Adjusting operation of the RegenLichtSens (Rain Light Sensor)

Adjusting the operation of the RegenLichtSens (RainLightSensor) is possible through Vagcom/VCDS or the VAS tools that Volkswagen dealers use however adjustments do not make a large difference in the operation of the sensor especially where you have the standard green glass.

Using Vagcom/VCDS open controller 9

Select the dropdown box and select option 2

Select config helper (may require version 10 of VCDS)

Light activation threshold can be adjusted here along with Highway light function (see Volkswagen Golf Auto Headlights above 140kph) and Rain Closing (see Volkswagen Golf Auto Rain Closing Windows and Sunroof)

Light sensor correction.

Rain sensor correction.

12 thoughts on “Adjusting operation of the RegenLichtSens (Rain Light Sensor)”

  1. Hi,

    Any idea how to change higway light activation treshold in ‘1K0 955 559 AH’ module? Is it the same coding as in ‘1K0 955 559 AF’. What would be the coding for ‘activation treshold 60% earlier’ (with rain light function active and rain closing active). Tia

  2. How its possible? Only 10.6 have this, and its only one of this version at the moment. your sensor is different that this form test

  3. Hi! I retrofitted autodimming mirror with light and rain sensor, which lies under the black dots since my windscreen has no such predisposition; while mirror works fine, I cannot say the same for the rain sensor: I coded it via VAG, but still not working properly, neither the rain close! Function! Any help? or do I have to replace the whole windscreen?

  4. Can anyone confirm that this will work on the 2008 R32 Australia version. I haven’t been able to get it to work.

    My original sensor coding was (00) 207646, converted to Hex 32B1E, added 4 to first number to get 72B1E then converted toe DEC being 469790.

    Coding was accepted but nada, wipers are on auto mode but no action.

    Appreciate your thoughts…


  5. Does anybody know the setting for RAIN closing , to work when car is locked .. I have a 2016 Gti se with RLS

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