Adding Interior Door Handle Illumination to the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta – Front

This guide is not yet complete – any information contained within has not been confirmed yet.

Parts required:

  • Suitable LED and resister for 12V operation.
  • 000 979 009 (000979009) – Repair Wire (1 required for 2 doors or 1 required per door – see below)
    I’m not sure if there is a spare ground on the controller or if an existing one has to be used.
  • Interior fabric adhesive tape – Fabric Adhesive Tape for wiring looms and harnesses
  • Trim Removal Tools
  • Selection of heat shrink tubing (3-5mm), soldering iron/blowtorch, solder
  • Vagcom/VCDS to code the door (this can be done before or after the install)

Volkswagen Golf & Jetta Door Controller Information Mark V has information on the door controllers. This guide will be based on the install in my March 2008 build MY08 GTI.





8 thoughts on “Adding Interior Door Handle Illumination to the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta – Front”

  1. Does anybody know if the door-controllers have special pins to connect the handle illuminations?

    Else the coding of the handle illumination does not make any sense (e.g. if connected to the illumination of the switches of the el. windows)

    1. I believe they do but I have yet to work it out as it’s difficult with the door controller going to sleep and shutting off lights when you’re trying to test.

  2. looking at other VW models on elsawin pin 17 was used for the toreg or toran or similar so i went ahead and connected an led to 17 and the door ground all works great, in the day no illumination when the lights come on (auto or manual operation) the LED comes on turn lights off or auto off LED stays lit for a while after then goes out.

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