Oil Change Tools for the Volkswagen BPG, BPY, BWT and other FSI engines

Volkswagen have a Spezialwerkzeug (Special Tool) for draining oil from the oil filter housing for the following models with FSI engines.

The Volkswagen oil filter housing drain tool is part number T40057 and suits 2006-2008 VW/Audi models with the 2.0L Turbo (engine codes; BPG, BPY, BWT), the 2005.5 – 2011 2.5L inline 5 cyl VW engine and the 2012 onwards VW Golf R.

Engine Codes

CDLC, CDLF, CDLG and CRZA (Golf R 2012 onwards)

Genuine Tools

Assenmacher VW & Audi Oil Filter Drain Tool T40057

volkswagen_oil_change_tool_assenmacher_t40057_2 volkswagen_oil_change_tool_assenmacher_t40057_1

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Also the Matra T40057

Aftermarket Tools

Motivx Tools VW & Audi Oil Filter Drain Tool MX2340

volkswagen_oil_change_tool_motivx_1 volkswagen_oil_change_tool_motivx_3 volkswagen_oil_change_tool_motivx_2 volkswagen_oil_change_tool_motivx_5 volkswagen_oil_change_tool_motivx_4

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MobileFaction VW & Audi Oil Filter Drain Tool

volkswagen_oil_change_tool_mobilefaction_1 volkswagen_oil_change_tool_mobilefaction_2 volkswagen_oil_change_tool_mobilefaction_3

Made in the USA from cast resin.

MobileFaction ship this worldwide here.

Schwaben VW & Audi Oil Filter Drain Tool 000930SCH01A

volkswagen_oil_change_tool_schwaben_1 volkswagen_oil_change_tool_schwaben_2 volkswagen_oil_change_tool_schwaben_3

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