Volkswagen RNS 510 Information and Specifications

Experience with all the senses
The latest-generation navigation systems are outstanding for their simple operation and multi-functionality. The Volkswagen RNS 510 radio navigation system sets new standards in these areas, combining navigation and multimedia entertainment in a most innovative way. This makes it a real experience for all the senses. Why not find out for yourself?

That feels good
Progress that you can touch: for the first time ever, there is a Volkswagen navigation system that you can operate conveniently by means of a touchscreen. All you have to do is choose – do you want to see the map in 2D, topographically, or would you prefer a three-dimensional bird’s-eye view? The large TFT colour display always ensures excellent map reproduction. The intelligent split screen function divides the screen into map and additional information for greater clarity. Dynamic navigation with TMC helps you arrive at your destination more quickly.

And it looks good too
The RNS 510 is certainly worth a closer look: its high-quality DVD drive provides entertaining movie enjoyment with excellent picture quality – thanks to a high-resolution TFT monitor. A sophisticated sound system with eight speakers provides added listening enjoyment, no matter whether you prefer to listen to the radio or a CD. The integrated 30/40 GB hard disk offers space for your music collection – and, of course, for the navigation data. And the SD memory card system ensures a convenient exchange of data whenever you need it.

Does it leave you wanting more?
If you add a TV hybrid tuner (DVB-T) to the new RNS 510, then you can even watch television. The integrated videotext will help you stay abreast of the latest news. In the interests of your safety, these functions are, of course, only available when the vehicle is stationary. Making phone calls on the move will become even safer and more convenient in future. With the optional Bluetooth mobile phone preparation “Premium”, you can use the Phone button and touchscreen to access the telephone menu directly, scroll through the phone book and even enter numbers on the display.

The RNS 510 will continue in production until 2018 so development will continue until at least this time and for some time after.

Manufactured by Siemens VDO until 2010 and Continental from 2010 when they purchased Siemens VDO.

Volkswagen RNS 510 Hardware and Software (firmware) Versions 

Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Upgrade and Information

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  1. You can made 3 folders: destinations; gps-pictures and audioguides.In audioguides folder you add some mp3 files.

  2. Where I can find on RNS ( cw x ) as is wrote here

    RNS 510 version E/F (cw x)
    Faster processor
    LED display
    Support for 2TB SDXC cards

  3. Can I install the rns 510 to my seat toledo 2014 and if the device would be compatible with the canbus gatway and all function will work without coding

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