Volkswagen Cornering Headlights, Dynamic Steered Headlights and Static Cornering Lights

The following information is for the Touareg but the principle is same on many Volkswagen cars with this feature.


Volkswagen’s cornering headlight system consists of dynamic and static cornering lights that are installed together in the headlight housing.

The cornering light functions are automatically activated when the dipped or high beam is switched on.

The cornering lights are also active if the headlights are switched on in daylight.



The Bi-Xenon units are swiveled independently when driving around bends.

The headlight on the inner side of the bend by max. 15° and the headlight on the outer side of the bend by max. 7.5°.

Swivelling only takes place at a vehicle speed above 10 km/h.

volkswagen_cornering_headlights_4 volkswagen_cornering_headlights_5

The design is very similar to that of a conventional Bi-Xenon unit.

However, the module is mounted in an additional swiveling frame (for the horizontal motion).

The sensor is for detecting the swivel angle.


The static cornering light is a light that is switched on in addition to the dimmed headlight. It illuminates the surface to the side of the vehicle.

The static cornering light is only switched on at a vehicle speed below 50 km/h in narrow bends.



Halogen light H7 for static cornering light.

The H7 light bulb can be replaced after removing the plastic bush


Networking between J745 (control unit for cornering light and headlight range control) and the power modules for headlights J667 and J668 via CAN light.

CAN light is a separate CAN databus only for networking the cornering light system.

Physically, the CAN light is identical to the CAN drive (voltage level, data rate and cable colors).

The power modules are installed in the headlights. The power modules process sensor signals (swivel angle of dynamic headlight and position of headlight range control) and control the respective servomotors.

The static cornering light is switched on and off by the corresponding power module.

All other lights in the headlight are switched by the on-board control unit.


G85 – Steering angle sensor

J104 – Control unit for ABS/ESP

J197 – Control unit for level control

J220 – Control unit for Motronic

J285 – Control unit in the dash panel insert

J519 – On-board network control unit

J527 – Control unit for steering wheel electronics

J533 – Diagnostic interface for databus

J667 – Power module for left headlight

J668 – Power module for right headlight

J754 – Control unit for cornering light and headlight range control


Faults in the cornering light system are signaled to the driver by flashing control lamps for monitoring the light bulbs in the dash panel insert.

7 thoughts on “Volkswagen Cornering Headlights, Dynamic Steered Headlights and Static Cornering Lights”

  1. i Drive a 2009 volkswagon golf the static cornering light are in the fog lights is correct? having some bother with the police explaining why i have only 1 fog light on! can these be deactivited?

  2. Hi Martina,

    Yes, it can be shut of, but only with a Vag-Com cable, I deactivite it of for a friend of mine also a Golf 6.

    I bought a Ross-Tech cable, nice stuff, you can do a lot with it.


  3. If i have a touareg with the halogen headlamps and i wnat to put on it the bi-xenon headlamps with AFS and all that stuff.
    Is just take out the halogen headlamps and put the bi-xenon headlamps or what??

  4. hi i have a mark 5 edition 30 can i have this feature wen i corner my fogs come on? is it as simple as switching on from vagcom? or do i have to add any modules to the car ??

  5. I have a golf 6 tsi,that need control unit for the right headlight,i bought a new head light it came without the control units hoe do I get them and how much thanks

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