Volkswagen Golf Mark V Headlights – Halogen and Xenon

The Golf Mark V came with a number of different headlights from the factory, generally a chrome H7 reflector unit for the base models, a black H7 reflector model for GT/GT Sport/GTI and a Bi-Xenon fitted to some GTI and R32 models either optional or standard which was also available on some other models (depending on the country and spec).


GOLF Mark V Headlight Grey Reflector (10/03 ->05/04)

Part numbers:

Pricing (each): UK £90.00


GOLF Mark V Headlight Chrome Reflector (05/04 ->)

Part numbers:

Pricing (each): UK £90.00


GOLF Mark V Headlight Black Reflector GTI (05/04 ->)

Part numbers:

Pricing (each): UK £110.00


GOLF Mk5 2003> Headlight Xenon D2S Bi-Xenon (05/04 ->)

(does not include D2S bulb, ballast control unit or igniter)

Part numbers:

Pricing (each): UK £210.00

GOLF Mk5 2003> Headlight Design (Xenon look) H7 + H7 (05/04 ->)

Part numbers:

Pricing (each): UK £210.00


5 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf Mark V Headlights – Halogen and Xenon”

  1. may i ask if this is the factory Xenon headlight that Volkswagen install on the Golf GTi?
    if so, can i buy this and install by myself? or the installation is too complicated that involves a lot of electricial skills?
    i would like to change my Golf GTi headlight from Reflector type to the Xenon type.
    Thanks in advanced.

  2. hi i want to buy a pair of headlight from the USA but i dont know if they will fit our UK cars. its for a golf mk5 2008 thanks

  3. Hi guys can I change my mk5 golf halogen headlights to xenon headlights without any problems. . Is it just plug n play

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