Installing an aftermarket Rear View Camera (RVC) into a Golf Mark V and VI rear bumper

The camera chose for the RVC install is a butterfly style camera, the Kufatec interface for the RNS510 required an NTSC camera.

Camera specs

Butterfly style mount
Size: 20mm diameter and 25mm deep
Viewing area: 150°
1/4″ color CCD camera

Camera purchased from Dealextreme for USD$110.35 delivered

Step 1 – cut opening for camera in rear bumper

The butterfly camera was chosen as I wanted to minimise drilling into the rear bumper and wanted a camera that was out of sight hence the area immediately above the number plate. The install of the camera was slightly complicated by the presence of a rectangular potted box so a larger hole has to be cut into the rear bumper, as the number plate is always fitted to the car I decided to cut the opening behind there and route the cable up behind the plate.

If the camera doesn’t have this box fitted the hole only needs to be slightly larger then the connector on the end of the cable. A dremel makes cutting the opening reasonably quickly with masking tape to mark out the cutlines and protect the surrounding paint.

Step 2 – Remove trim


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  1. I hate to be argumentative, but that is not true. The RCD 510 comes in two forms. One (sold in europe) has a video port. One (sold in US) does. Yours HAS a video port (that yellow long port) so either something has changed or your unit is european. Either way..

    Your unit supports a backup camera, but that port is a 26 pin port that only accepts RGBS signal. if you check the pin diagram on the radio, you will see 4 pins, 1 labled R, one G, one B and one S or sync. Most after market cameras come with only the yellow single line plug like yours. To get it to work, you will need to buy a video converter to convert the signal to RGBS which is a Red, blue, green, and white cable set. Then you will need to build a custom harness with a 26 pin plug (see radio shack or the like) to get the signal to the radio. The converters cost a couple of hundred.

    My sudgestion is that you buy an OEM camera and Cable harness (comes as RGBS. You will spend 350 to 400 but after you have bought the converter, the parts for the harness and the camera itself, you spend the same.

    If you decide to get a converter, google RGBS backup Camera and you will find plenty.

    Oh, as a note, you still need to change the coding on your radio to accept video feed from the camera. This can be done by your dealership or by some one with the Vag Com tool.

  2. BTW I meant one sold in US does NOT. The one sold in the US does not normally have an input, but that may have changed.

  3. The RCD 510 sold in Australia didn’t have the video input/output except for models with factory RVC and a few random select units when cars were first fitted with them (Mk 6 release). It appears that most or all units now installed in cars has the video i/o. So the situation is that RCD 510’s should be checked for the video i/o connector before purchasing cameras etc or be faced with the situation of having to buy another unit.

  4. I second just getting the OEM one. I put one in my GLI, and I love the results. Next weekend I’m putting one in my friends R32. I just can’t see the effort needed to make an aftermarket one work. The RNS can be trouble enough programming it at times. No need to add aftermarket into the mix.

  5. I have actually an opposite problem I bought a new sharan 7N equipped with RCD-510 and RVC (VW OEM) camera, I want to replace it with a eonon GM5153 and I supose I must find a way to convert the camera signal (RGBs) to composite (yellow RCS) that is accepted by the eonon. WHy VW should be so complicated? Anyway the display quality of teh RCD-510 isn’t that good. I also have a skoda fabia with a chinese stereo (800×480) and a chinese RVC, adapted and connected with a composite cable (yellow RCA) and the quality is much better, more bright, also during the night or when parking in a dark garage.

  6. Unfortunately the previous mentioned adapter didn’t work, I dismounted the orginal VW 26 pin connector and I found that the following pin
    were connected, I have a european RCD 510 with OEM VW parking camera (no parking sensors)

    of the 26 PIN only the folowing had a cable, I try 24,25,26,13,12 on the RGBs adapter with no luck,
    I tried to connect to the pin 11, Power Negative pole of the negative pole of the RGBs converter, still with no luck

    22 – Video signal input, LF, negative
    23 – Video signal input, LF, left (Audio use 24 for ground)

    24 – Video signal input, RGBS, negative (ground)
    25 – Video signal input, blue
    26 – Video signal input, red
    13 – Video signal input, green
    12 – Video signal input, vertical and horizontal synchronisation

    11 – Video signal input, screening earth

    10 – Video signal input LF, right (Audio use 24 for ground)

    I found anyway another specific adapter, looks nicer and complete,

    I hope it will arrive soon.

  7. Hi Guys. Thought I would chime in. I installed a RNS510 into my 2014 Polo GTI and bought a license plate light camera and the interface from tunezup on Ebay. It works great and total cost was less than $200. Of course it had to be coded. This was little trickier. We figured out that you need to disable the reverse camera option in the master menu and enable it under the sat nav menu. From my understanding this should work on Golf, Passat, etc. Hope this helps.

  8. Installed a Garmin wireless back up cam that works with the Garmin Nuvi cam GPS unit however something else often interferes with the signal and it whites out the camera background leaving only guide lines ,it always goes away if I shut off unit and re-start the GPS—any clues???

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