Volkswagen DCC Adaptive Chassis Control – Technical


A shock absorber fails?

  • If there is a short-circuit or interruption of an adjustment valve, the system immediately switches to “Fail Safe”.
  • The shock absorber symbol in the button flashes to indicate the fault.
  • The vehicle behaves like a vehicle with conventional damping.
The sensors fail?
  • If only one sensor fails, a substitute signal is calculated from the other working sensors. The system is still capable of functioning.
  • If two or more sensors fail, the system will be switched off in stages. The shock absorber symbol on the button flashes at a rate of 1 Hz for 100 milliseconds.
The electronically controlled damping control unit J250 fails?
  • The control unit J250 needs to be reprogrammed via SVM (Service Versions Management).
A shock absorber is replaced and adjustment is required?
  • A basic set-up needs to be carried out (teaching the wheel travel sensors at the lower limit).
The steering fails?
  • The DCC adaptive chassis control still continues to operate.

Special Features

End position damping:

The end position damping is used to avoid end position forces and end position noises in the extension and compression cycle.
Load recognition:

The load recognition is used to determine the body mass of the vehicle as an input variable. This is calculated by evaluating the vehicle level sender and is supplied to other systems on the CAN data bus.

Brake test stand:

The system obtains the wheel speed information on the brake test stand. The body acceleration cannot be calculated however.

Therefore the system always regulates in the range comfort = soft and thus assumes the road conditions are good.

Shock absorber test stand:

On a shock absorber test stand, the system receives information neither from the vehicle level senders, the body acceleration sensors nor wheel speed information.

Therefore the adaptive chassis control presumes the vehicle is stationary. The shock absorbers are not powered and can therefore be checked normally.

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