Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Firmware Upgrades

Firmware upgrades to the Media Device Interface (MDI) are performed using the USB cable and a suitable USB storage device, the upgrade cannot be performed using the iPod/iPhone cable. Detailed instructions and possible error messages are detailed on the firmware version update pages.

Firmware Versions

MDI 0530-0546 KW22-2012 (this is only for vehicles produced from week 22 of 2012 – it will not install on older versions of hardware)

MDI 0240 KW22-2011

MDI 0150 KW45-2010

MDI 0111 KW22-2010

MDI 0090 KW33-2009

General Notes (for all versions)

  • Only USB 2.0 hard drive and usb flash drives  should be attached to the USB cable.
  • No USB cable extenders should be used, only a USB cable or a USB powered hub.
  • The hard drive and flash drives should be formatted with the FAT file system FAT16 for <2GB devices and FAT32 for >2GB devices.
  • Complex file structures will create delays in reading the contents.
  • Only the first partition is playable if the device has multiple partitions.
  • Memory card adapters are not supported.
  • MP3, WMA, OOG Vorbis and AAC format files are supported, 3GP and WMA lossless files are not supported. WMA files that are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected will not play.
  • Variable Bit Rate (VBR) MP3’s will not show time remaining.
  • DRM protected M4P and similar files will not generally play back from mass storage (USB).
  • PLS, B4S, ASX and WPL playlists are supported.
  • Playlists must reside in the same directory as the media file.
  • MTP (Media Transfer Protocol – displaying the logo ‘PlaysForSure’ and ‘ReadyForVista’) may take several minutes to start playing as they request information such as battery status and memory usage from the MDI.
  • Devices can be hot plugged at any time without loss of data.
  • The Interface provides 5V for charging (standard USB)
  • Folder structure should not exceed 8 folder levels and folders should contain no more than 1000 files.
  • The Apple iPod and iPhone should only be connected with the iPod cable with the exception of the iPod Shuffle which can connect through the USB cable.

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