Sanden PXE16 Air Conditioner Compressor Specifications (1K0820803)

sanden_pxe16_air_conditioner_compressor_volkswagen_golf_1k0820803_001Sanden’s PX series next generation swash plate compressors are variable controlled for maximum environmental benefit, these compressors replace the Zelex and Valeo compressors that are prone to early failures – Volkswagen Golf, GTI, Passat, Jetta and Eos Air Conditioner Compressor Failure.

The PXE16 has a minimum displacement of 4.9cc, a maximum displacement of 163cc,  maximum speed of 8500RPM and 7 pistons. The displacement control is external and varies the compressor displacement without the use of an electromagnetic clutch. The unit runs all the time and varies output from 2% through to 100% as required.

Refrigerant used is R-134A and the oil used is SP-10.

View a video of the operation of the PXE compressor here (Internet Explorer required)

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