Volkswagen Golf Mark VI Head Unit – Removal and Installation

Tools required

  1. Trim removal tools
  2. Torx T-20 driver
  • Remove all CDs from head unit
  • Switch off ignition and all electrical consumers and remove ignition key


  • Using trim removal tool and carefully lever out centre console cover in area of -arrows- and remove cover.

  • Remove bolts -arrows- from radio or radio navigation system.
  • Pull radio or radio navigation system out of installation box far enough so as to allow access to the connectors on the back of the radio or radio navigation system.
  • Press together connector locking mechanism in direction of -arrows-.
  • Then swing locking bar up in direction of -arrow- and pull out connectors.

  • Release connectors -arrows- on aerial connections and pull these out.


  • Installation is a reverse of the removal process.
  • Never press the display or buttons whilst fitting the head unit as this may damage the unit.
  • A new head unit requires the anti-theft code to be entered.
  • Coding of the car is required to accept the new head unit.

2 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf Mark VI Head Unit – Removal and Installation”

  1. I’ve changed the preinstalled RCD310 with a used RNS510, along with it I installed a new GPS antenna. Compass inside the RNS510 works fine, however when I press “info” buttton (beside “eject” button), the system will tell me ‘the guidance system is inactive’. Also compass is still not appear in MFI screen.
    I was told that this happens because I haven’t input a VAG code.
    Does it true? How to aqcuire a VAG code and input it to the system?
    Please someone help me out. Thanks in advance.

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