Volkswagen 9WZ Bluetooth Programming

Part number: 3C8 035 730 A (3C8035730A)

Byte 0 Language:
01 German
02 English
03 French
04 Italians
05 Spanish
06 Portuguese
08 Czech
07-09-FF not allowed

Byte 1. Voice Command:
00 Activated
01 Disabled

Byte 2. Type Microphone:
Parameter 00 1 / microphone VW
01 parameters 2 / microphone VW
10 parameters 1 / microphone Audi
02-03, 11-13 parameter set 3-4 / VW and Audi

Byte 3. Diagnosis antenna:
00 Active
01 Inactive

Byte 4. Diagnosis fixing Laptop (Überwachung Baseplate):
00 Active
01 Inactive

Byte 5. Mute (cooperating):
00 Active
01 Inactive

Byte 6. Control unit for the mobile phone preparation (module three keys):
00 Module 3-button activate / SMS possible
01 Module 3-button inactive / SMS possible
10 3-button activate / SMS is not possible
11 3-button inactive / SMS is not possible

Byte 7. Multimedia function:
00 BT Audio Active / Active Multimedia Context
01 BT inactive Audio / Multimedia Assets Background
10 BT Audio disabled Active / Inactive Multimedia Context
11 BT inactive Audio / Multimedia Background Off

Byte 8. Type of registration of mobile phone:
00 Supporting THB
01 Support VDA
10 Support Paragon

Byte 9. Function call for help:
00 People with disabilities
01 Activated

Byte 10. Fuel Type:
00 Unknown
01 Gasoline
04 Diesel
05 LPG
06 Natural Gas
08 Electricity
10 Hydrogen

Byte 11. Vehicle type:
00 M1
01-05 M2 and N1-3-3

24 thoughts on “Volkswagen 9WZ Bluetooth Programming”

  1. Anyone managed to code BT inactive Audio / Multimedia Background Off (Byte 7 to 11)?

    I always get “Request out of range” when trying that. I want do avoid the BT-Source icon to appear on my RNS510 display (it shows up sometimes besides Media, HDD and CD).

  2. below is the coading which has worked for me with 7P6 035 730 C on a skoda bolero(similar to rcd510)

    Address 77: Telephone (J412) Labels: None
    Part No SW: 7P6 035 730 D HW: 7P6 035 730 D
    Component: TELEFON H05 0440
    Revision: 1B001001 Serial number: 00007667968206
    Coding: 0A00000001010110
    Shop #: WSC 00004 790 33361
    ASAM Dataset: UHVNA A01007
    ROD: UHVNA_SK46.rod
    VCID: 336E1D926D6F7E84

  3. i can not access the 77-Telephone on VCDS it shows “No respond from control module!”

    is there any way to update or Modify it using the USB port?

    installing on TOUAREG 2 2007 with full colored MFD

  4. Hello.
    I have the BT module 3C8035730 installed with RNS 510 on my Touareg 2008. I cannot connect any Iphone (3GS, 4)…it says incompatible phone….I tried also with a Nokia E51…the same.
    What should I do? Change the BT module? If yes, what version should I look for?

    1. After some more investigations, it seems that this BT model uses the rSAP protocol, which iphones or other phones are not able to use it (Nokia proprietary). So the only chance is to change the module. I already ordered one from Fiscon.

      1. hello

        what type of BT modul did you replace?
        I would like to connect my Nokia Windows Phone, and I have the same message
        “this phone is not compatibe ”
        service told me I must replace the complete radio system ( rcd 510)
        stupid …

  5. Despite all my research on the internet I can’t find a clear answer on the question if it is possible to enable voice control in my car. The dealer said it isn’t possible but on the internet I get some hints it is possible.

    My car:
    Skoda Octavia 1.4TSI Elegance Business Line (2011/11 delivered)
    – Amundsen Plus (RNS-315) (the standard Columbus in the Elegance is replaced by the Amundsen because of theft sensitivity)
    – Multi Functional Steering wheel
    – Premium Bluetooth Carkit (9WZ -> 3c8 035 730b)

    The dealer said it only works in combination with a Columbus (RNS-510). Can someone confirm this?

    1. Meanwhile i discovered the 3c8 035 730b is not a 9WZ but a 9W4, 9ZU or 9ZZ. Which one it realy is I don’t know. But the questions remains if voice control can work with this carkit in combination with a RNS-315.

      1. last week I drove in a Skoda Octavia Ambition Businessline from a colleague (his car is delivered in 01-2012). The car has the same Amundsen Plus and Carkit. But in this car the voice control is working! I asked the Skoda dealer again to active my voice control, but they are repeating it isn’t possible if the voice control is not implemented in the factory. I asked for a technical argumentation now, and now waiting on the answer. My thought is that it’s only a matter of activating in the on board computer. Can someone confirm this?

  6. it’s working! the dealer reconfigured my carkit (not the amundsen+) and now I can use voice dailing in my car. Specs:

    – amundsen plus
    – multi functional steering wheel
    – premium bluetooth carkit (3c8 035 730b)

  7. In my skoda superb i swapped an HT-2 for a HT-4 the same as marius. My steering control automaticly works but i cannot find out how to get my adressbook on the RNS310 by pressing the PHONE button. When i press it now it only mutes the sound. Someone a suggestion how to program ?

  8. I am beginning to think that you are right for the Amundsen en RNS310. That it is only implemented in the RNS315 or Amundsen +.

  9. Is it possible to operate BT connected multimedia player through multifunction steering wheel (e.g. next/previous song)?

  10. Hi, i tryed activate voice dialing at my 2012 Jetta with RNS 310 and BT 3C8035730A. Is there anything else exept coding with vcds to do ?!?! I dont get it working. If i press the mic button at the steering wheel the rns 310 just gets muted. also the star button (3 buttons) isnt working
    Thx for your help

  11. Hi I have a Bt premium 3C8035730 ( the older one) instaled in a passat 3C
    Which soft code Should I put considering these points
    Italian language
    RNS 510
    No baseplate
    No original antena
    no keypad of 3 buttons.
    Many thanks in advance

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