Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Firmware Upgrade 0150 KW45-2010

Firmware Changes

Version 0150 – production (from week) KW45/2010 (launched KW45/10)
(any MDI’s produced or fitted in the factory from week 45 2010 onwards should have this version fitted out of the factory)

General Notes

See Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Firmware Upgrades for general information on the firmware updates including restrictions, file formats and connectivity.

Firmware is for units with a software version of 0090 or greater, if firmware is unable to be updated or you have already flashed this version it will not load.

  • Download the firmware from one of the links below.
  • Extract the file using your preferred ZIP or RAR tool.
  • Copy the file mdi.bin.enc in the root (top) level of a USB flash drive and insert this into the USB cable.
  • Turn the headunit on or start the car and the update will proceed. If the MDI is selected the status will be displayed.
  • After around 1 minute the update will complete and the USB flash drive may be removed.

VW MDI 0150 KW22/2011 Firmware – Firmware not available at present, if you have this version please contact me.

Possible Error Messages during the update process

  • Update with older version is not possible
    • The file on the USB flash drive is older than the software version on the MDI.
  • Update on the same version is not possible
    • The file on the USB flash drive is the same as the software version on the MDI.
  • Update file is corrupted or damaged
    • Re download the file and start again
  • Multiple update files found
    • There are multiple update files in the root of the USB flash drive, delete the older versions and start again.
  • Update was terminated
    • An error has occurred in the update, start again.

USB Memory Sticks and Hard Drives

Acer128 MB, 1 GB
Apacer2 GB, 4 GB8 GB may not work correctly
BufalloHD-PS500U2 Ministation Turbo USB500 GBFormatted hard drive
CN MemorySD-Card2 GB
Blue Pearl128 MB
CorsairFlash Voyager Mini4 GB
Voyager8 GB, 16 GB
Flash Voyager32 GB
Dane-EleczLight1 GB, 4 GB
zMatePen1 GB
EmtecFlashdrive1 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB
HamaFlash Pen Nizza16 GB
Icy BoxPortable Hard Drive60 GBFormatted hard drive
InovixIMP-651 GB
KingstonU3 Data1 GB
Data Traveler2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 32 GB
Data Traveler 22 GB, 32 GB
LacieLittle Disk 2,5 HDD500 GBFormatted hard drive
ItsaKey8 GB, 16 GB
LexarJump Drive1 GB
LG128 MB, 2 GB
USB Drive1 GB
X-Tick2 GB, 4 GBMay not work correctly
MaxfieldBlackline512 MB
My FlashA-data1 GB, 8 GB
OCZThrottle eSata Drive32 GBConnection via mini USB
PhilipsUSB Flash drive8 GB
PNYAttache Premium32 GB
Pretec256 MB, 4 GB
QimondaMemory1 GB
RidataEZ Drive2 GB, 4 GB
SamsungMighty Drive4 GB1 GB und 2 GB may not work correctly
S1 Mini120 GBFormatted hard drive
S2 Portable320 GBFormatted hard drive
SanDiskCruzer2 GB, 4 GB
Extreme Cruzer Contour8 GB
Ultra Backup16 GB
Sharkoon4 GB
Sony1 GB
Micro Vault4 GB
Sungoo2 GB
takeMSMEM-Drive Mini Metal4 GB, 8 GB
TranscendJetFlash512 MB
JetFlash 1204 GB
StoreJet 25 mobile250 GBFormatted hard drive
JetFlash V204 GB
JetFlash V304 GB
JetFlash V358 GB
Trekstor128 MB
DataStation pocket x.u80 GBFormatted hard drive
WoxterPocket X-Div Disco Duro 2,5"60 GB
VerbatimStore’n’Go4 GB, 8 GB

Portable Music Players

ManufacturerModelLatest Firmware CheckedCapacityComments
AiptekMP-1003256 MB
AppleiPod Mini1.4.14 GB, 6 GB
iPod Shuffle 1G, 2G, 3G1.11 GB, 2 GB, 4 GBThere can be no copy-protected files (eg ". M4p" files through it).
iPod Nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G1.0.31 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB
iPod 4G3.1.120 GB, 30 GB, 60 GB
iPod Video 5G1.330 GB, 60 GB, 80 GB
iPod Classic 6G, 6.5G1.1.280 GB, 120 GB, 160 GB
iPod Touch 1G, 2G, 3G4.18 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB
iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G4.18 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB
ArchosGemini 1041.2.054 GBOnly in disk mode
1064 GB
AV 5001.5.1330 GBOnly in disk mode
CowoniAudio71.164 GB, 16 GBMTP-Player
iAudio U51.134 GBMTP-Player
S92.088 GBMTP-Player
CreativeZenV01.21.01.E16 GB, 30 GBMTP-Player
Zen X-Fi1.03.0132 GBMTP-Player
Zen Stone Plus2 GB
Energy SystemLunnatic 3600 DuoV2.611.1022 GB
EU3CInfinity M25010.01.024 GB
iRiverClix1.152 GB, 4 GBMTP-Player
MPIOFY90001.00.00198 GB
OdysMP X10i4 GB
MP5 X601.004 GB
MP X66 Neo2.28 GB
OlympusM:robe2.125 GB
PhilipsGoGear1 GB
GoGear Spark2.742 GB
RokRugby256 MB
SamsungYH-925 GSV1.59ET20 GB
YP K33.052 GBMTP-Player
YP-P21.208 GBMTP-Player
YP-T101.298 GBMTP-Player
SanDiskSansa ClipV02.01.16A1 GB, 2 GBMTP-Player, V01.01.18E und V01.01.29F do not function
Sansa FuzeV01.01.11F2 GBMTP-Player
Sansa e250V01.02.18E2 GBMTP-Player
Sansa e280V03.01.11E, V01.02.18F8 GBMTP-Player
Sansa ViewV01.01.06F16 GBMTP-Player, Player must be powered on manually
SonyWalkman NWZ-E436FV1.024 GBMTP-Player
Walkman NWZ-A8261.012 GBMTP-Player
Walkman NWZ-S618F2 GB
TeacMP-2882 GB
TensionWeb Radio USB1.02Online connection and data streams depend on the mobile phone used and the service provider. Data costs apply to use of the service.
TranscendT.sonic 8401.618 GB
TrekstoriBeat censo FM2 GB
Pocket X.u80 GB
WatsonMP3 184-64 GB
YakumoHypersound XD256 MB

Known Characteristics of Devices

Apple3rd Gen iPodPowerThe 3rd Gen iPod. MEDIA-IN can not be supplied with power via the interface. If the battery of the iPod is empty, it must be charged an external power supply.
iPod/iPhonePowerIf the battery is discharged of a connected device, you first have a basic charge established before the device is detected. So it can not be used immediately after being plugged in.
PowerIn some cases, the iPod does not recognize that he should charge to change. As a result, the iPod turns off after two minutes into break. In this case, the interface of the newly separated and are connected iPod.
General FunctionVarious iPod models or software versions (firmware levels) can have a different behaviour.
Volume AdjustmentThe volume from the iPod / iPhone, the AUX-level on the radio or radio navigation system also be lowered or raised above. If it comes to noise, the level setting to be adjusted.
BrowseAfter a device is connected, the browser-mode current track jumps are not. The necessary information is not available. It was only after a title on the browser is selected, this feature can be used. Please keep in mind that an engine start plugging an appliance here technically equivalent.
MixWhen you open the file browser in the mix mode, it does not jump to the current track. Only after disabling this feature is mix available again.
Repeat TitleVarious iPod models or software versions (firmware levels) result in the function "Repeat Title" from mistakes.
SpoolSome Apple products, it is not possible in the previous track coils (to vendor-specific behaviour).
Title informationSome devices provide no information sporadically track changes. In consequence of this title information with a title change is not updated.
PlaylistsThrough the library structure on Apple devices, functions that relate to a folder structure, not run as expected.
ScanIf only one title of the play list included in, the scan function is not available.
SortingOn some models, the song lists are sorted alphabetically by the iPod / iPhone not transmitted.
Interruption of the remote controlIf the music iPod / iPhone interrupted by, for example a telephone call on the speakerphone or a source of change can come through it to the iPod / iPhone to more then not remote control responding. In this case disconnect the device from the multimedia interface MEDIA-IN and connect it again.
Audio interruption when playing uninterrupted albums
Even with a marked disruption songs can change the song to audio interruptions occur. Reason is the lack of processing mechanisms of the iPod when connected to accessories.
iPhoneIncoming calls / Web searchWill the Apple iPhone on the MEDIA-IN port operated, there may be noise coming during an incoming call or for web search.
Error MessageThe message "This accessory was not designed for use with an iPhone" can be ignored.
Distorted audioIs an Apple iPhone to the MDI is connected and used as a phone (incoming or outgoing calls) so it can be temporarily distorted by the Apple iPhone get audio playback. This can be corrected in the the link with the MEDIA-IN for the Apple iPhone during the flight mode (Airplane Mode) enable.
Sound reproductionIn rare cases, the music from the iPhone 2G (1st Generation) for 2 to 3 seconds distorted and played with crackling sounds. This can not be made to the settings of the vehicle environment are influenced by change.
Lack of soundIt may happen occasionally that an iPhone 3G/3GS the first ground the MEDIA-IN port outputs no sound after. The iPhone sound starts again only when the connection is interrupted briefly and new iPhone is made for.
iPod TouchSkipIf using an iPod touch in the song a title jump (Skip Backward) performed backwards, then the iPod Touch still jumps to the previous track. Other devices to jump from the third play second hand-always back to the beginning of the song.
SanDiskSansa ViewPlayer must be turned on in order to be recognized-IN MEDIA is from.
PhilipsGoGear SparkPlayPlayer always starts with the first track on.
AllAllFirmware levelsDifferent software versions (firmware levels) may have a different behavior.
Mobile Telephone PreparationA player should not be connected at the same time with Bluetooth and MDI.

47 thoughts on “Volkswagen Media Device Interface (MDI) Firmware Upgrade 0150 KW45-2010”

  1. I’ve just applied this update but unfortunately it does not address the main thing I would like sorted, which is the file limit on the Mix All functionality. Come on VW give me the jukebox I want, you know it makes sense.

    Hopefully they will look at this in a future update.

  2. I only have the Ipod cable, is it possible to update thru this cable with an iPhone, and so, where do I put the firmwarefile?

  3. Proud owner of a 2011, having fun with the MDI setup. Found something a bit weird (dumping my entire iTunes library onto a 500gb HD) or at least something that should be reclarified.

    As per above: “Folder structure should not exceed 8 folder levels and folders should contain no more than 1000 files.”

    In addition, no folder can contain more than 1000 folders (actually seems to be 1024). Therefore, if you have more than this number of artists, you have to create top level folders and drag these into subfolders.

    Not ideal (given the fact that I had finally found an excellent way of syncing the external HD to my main system, making updating painless), and still frustrating we can do things like play by artist and/or search through the files, but, heck, we’re at least approaching what we had on our personal players back 10 years ago, and this time with 500gb!

    Thanks for the site, loving this community.

  4. Pleased to report that this update has finally fixed the ipod skipping problem where the sound would drop out momentarily at the beginning of a song when the track title / info text display was updated. I had the skipping problem with the previous sw update, but not with this one. I’ve got the RCD310 and MDI unit installed.


  5. Anyone have luck performing this upgrade using an iPod in disk mode (or even just regular mode) connected through the MDI iPod cable? I followed the instructions closely but it just says ‘No media available’, which seems to indicate that it’s not even detecting the mdi.bin.enc file. Am I missing something??

    You must use the USB cable and a USB flash drive to perform the upgrade, it is not possible to run the upgrade from an iPod or iPhone.

  6. A few things to add to the article — VBR MP3s do not display the progress bar / time remaining on the file, this has been the case through all versions of the MDI software that I’m aware of.

    Has anyone had problems with some tags not displaying on AAC files? I create my AAC files with DBPowerAmp ripper, I rip simultaneously to FLAC for my home library and to AAC for my portable library. DBPowerAmp uses Nero’s AAC encoder (a free commandline app) and apparently something has changed in newer versions of that utility, because now my files aren’t reading, but ones I created a few months back are OK… 🙁

  7. So I called my VW dealership and they said that they might be able to upgrade the firmware for me only if they hook up my car to their system and run diagnostic tests which would reveal whether or not there was an update available.

    But I’m wondering how the dealership’s system operates. Does VW automatically send the dealerships updates in real time as they become available? Or is it more like the dealership periodically checks with VW for updates? Because if it’s the latter, and they only check like once or twice a year, then they may not have this update yet, right?

  8. I’m pleased to say this update also fixed two of my issues. I have a 2011 Golf TDI with an RCD510.

    1.) I also had the skipping problem at the beginning of each song when using my iPod nano.

    2.) After skipping to the next song in album or playlist on my iPod nano, the MD3 tag info would stay from the previous song that I had skipped to for the next track. It got to be so annoying, I started using my SDCard slot more often.

    For those curious, I bought my USB MDI cable off eBay for about $20 from a shop in Singpore. It took about 1.5 weeks to arrive via parcel post.

  9. Problem with iPod Classic 160GB still not fixed. When connected, it always shows the list of items like Albums, Artists, Podcasts from Z to A, the sorting is wrong.

  10. I just did this update. Worked like a charm and fixed my iPhone skipping issue as reported by many others. Also seems as if it accesses my iPhone way faster than before! Thanks!

  11. I use my Blackberry connected to a USB cable which has been working fine via MDI. I have upgraded from the Curve to the Bold and using the same SD card I am now getting “Media In: Device without function” which is really odd, i’m now just reformatting the card (FAT32) and copy my music back and see what happens. (Mass Storage is enabled)

    Hooking this phone up using bluetooth and it works fine via head unit, obviously no playback control but it does work.

    I have had this before but have resolved it, just cant remember what I did, if i can work it out I will post back my findings. About to try it out now…!

  12. hey all-
    I just did this update to fix an issue I am having with a brand new 160GB iPod. The music shows up, I can hit “play”…but nothing happens. It just freezes up everything. I did the update…same thing. It sounds like Columbus was having odd problems, but at least the player was playing music.

    any thoughts? I am searching the web like mad, but you know how it can get.

    thanks so much.

  13. Does anyone have a fix for my Passat. Tried to connect several latest version ipods(1.04). Each time the response is this : Media In : Device without function. The dealer says that they will have to pull the head unit out etc. Not sure they actually know. Should I leave it to them with all the mucking around that will involve or is there a quicker fix?

    1. Hi Richard, are you using the correct Ipod cable, and not the USB cable with an adaptor? It will only work with a proper ipod cable (ebay)

  14. I have the latest updates on both iPhone (iOS 5) and MDI, and I am still unable to get track information or control through Bluetooth. How can I solve this? Also, when connected to the iPod/iPhone cable, I do have full control and track listings, but it is somewhat glitchy. Sometimes, when the track changes, the information is not updated.

  15. Do you need a ipod/iphone mdi cable or can you use the usb cable and plug in the normal iphone cable into that as im gettin a ‘not functional’ error and was getting ‘not supported’ before update. I have a iphone 3gs 16gb

  16. I just purchased a GLI and im also having the issues of unable to connect my i-touch……. i took it to the dealer and was there for about 3 hours… and they told me Apple. New update 5.1 has gone ahead of the software for the VW cars…… the mechanics i-phone 3g worked but mine nor my friends would work in the car…. so does anyone have any tips? i changed wires and tried other cars…. doesn’t work… do i need to update my i-touch with a special file or should i go and downgrade my i-touch to a later update to 4.8 or 5.0??

  17. I borrowed my friends VW media in device not functional 2012 VW CC. I decided I was glad I bought American, my Cadi never gives me any problems and I can download all my songs from my ipod onto my cadi’s media player. VW I will never buy it works like crap.

  18. I’m very happy with my Colombus ( rns510 ) , and latest MDI fireware, it plays ALL my MP3’s.
    my harddisk contains about, over 73000 files and 5300 folders.
    running firmwares: columbus 3984 firmware and MDI 0111-kw22-2011 ( in skoda octavia 2 )

  19. I only have a iphone/ipod connector to my MDI cable, and i have the RNS510 unit, is there anyway i can install this firmware without the need for a USB adapter cable?

  20. I’ve got a brand new 2012 VW Golf TDI. I hate iPods because the storage capacity is too small for my large music collection. I have a 500 GB Seagate mini-USB portable drive. I formatted it with a single FAT32 500gb +/- partition using Seagate’s free DiscWizard utility.
    The drive works fine but it often doesn’t resume playing after the car has been shut off and restarted. It shows the same track, like it’s attempting to resume playing, but nothing happens. In fact, I can browse other folders and songs, but nothing will play. If I unplug the drive and reconnect it, the MDI will immediately resuming playing, and everything is fine.
    Any suggestions? Seems to be a bug, and it seems to be intermittent.

    Thanks 🙂

  21. Uploaded the software update to the MDI and my Ipod no longer skips the first few seconds of the track.


  22. Hi, can anyone give me some advice on the RCD310 in my 2008 Jetta. When i plug in any device to the radio via the glove box connector cable, either a Apple device, a USB stick or a MP3 player via the 3.5mm jack, a song just starts playing and is VERY loud. SO how can i control the volume level and how can i use the radio to scroll through songs. thanks

  23. I get the error “software update not possible” on my 2010 RCD510, it’s never been updated.

    Address 2E: Media Player 3 (J650) Labels: 5N0-035-342.lbl
    Part No SW: 5N0 035 342 B HW: 5N0 035 342 B
    Component: SG EXT.PLAYER H13 0090
    Revision: A1001003 Serial number: 7667904203
    Coding: 010000
    Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
    VCID: 2648216C51950E287B0

    No fault code found.

    Address 56: Radio (J503) Labels: 5M0-035-1xx-56.clb
    Part No SW: 1K0 035 180 AC HW: 1K0 035 180 AC
    Component: Radio Prem-8 H10 0035
    Revision: —–20S Serial number: VWZ4Z7K3075970
    Coding: 2100040004
    Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
    VCID: 61C27270783BA9104E2

    No fault code found.

  24. Hi,

    Does anyone know if installing this update stops the “Media in device without function.” error message appearing when scrolling Playlist tracks on an Apple iPhone 4?


  25. DO NOT UPDATE to either 0150 or this 0240!!!

    It has got an annoying bug!

    When the tracks from USB flash switch to next automatically, often you get DOS filenames displayed instead of correct/full ones.


    File name is “Nicole Scherzinger – Don’t hold your breath.mp3”
    And on the radio it shows this: “NICOLE~1”

    Is there any way to downgrade version to 0111? I never had any problems with it.

  26. I installed this on a late 2010 Scirocco R with RCD510 and MDI. I was suffering a problem with gapless audio, and skipping at the start of tracks. This update cured both issues and access times seem better.

  27. Hi there, I have just got myself a Golf TDI (58) with RCD310 and I am trying to figure out the MDI situation. I have an IPOD adaptor that works ok with an old iPhone 4 but it does cut out and disconnect if I skip tracks to quickly. I was hoping to connect my Samsung S7 phone to it with similar MP3 playing functionality through my USB adaptor but I don’t think this will be possible? RCD310 doesn’t recognise it at all so far. Will updates help? I have downloaded the updates on here but can’t get this one. I am going to do them one by one as far as I can go this weekend but wondered if you could send me VW MDI 0150 KW22/2011 Firmware please? If my Samsung phone won’t work, will an old USB stick loaded with MP3’s work? Again the RCD310 didn’t recognise it earlier but I have reformatted it as FAT which I am hoping will help along with the updates. Thanks for your help and advice – this forum is great!,

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