Fitting GTI stainless steel seat inserts to the Volkswagen Golf GTI

volkswagen_golf_gti_seat_inserts_stainless_steel_010Volksagen Golf GTI stainless steel seat inserts are available on ebay for around USD$25 for a set of two (search for “gti insert” or similar).

Fitting is easy, twist them slightly to make them sit flush in the handle, clean out the insert position in the handle with a suitable cleaner and apply some clear silicone (sparingly) to the rear of the badge.

volkswagen_golf_gti_seat_inserts_stainless_steel_006 volkswagen_golf_gti_seat_inserts_stainless_steel_005

volkswagen_golf_gti_seat_inserts_stainless_steel_001 volkswagen_golf_gti_seat_inserts_stainless_steel_002

volkswagen_golf_gti_seat_inserts_stainless_steel_002 volkswagen_golf_gti_seat_inserts_stainless_steel_004

8 thoughts on “Fitting GTI stainless steel seat inserts to the Volkswagen Golf GTI”

  1. Can’t find the GTI seat inserts anywhere but the UK. Got any suggestions for finding them in the US.

  2. ordered from guy direct ,well worth a few pounds adds a small amount of style ,have matching seatbelt buckle covers also ,i have a vw touran in uk basic a golf realy ,some realy nice ideas on this site

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