Volkswagen RNS 510 – 3xxx Firmware Changes


3970/3974/3976/3978 – beta

3930/3934/3936/3938 – beta

3890/3894/3896/3898 – beta

3810/3814/3816/3818 – release with support for older units

3800/3802/3804/3806 – beta

New Startup Logo


File System Changes

  • 1xxx/2xxx firmware has a 20GB music and 10GB navigation partition.
  • 3xxx firmware has a 15GB music, 7.5GB navigation and 7.5GB POI database partition.

POI Database

  • Requires a separate partition on the hard drive and new POI data v6 or greater.

See Volkswagen RNS 510 Maps POI – New Features with Firmware 3xxx for further information

New Setup Screen

details coming soon.

Map Changes

New maps required to support new POI format

  • European beta maps currently available with new POI database map support
  • European official maps (CD_7476 and CD_7477) – due for release mid 2011
  • Australian official maps (Version 4) – due for release late 2011


Version 3xxx Specific Problems

  • Software video in motion is lost when upgrading to version 3800.
  • HDD re-partitioning does not occur when upgrading to version 3930 and 3970 from 1xxx/2xxx, upgrade from 3800-3910 to use these versions.
  • POI search with the European beta maps only works with version 3800 and 3810.


To be updated further…..




17 thoughts on “Volkswagen RNS 510 – 3xxx Firmware Changes”

  1. Well, I’m a little disappointed. The Eastern Europe CD_7477, although has been built 01/28/2011, but nevertheless contains a database of maps 2009Q4. It is embarrassing, when the Continental AG has released the product, which contains a one year old map.

  2. I have a North American US 2011 Tiguan SEL model with the RNS-510 that I bought in August 2010. It has the Day/Night button in the top right corner and doesn’t allow for reaching past the radio info screen into the “secret menu” no matter how long I hold the setup button. I’ve tried reading forum upon forum but I can’t figure out exactly what to do in my case. I’ve also tried to find VAGCOM people in my area but none are even close to me. Can you please help?

    How do I find out what firmware is right for me? I feel the stock software is buggy and slow and I want to upgrade the firmware so that it runs better but I’m unsure of the correct path to take and I don’t want to mess things up even worse.

    Some advice please?

  3. How do you use Video in Motion, the old trick used to work before the voice commands feature was introduced.

    What way is there around this now….

    Also, i have a GT TDI Golf
    1T0035680C H04

    Running firmware 2680… But my unit suffers from the ‘rosenberg syndrome’ – Will i be able to upgrade from 2680? and Will this fix the rosenberg syndrome??? (Starting in Germany)

    If not, what firmware do you guys recommend (I use an SDHC card)


    1. Updating fixed my rosenberg syndrone. I’m curently on 2810 but with this you loose video in motion.Anything higher than this re-inables the video in motion

  4. I’ve RNS 510 1T0 035 680 a HW: H04 SW: 1020 in a Touran 2008.

    Could i upgrade de fw of this unit to 3810 -3818?

    Thanks in advanced.

    1. I have the same unit, HW04 in a Touran.
      Did you try to install 3810 in your unit, and eventually, did it work? Particularly sceptical when I read about the dimming problem..

  5. The 3XXX firmware versions list a NEW Compass as one of the features.

    I’ve successfully installed the firmware but the compass looks athe same as the 2XXX firmware. Can someone post a pic of what the new compass should look like please?

  6. I have RNS510 in a Golf R revision C H52 2840. It just seems to get stuck at 5% into the APPL phase of loading. Is this a known feature? What can I do about it? Thanks

  7. Hi from Australia.
    Does anyone know which version is best for Australia and more importantly what is the part number from VAG to get the original copy?
    I have 3970 on 1T0 035 680F part number produced in August 2011 and POIs dont work on new australian maps
    and it says on the Secret menu that its running EU version of things.

    I rang VW and spoke to 3 dealers so far – noone wants to help.


  8. Hello,
    I just upgraded to new RNS510 version F with SW3970. I lost the audio control from the steering wheel right hand side (Channels up and down), volume working fine, also, the navigation and audio screens totally disappeared from the MFD. Can someone please help and give me the required coding to restore the MFD display and the SW audio control. My car is not GTI, but 2008 EOS, unfortunately EOS clue is not as rich as the My-GTI.

  9. Hi, if someone need the maps Europe V10, here can download
    Hola, si alguien necesita los mapas de Europa V10, se los puede bajar de aqui.

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