Adding switches to the blank switch covers in the centre console of the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta

Installing switches in the center console to utilise the blank spaces either requires purchasing the optional switch for that location from Volkswagen however these are a momentary switch, have different markings on them (W for example) and connectors for the switch are not readily available or fitting an aftermarket switch which looks out of place. This guide uses an off the shelf switch and no-one would know the switch is there unless they press the button. Whilst this guide is performed on a Golf Mark V the same blanks are used in the Golf Mark VI so the same switch can be used and the same principles can be applied to any other car with a similar setup.

As an alternative there is a company called CarStyle4You that sells buttons with different engraving that match the OEM buttons and they also sell suitable oem switches. See the end of this guide for their details and a few sample photos.

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_30_finished_product_fitted volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_31_finished_product_fitted

(left: switches are both up, right: first switch is down)

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_32_finished_product_fitted volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_33_finished_product_fitted

(left: both switches down, right: second switch is down)

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_34_finished_product_fitted volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_35_finished_product_fitted

(left: both switches up, right: both switches down)

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_36_finished_product_fitted volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_37_finished_product_fitted

(left: both switches down, right: both switches up)

The switch used here is a latching switch but momentary is also available. The switch illumination can be used but as the ends are removed you will get white light spilling out the sides so upgrading the internal light to a coloured LED gives a nice glow around the switch.

The switch used to be available from RadioShack in the US but they don’t seem to carry them anymore.

Jaycar (Australia and overseas)

SP-0742 Red
SP-0750 Red Momentary
SP-0752 Green
SP-0753 Green Momentary

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_01 volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_02

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_03 volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_04

To allow the blank to fit and move freely the two sides of the switch around the cover of the switch must be removed, not that the base width must not be altered as it’s a perfect width for the centre console.

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_05_switch_modification volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_06_switch_modification

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_07_switch_modification volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_08_switch_modification

Switch Blanks (Blind Covers)

Golf Mark V and VI

  • 1K0 959 623 C 3X1 (1K0959623C 3X1) – Passenger & Drivers Side
  • 1K0 959 623 D 3X1 (1K0959623D 3X1) – Middle

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_09_switch_blank volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_10_switch_blank

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_11_switch_blank volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_12_switch_blank

Remove the plastic in the switch as shown and roughen the surface on the bottom of the switch in preparation for gluing.

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_13_switch_blank_modification volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_14_switch_blank_modification

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_15_switch_blank_modification volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_16_switch_blank_modification

Perform a test fitting of the switch and the switch blank to make sure it all fits together. Glue the cover from the switch and the switch blank together, roughen the surface of the switch cover and use a two part epoxy (5 min araldite or similar).

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_17_switch_blank_fittingvolkswagen_golf_switch_installation_18_switch_blank_fitting volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_19_switch_blank_fitting

Clip the switch and the switch blank together and test the operation.

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_20_switch_blank_final_fitting volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_21_switch_blank_final_fitting

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_22_switch_blank_final_fitting volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_23_switch_blank_final_fitting

The finished switches ready for fitting to the centre console. When soldering the wire on keep the connections tight as the retaining nut has to fit over the soldered connections.

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_24_finished_product volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_25_finished_product

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_26_finished_product volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_27_finished_product

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_28_finished_product volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_29_finished_product

Fit the switches and align them on the front (there is limited adjustment) and screw the retaining nut down tight. Once aligned use some two part epoxy (araldite or similar) to lock it tight and prevent the retaining nut from working it’s way loose. The wires have been taped up using Fabric Adhesive Tape for wiring looms and harnesses and connectors fitted around 300mm down to allow easy removal of the central console.

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_38_finished_product_fitted volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_39_finished_product_fitted

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_40_finished_product_fitted volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_41_finished_product_fitted

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_42_finished_product_fitted volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_43_finished_product_fitted

CarStyle4You sell suitable engraved blanks and switches that match the OEM ones and can be illuminated. I may organise a few of these switches and post a separate guide/review as the quality looks top notch and well worth the money.

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_carstyle4you_light_on_off volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_carstyle4you_vw_garage_open volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_carstyle4you_pursuit_mode

volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_carstyle4you_unlit_golf5 volkswagen_golf_switch_installation_carstyle4you_lit_golf5

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