Volkswagen Golf Auto Headlights above 140kph

The Golf has a feature turned on by default in countries that have the “auto” european light switch.

The only requirements are the Central Electronics Controller (09) of type 3C0 XXX XXX XX, a RegenLichtSens (RainLightSensor) and the european light switch.

The operation of the system is

  • Lights turn on at 140kph (actual speed not speedometer speed)
  • Lights turn off after 10 minutes driving under 80kph (again actual speed) or 10 minutes stopped (with or without ignition turned off)

Disable Auto Headlights above 140kph

  1. Open the Central Electronics Controller (09)
  2. Click the drop down box and choose the RegenLichtSens (RainLightSensor)
  3. Note the software coding (00)208933 (most cars have different codings)
  4. Convert to Hex 3 30 25
  5. Remove 1 from the left hand value Hex 2 30 25
  6. Convert to Decimal (00)143397 and replace the old coding.

Enabling Auto Headlights above 140kph

Perform the above but instead of removing 1 from the left hand value you add 1.


  • +1 = Highway Light
  • +2 = Rain Light
  • +4 = Rain Closing

The left hand value has the following options.

  • 0 = No option
  • 1 = Highway Light (1)
  • 2 = Rain Light (2)
  • 3 = Highway Light (1) + Rain Light (2)
  • 4 = Rain Closing (4)
  • 5 = Highway Light (1) + Rain Closing (4)
  • 6 = Rain Light (2) + Rain Closing (4)
  • 7 = Highway Light (1) + Rain Light (2) + Rain Closing (4)

Conversion can be down with the windows calculator as shown in the images (windows 10 in programmer mode)

Step 1: Enter the existing as decimal and this converts to hex, note down the hex value.


Step 2: Select hex, enter the hex value you want (in this case ALL the options) and note the decimal value.


8 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf Auto Headlights above 140kph”

  1. Hello,
    I just wonder if it is possible to have all three options (Highway Light, Rain Light, Rain CLosing) active in the same time?
    Maybe, I don’t understand it correctly, but if I add 1, how to add 2 and 4?

  2. Hi, I’m wondering how to recognize if any of this options are active in my car (Passat B6 MY08). Currently I have decimal coding of RLS: 00208933 (033025 HEX), so the same as yours. If I understand correctly – to disable automatic running lamps over 140kmph and also to enable automatic running lights during a rain and enable automatic windows closing – all I need to do is to add 7 to HEX, so it will give me 103025 (103025 DEC)?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Tom,

      I’ve updated the post to try and make this clearer so I hope it now answers your question. If not let me know. You can’t use 8 but only what I have listed which is 0 through 7 as the first digit. You had 3 so this was Highway Light (1) + Rain Light (2) so if you now want Rain Light (2) + Rain Closing (4) this is 6.


      1. Hi,

        Thank you very much 🙂 Obviously – it’s clear as today’s weather in Poland now 🙂

        However – my coding now is 6, but rain closing does not work 🙁 Maybe it’s gotta be coded somewhere else as well (like daytime running lights) ?


  3. Ok, I’ve read this one more time, and now i get it – I need to remove 1 from my HEX (033025 -> 023025) and then add 6 for rain light and windows closing (023025 -> 083025). Im I correct now? 🙂


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