CAN bus gateway removing, installing and upgrading - Volkswagen Golf

The role of the Gateway (also known as the Data bus diagnostic interface J533) is the exchange of data between the CAN data bus systems (‘powertrain CAN data bus’, ‘convenience CAN data bus’ and ‘infotainment CAN data bus’) and the conversion of diagnostic data from CAN data bus systems to K-cable and vice versa so the data can be used by vehicle diagnosis, testing and information systems like the dealer VAS tools and Vagcom/VCDS.

For various reasons including power drain issues with third generation head units or the addition of new unsupported modules the CAN bus gateway must be upgraded to a newer revision. This guide covers the replacement of the CAN bus gateway in a 2005 MY06 Volkswagen Golf GTI. The upgrade replaces the 1K0 907 530 E (1K0907530E) with a 1K0 907 530 AA (1K0907530AA).

This process works the same for most Volkswagen models.

1K0 907 530 E (1K0907530E)
Revision: 11

1K0 907 530 AA (1K0907530AA)
Revision: H16

Record current installation list and long coding

Take screen shots or make a note of your installation list in controller 19 – Can Gateway using Vagcom/VCDS. This step is critical unless you want to figure out what you had installed prior to the upgrade. Don’t be tempted to copy down the long code unless you are installing the exact same revision of gateway as different revisions have extra features.


Whilst not essential it is worth taking a screen shot of the different screens in the long coding.

volkswagen_can_bus_gateway_upgrade_long_coding_before_01 volkswagen_can_bus_gateway_upgrade_long_coding_before_02

Removing and Installing the Gateway

Remove the key from the ignition or disconnect the car’s battery (the battery disconnect is optional but better safe than sorry)

Remove the footwell cover on the drivers side where the gateway is located – Volkswagen Golf footwell cover drivers side – Removal and  Installation.

The gateway can be in two locations on the Golf. One is above the accelerator pedal and the other is above the clutch pedal (if fitted). The clutch pedal location was used for the first year or so of production.

MY05 gateway location

volkswagen_golf_can_bus_replacement_01 volkswagen_golf_can_bus_replacement_02


  • Release the connector and pull the connector off the data bus diagnostic interface.
  • Press three securing pins together and push out of holes to release or the holder is hinged and release that.


  • Install in the reverse order of removal.

Reconnect the battery

MY06 onwards gateway location



  • Release the connector (1) and pull the connector off the data bus diagnostic interface (2).
  • Press securing pins (3) together (see arrows) and push out of holes to release.


  • Install in the reverse order of removal.

Reconnect the battery

Coding the new gateway

Using the screen shots and notes from earlier you can now recode the gateway. Below are screenshots showing the differences between the two gateways (old gateway on the left and new gateway on the right

volkswagen_can_bus_gateway_upgrade_installation_list_before_02 volkswagen_can_bus_gateway_upgrade_installation_list_after_02

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  • happyalligator

    Can a handheld scan tool like the maxiscan vag405 be used instead of the vcds above? I am contemplating buying one of these because they won’t require me to lug my laptop around and they are cheaper and available on ebay…..

  • Marko

    I bought rns 510 c version, SW 2680, i want to upgrade my Gateway, will brand new Gateway 1K0 907 530 AF version work on my 12/2006 Golf Gti…or is this only for Golf VI?


  • Petter

    I tried recoding at workshop today with AF version in my 06 Golf V GT, and it wouldnt work. Would be helpful to know if 1K0907530AF is Golf VI specific.

  • Marko

    Does anyone have the same problem as Petter??? Is AF version only for Golf VI….please help anyone??

  • Ricky

    I would like to know also if the AF version fits a Golf V (2.0TDI in my case).

  • Jim

    I cannot find the Gateway on my MY2009 GTI Mark5 . Not above the brake pedal or at the Accelerator.

    Any information on where it would be located ?


  • Marko

    A found AF version on ebay…and also found few people who bought this AF version from this seller…they sad that they had no problems with coding (one is Golf V 2005 TDi, and one 2005 Golf V GTI)…so i order it for my GTI 2006..and we wil see now….

  • JettiGLI

    It does work, you have to set the workshop code on Vagcom options (EX: 123 12345 123) and then you are ready to code the installation list and the long coding, withouth that in will give you an error 22 which will note let you code!

  • Chris

    Hi Marko,

    Do you have news about the AF version ?

    Thanks a lot for you feedback


  • For those that cannot find their CAN Gateway on earlier Mk5s.

    I have a UK Spec Golf Mk5 2.0 GT-TDI Manual MY2004.

    The CAN Gateway is behind the cigarette tray, towards the bulkhead. Getting to it is relatively easy.

    Using a small screwdriver or plastic wedge, squeeze in the gearstick gator surround and it will lift-out. You’ll then see 2 torx screws holding the ashrtray assembly in. Remove these and lift up the ashtray. You’ll have to unplug the cigarette lighter cable and unclip the cable restraint.

    You should be able to see a red plug at the back of where the tray was. This is the CAN Gateway. Unplug it and you’ll be able to remove the gateway.

    For information, my Mk5 was fitted with a 1K0907530C and I fitted a Mk6 1K0907530AC. Installation was a breeze.


  • Joker

    Please help me.I’m italian and I’ve some problems with my new gateway. I’ve copied my installation list (of old gateway) and I’ve installed the new gateway. When I copy the new installation list and click on “save” the system tell me this: CODING REJECTED

    what is the practice (step by step please) to solve my problem???what can I do to memorize the new installation list???

  • Marko

    Hi people, today I install new Gateway 1K0907530 AF version and it works fine with my 2006 GTI. No problems with coding.

  • Jeremy

    Joker, please read comment from JettiGLI above. You need to provide workshop code and all will be good.

  • costa

    I own a 2006 jetta and have a battery drain after installing a rcd-510, does anybody know is 1K0907530 AD or AF will fit and work thks

  • Gavin froude

    Hi – Just a note for people with Right Hand Drive cars – you will need to go into long coding of the CAN Gateway Module after setting up the Installation List. Bit 9 will need to be set for RHD, also check the car is setup for the right number of doors and check one of the other bits (i think bit 8) to ensure its set to Volkswagen and not Audi etc.

    Most new modules default to LHD. If you have a RHD car and don’t set the above then you will have faults on your rear fogs and reverse lights.

  • Jan

    Hi, I have same problem. ERROR 22
    Which code is correct: 123 12345 123 or 12345 123 12345
    cos i have seen both codes what have to set to vag options.
    Does anybody know any manual how to retrofit step-by-step???

  • ken

    I install new Gateway 1K0907530 AD version and it works fine with my 2006 GTI. No problems with coding.
    very cheap order from

  • aamer

    Hi guys,
    I have 2006 jetta 2.0 TDI and plan to replace my RCD300 with RNS510.
    As I have read on older (prior to 2008) VWs have battery drain issue due to older version of a CAN Gateway and updated version of CAN Gateway 1k0907530L or higher (currently mine is 1k0907530F) is required to overcome the battery drain issue.
    Sincy my jetta is REMAPPED my question is wether the CAN Gateway change would require performing the remap process all over again? So basically will the CAN Gateway replacement with more up-to-date version affect the remap info stored into the ECU? Thanks

  • dwndak

    So above the new gateway only has the 19 – CAN gateway checked versus the old that has several checked. Curious as to why 19 is only thing checked on the new gateway… I was to the understanding that everything on the old must be checked on the new?

    • Maverick

      It does, I’m showing that a new gateway is blank and that it has many more options. I had yet to code the gateway in that second screen shot.

      • Hant

        How did you remove red connecter? push, pull or how? it is at exact location and position as shown in the pic above, up to clutch pedal, and It is extremely difficult to grab it, but still can reach and grab it by my left hand fingers but could not release the red plug, the release tab on the other side so cant see it but I feel it, I pull it by my fingers, and hear click yet no success to unplug it. there should be some trick/special maneuvar to unplug it? Thx

        • Maverick

          It’s the same style connector as the Skoda bluetooth kit IIRC. You need to push both sides of the connector towards each other, lift the handle and tilt it forward until it’s at a 90 degree angle to the connector. Once it’s here you can pull it straight out. It has been nearly ten years since I wrote this guide so I can’t recall all the details.

  • andre g

    Hi ,i have the rns 510 with the update firm wear so i will need to look out for this battery drain problem ,now i am looking to buy a gold 20/06/08 in the year ! how do i check the see if the can-bus needs to be changed ?


  • Alun

    I am about to buy a Sepetmber 2005 Golf GT TDI (140bhp). I am also buying a double din dvdto go in to it. Can anyone tell me if I need to buy the can bus adapter so that it works?


  • hi maverick i have a friend who has a august 2006 mk5 golf 2.0tdi where would i find the canbus gateway please im the one who bought the boot kit off you.

  • hi maverick i have a friend who has a august 2006 mk5 golf 2.0tdi where would i find the canbus gateway.

    • Maverick

      It would most likely be up above the area where the clutch pedal would be, remove the plastic that covers that area and you should be able to see it with a mirror.

      However some early models had them mounted at the top of the dash and you had to access them by removing the windscreen washer arms, the windscreen motor cover and there is a plastic plate on the drivers side that you remove and you can see the gateway through there and remove it easily. I don’t have any photos but will see if I can find something about this.

  • Phil

    I am exchanging my canbus for a new one (to get rid of power drainage when having RNS-510 installed). and I am a little unsure on what needs to be recoded. I guess it is only all settings under Controller 19, right?

    All other controllers (i.e. 01 Engine, 08 Auto HVAC or 15 Airbags etc) remain unaffected, right?

  • Phil


    Thank you for a very usefull guide!

    I hav a Passat Variant 2006
    I want to change my canbus. I bought a new one to replace the old one (due to power drainage related to a new RNS-510).
    But when I go into my current canbus under controller 19, I do not see any long coding choices like you have two screenshots of in your guide.I get the installation list , but nothing undet “long coding help” when I am in controller 19

    What am I missing?

    • ken

      hi Phil
      your vagcom maybe old ver. you need update.

      • Phil

        its newest update. Strange thing is that if I click on “Long Coding Help” under i.e. Controller 19 (could be any other controller) i get the follwing message, but cannot get anywhere from that point: “Long Coding comes from VCDS – Use on keyboard or click on Byte 3”

        But I cannot get any further.

        Shouldn’t I be able to see screens similar to what Maverick has posted in this guide under the line?

        “Whilst not essential it is worth taking a screen shot of the different screens in the long coding.”

    • Matt Holton

      I have a Passat B6 (2006). I’m about to replace the CAN BUS gateway with one I’ve bought off ebay. Where is the gateway located?

  • Stuart

    I am trying to get a 9W7 Bluetooth to talk to an RNS510 in a 2008 Touareg. Would a CAN Gateway upgrade provide UDS protocol to communicate between them? Would this be a solution?

  • Jon

    Hi Maverick

    I have a 2006 passat, battery drain after installing a rns-510, does anybody know is 1K0907530AD or 3C0907530Q
    will fit and work thks

    can i order this one, any problem?

  • Phil


    I just installed the 3C0907530Q on my Passat Variant 2006 without any problems. Had the power drainage problem re. RNS-510 and swapped the existing 3C0907530C for the 3C0907530Q and after registrering all controllers according to Mavericks guide here then all was perfect again!

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  • Anders

    If I remove the original gateway from my car, will it be deleted?

    I wonder if I fail to reprogram the new gateway, can I put in the old one and use my car?

  • david sives-rutherford

    ive replaced my can bus, upgrading from 3C0907530C to 3C0907530Q, can someone advise why my dash lighting failure bulb has came on 🙂

  • Asif

    If i change my gateway cam how will it affect my car before it is coded?

  • Tim


    I have a MK5 Golf GTi and the can bus ECU is currently 1K0907530F, therefore will the 1K0907530 AD be a suitable upgrade and work with no faults.


  • […] today was unable to locate the module. It was not in the location under the dash indicated here; CAN bus gateway removing, installing and upgrading – Volkswagen Golf | Nor was VW much help either (no surprise) – I take it the Jetta has a slightly different layout to […]

    • karman

      I tink that it is located in the same place but upper-right. In the left side of the left wall of RNSXXX. I have a passat and I laceted it there. It is a litle bit dificult to see it. Good luck!

  • Mike

    Changed out the canbus module for the newer type and installed mfd3 on my golf plus tdi dsg 2005. Only problem is I now have no fog lamps or reverse lights ? anyone encounter this. Thanks

  • david southern

    Just some info for anyone upgrading their gateway on a Golf Plus. The gateway is installed behind the glove box. Glove box is easy to remove (about 10 minutes). I recieved today 7N0907530D. According to the supplier, this is the latest part number of the gateway (equivelant to the ‘AD’)
    I’ll install it this week.

  • Sharan R

    Can someone please give me the pinout for the CAN bus Gateway?

  • karman

    Hello, i just find a gateway with the code 3C0 907 530 Q. Anybody knows if is completely compatible with VW passat advance 2007 and RNS 510. I want to solve the power drain issue. Thanks!

  • lub..

    Hallo can me somebody help I have got rcd 310 from ebay and saler send me wrong code and display now say SAFE What I can do PLEAS

  • JettiGLI

    I keep getting a Battery error 61 after changing the canbus module, I De-select number 61 battery regulation on can installation list but the error is still their, any idea?

  • Will

    I am having real difficulty trying to locate my can Gateway in my UK Golf GT TDi 06 3dr hatch.

    I have looked about my pedals, and cant see anything similar. I have looked behind the ash tray, and behind the storage space on the drivers side dash. Any suggestions?

  • Diego

    Hi i need to instal the can bus to my VW JETTA 06, did some one know where is it located?

  • Corbil

    My can-bus is 1k0 907 530 K. The component is J5533_Gateway H12 0170. Do you know what the component means, and if i need to be careful in something when i will buy a new gateway bigger version than L?
    All version above L are compatible for all VW vehicles and solving the battery drain problems?

    Ps….i own a Vw Eos.
    Ps 1..Do you have any idea where the canbus in the Eos is located?

  • Tim

    Does need password to change gateway long code?

  • Stevetdi

    Diego, its above your accelerator. You have to remove the cover from under the steering and look under with a flashlight. Look for the big red connection that goes into it.
    Are you replacing it because of battery drain issue? I have that and i want to change mine also.
    Would the 1K0907530AD solve the battery drain in my ’06 jetta tdi???
    Thanks guys

  • Jens

    Can someone confirm the location of the gateway in a Golf mk5 from october 2004?

    Is it located in the enginebay (below the windscreen wipers and the windscreen wiper motor) or above the clutch pedal inside the cabin?

  • James

    Hi anyone changed to 7N0907530C. I was from 1K0907530K and upgraded my rcd300 to rns510. My ride is VW eos 2007 and everything seems well till the stage where long coding is only 3 bytes long. I could not add any more bytes and the sequence seems to be new with this new gateway. I have no way to know what was the 1byte as there is nothing shown when clicked on the 1st byte in the long code helper. VCDS is the latest and followed other forums that says workshop code and all have to be 12345 123 12345 order. What can still be done here? Is there really such thing that VW is blocking coding with the newer modules?

    • bENch

      Hi, I’m curious of the same thing also. I have a mk5 GTI 2006 currently equipped with 1K0907530F. I want to upgrade to 7N0907530M because I understand that this is the latest version. Can anyone confirm/deny that this will work/not work on my GTI?

      Any help is appreciated.

    • bENch


      I just installed 7N0907530C on my 2006 GTI and it works like a charm.

  • Marcos

    Can anybody confirm where is located the CAN Bus Gateway in Vw Eos 2.0tdi (11-2006)? I am changing the gateway to a 7N0907530C, but im “hitting the walls” with the location and the coding, can anybody help please?

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