Adding Door Warning Lights to the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta – Rear

This guide is not yet complete – any information contained within has not been confirmed yet.

Parts required:

  • 1K0 947 411 A (1K0947411A) – Door Warning Light (1 per door)
  • 1J0 971 972 (1J0971972) – Connector Housing (1 per door)
  • 000 979 019 (000979019) – Repair Wire for Connector Housing (1 per door – 2 connectors)
  • 000 979 018 (000979018) – Repair Wire (1 required for 2 doors or 1 required per door – see below)
    I’m not sure if there is a spare ground on the controller or if an existing one has to be used.
  • Interior fabric adhesive tape – Fabric Adhesive Tape for wiring looms and harnesses
  • Trim Removal Tools
  • Selection of heat shrink tubing (3-5mm), soldering iron/blowtorch, solder
  • Vagcom/VCDS to code the door (this can be done before or after the install)

Volkswagen Golf & Jetta Door Controller Information Mark V has information on the door controllers. This guide will be based on the install in my March 2008 build MY08 GTI.

Pin 14 is the 12v for the Door Warning Light for older controllers, at some stage Gen 3 controllers were used and pin 6. There are 18 pins and a 16 pin connector housing.

The rear doors are connected via LIN bus so are programmed slightly differently to the front doors by requiring an extra step in the Central Convenience Controller – 46.

Open the Central Convenience Controller – 46 and select “Coding”


Go to Byte 17 and enable Bit 0.


The second part of the programming is the same as for the front doors.

Open the door controller – In this guide Rear Right – 72 and select “coding”


Add 64 to the existing number to add on Door Exit/Warning Lights.


17 thoughts on “Adding Door Warning Lights to the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta – Rear”

  1. if your controller has pin 14 free which should be the 12v for the entry light, pin number 4 is the ground, i wired it up
    pin 14 for the 12v and Pin 4 for the ground, everything works fine hope this helps

    1. What year was yours? I have an 07, which should be Gen 3 controller. The table in the link doesn’t really tell me which pins I need to wire up.

  2. My rear door controller on my 2004 car didn’t support this function. I had to wire it directly to the rear door lock wiring. I had to join a wire to the wire from pin 10 on the door controller wire and for the earth from the wire from pin 4 on the lock. The outer door skin needs to be removed.

  3. I have try this, but it does not work with my 2006 Golf V TDI.:(
    My connector housing is 18 pin, and pin 14 is not free.

    1. I have the same problem. Golf 5 2005, rear puddle lights, the control module has 18pin, and 14th is used. Anyone knows the correct pinout for rear puddle lights on older G5? The pin14 +, and 4 – does not working

  4. Does anybody know the correct terminal type used in 2007? My controller is 1K5 839 401 H. It is an 18 terminal connector, pin 14 is free, but the 000979018 wire is the incorrect wire. I’m pretty sure it is the smaller clamp like terminal, that slips over blade style pins. Unfornately I had the unit all wired up, soldered, shrink wrapped, and tapped up, ready to install. Now I have to figure out the correct wire type and start over.

    1. pin 14 postive
      pin 4 is ground,

      also remeber needs to be activated through vag-com. which im sure you know anyway lol, if u get stuck with anything else, find me on R32OC user name M44NTU-3.2 thanks

  5. Hi, great tut, im fairly new and would like to ask you about the coding. Where do you enter 64 for the rear right doors, your description doesnt show this, or doesnt it change number as soon as you put 64. Thanks in advance.

  6. I’ve discovered the solution for Mk5 MY2004-2006 cars. The rear door exit lights are powered by the Central Comfort Module behind the glovebox. The pins are T18a/5 and T18a/12, which are the leftmost two pins of the leftmost 18pin black connector. The pins should be vacant. I’ve verified this from a UK-spec MY2006 Jetta, which has exit warning lights.

    In other words, GEN1/GEN2 rear door modules have nothing to do with exit warning lights. Although 1K0 959 703/704F modules seem to have a say with interior door handle illumination, as they possess a measuring block for it.

    1. Forgot to add that the CCM must be “highline”. So that means either part number 1K0 959 433AK or CB (but verify from other sources). The Jetta had AK. You enable the lights in VCDS under byte 17, bit 0.

    1. If the car is older than 2006 may, then you have to do it like in Touran, passenger side behind the box, coding the Türstg, if younger, you have to wire in to the rear power window module.

  7. Hi guys. Trying to do the install on my 2005 VW golf 2.0TDI.
    My pin 19 in the driver side are already used to a yellow/brown wire that goes to the mirror switch?

    The 18 wasn’t taken and in passager side the 18 (+) and 19 for ground was free.

    anyone know if there’s a spare ground in the drivers side or do I have to connect the wire to then brown from pin 2?

    1. Front door I think it was pin 1-2 in the power window connector, rear door + wire goes behind the glowbox in Türsteuergerät like in Touran and you can ground it immediatelly In door connector, it does no matter. Dont forget to activate feature via vcds

  8. Please help me.
    golf mk5 fsi2.0 my car

    Both front doors worked normally with + 1 – 4 pins instead of 18 pins 19 pins.
    But back there, I’ve been working on the door lock wiring for days, looking for the main wiring, but I can’t find it at all.

    Use 1k0959703c for the left hand circle motor.
    Use 1k0959704c on the right hand circle motor.

    I’ve done the same thing with all of the above vcds.
    But I can’t find it at all.

    Please help me.~~

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