Sanden PXE16 Air Conditioner Compressor Specifications (1K0820803)

sanden_pxe16_air_conditioner_compressor_volkswagen_golf_1k0820803_001Sanden’s PX series next generation swash plate compressors are variable controlled for maximum environmental benefit, these compressors replace the Zelex and Valeo compressors that are prone to early failures – Volkswagen Golf, GTI, Passat, Jetta and Eos Air Conditioner Compressor Failure.

The PXE16 has a minimum displacement of 4.9cc, a maximum displacement of 163cc,  maximum speed of 8500RPM and 7 pistons. The displacement control is external and varies the compressor displacement without the use of an electromagnetic clutch. The unit runs all the time and varies output from 2% through to 100% as required.

Refrigerant used is R-134A and the oil used is SP-10.

View a video of the operation of the PXE compressor here (Internet Explorer required)

8 thoughts on “Sanden PXE16 Air Conditioner Compressor Specifications (1K0820803)”

  1. My car is VW Golf GTI 2.008. I live in Colobia. The compressor is not working. Is Sanden brand. Can I claim warranty???


    1. Oscar buen día, que modelo de compresor tiene tu carro sanden (7v16 o PXE16) somos distribuidores nacionales de repuestos para refrigeración automotriz en Colombia.
      Aprovecho para ponerte a la orden nuestros productos que son 100% originales.

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  3. Hi can anyone tell me if this Sanden air con compressor will fit into 1996 Golf GTi Mk3? If not, which one will?

    Thanks guys!

  4. My 2011 golf sanden pxe16 compressor valve wont open properly. Research tells me this valve is prone to failure10:30?. Other threads have indicated the valve is a somewhat simple fix.
    Looking for feedback

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