Volkswagen RNS 510 Backlight Dim after upgrading Firmware

After upgrading the RNS 510 to a higher version of firmware (3810 or higher) from revision C or earlier hardware running software 2840 or earlier the backlight may stop working after the gateway update and subsequent reboot. The screen can still be viewed with some additional light.

This recovery cd is based on the 2760 firmware but can be used to recover RNS 510’s running any version. Insert the media into the RNS 510 and start a new SWL process by pressing Setup + Eject +Info/Mic (top right hand button next to the DVD slot). It will attempt to restore a new SWL process and will enable it to boot up. There may be a problem with the RVC not working after this however and if this occurs and you want that to remain working you will need to flash an older version.

Download Location

File: (filename: 2760_ogw.rar containing 2760_ogw.nrg of size 482,285,686)

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