the Canbus fix, after burning the software fix onto a DVD, I just insert it into the RNS? Anything else needed to be done? Thanks

  19. No t sure if anyone is still coming on this post… I have a CC 2011 with an RNS 510 HW-Version H06 and now with SW 5238 (Del. part no.: 1T0035680L). Initially I installed 5274 but experienced battery drain and so downgraded to the more stable 5238, but I’m still experiencing the same issue – I even replaced the battery with a brand new Bosch one, thinking that the battery may be old, but that just went flat in a few days.

    I’ve also tried installing 1200_gw_all.iso but it won’t install on my RNS 510, saying it’s not a recognised SW – so I can’t even use Josi’s fix.

    So, currently I’m having to jump start my car if I don’t drive it for a day or two, which obviously isn’t ideal. At the time of installation of the original upgrade to 5274, which was July last year, it was stated only early RNS 510’s were affected, if at all, but either way it definitely has the battery drain issue now on my car. I don’t want to put people off upgrading, but unless there’s a firm reason why some cars are affected and others are not, I would possibly avoid any upgrades for now. I don’t know why this effects some people and not others, but if I could go back to my original firmware, I would. Unfortunately, I don’t even know what that would be, although it’s definitely with the old start up screen. I don’t really want to manually update the CAN bus gateway and if I’m honest, just being able to revert to the original settings would be the most desirable solution.

    Does anyone have any ideas at all?

  20. HI!
    I Have this stereo with this information:
    Partno: 56D035190A
    HW Index: 002
    SW Index: 0003
    SW Version 20120726A
    Bootloader version 2.00
    Is not possible to control bluetooth units using the touch screen keys (it looks dissable), is need to be updated the firmware so this can be performed?
    Thanks for your support.

  21. Hi,
    I have a touareg 2009 . I am facing a problem with my multimedia system. Its is restarting by itself. Freezes on the welcome note and then restart again . I cannot access anything from my radio to the rear camera…
    Any help!?

  22. I found a way to “Prepare SD card with map data and custom map loader CD” that allows maps to be placed on an SD card and imported to the Navi from the SD card (Notes from a Nerd – Paul Roberts (I believe)). Does anyone know if I can load a system software upgrade (trying to install SW Ver 5238 and/or 5274) via an SD card s well? Seems my Navi is not reading the disks well enough> I am using high quality disks and burning them at the lowest speeds. Tried about five now and no joy…

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