Volkswagen Golf Reverse Camera Upgrade RNS510

Update: Installing a Golf Mark VI Rear View Camera (RVC) into a Golf Mark V

The Golf can have the factory reverse system from other models (generally Tiguan 5N0) installed, there are a few caveats that must be checked first as some components in the car must be a particular revision or higher.

Gateway needs to be 3C0 907 530 H or higher. For the Tiguan or Passat controller you need to use a 9-byte long CAN gateway (L or N at the end), the Touareg controller may only require a 8 byte controller.

Kufatec sell a harness that connects the RNS510 to the reverse camera controller for 89 euros.

Parts required for install (not using the hatch/boot release detailed below)

Reverse Controller Tiguan- 5N0907441
Reverse Controller Toureg – 7L6907441B (not recommended)
Reverse Controller Holder – 5N0909537A
Camera – 5N0980551A
Cable for Camera 3M – 000098654A

Using VCDS/Vagcom you need to code the CAN gateway (19), the RNS510 (37 or 56), the RVC controller with 0010007 and then perform a camera calibration.

Camera mounting option – rear hatch/boot release

Integrating the camera into the rear pop up hatch release has been a project I’ve been looking into for a while, this is now made easier by the release of the MK6 Golf as this has a camera integrated into the hatch release.

Part Numbers

Golf 6 hatch release – 5K0 827 469J
Passat CC boot release – 5K0 827 469H

Mounting gasket is the same for Golf 6, Passat CC and Golf 5. Switch for the hatch/boot release is the same as well.

Both Golf 5 and Golf 6 use the Q CANBUS gateway.

Using an aftermarket reverse camera with the RNS510

I’m currently working on this as part of another project so the information here is sketchy for the time being.

In the Radio Configuration II there is a Byte 3, Bit 6 (Backup Camera Low – without control module)

RNS2 and RNS510 Connector Differences
RNS2 and RNS510 Connector Differences

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  1. Impressive website there Maverick,
    couldn’t help resist section on reverse camera.
    Now if I was to pick up parts compatible with my RNS 510, do you know anyone that could set this up for me down in Sydney on my R 2008?
    Not comfortable doing this set up solo.




  2. Maverick,
    Great web site! Thanks for all the info. I just want to confirm a couple of things about installing the reverse camera in the Golf Mark V.
    If I get the following parts, that’s all I need:
    Reverse Controller Tiguan- 5N0907441
    Reverse Controller Holder – 5N0909537A
    Camera – 5N0980551A
    Cable for Camera 3M – 000098654A
    Passat CC boot release – 5K0 827 469H

    I can’t get the boot release for the Mark VI as it’s not yet available in the states. Is the one for the Passat a drop in fit?
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi

    can you advise what other parts are needed for the install using the Camera mounting option – rear hatch/boot release.


  4. The “RNS2 and RNS510 Connector Differences” graphic above is probably the best I have seen so far. I currently have an RNS2 with aftermarket reverse camera fitted (via a multimedia adaptor that connects to the above RNS2 connector). I would like to keep my old adaptor when I upgrade to a RNS-510. I plan to use a new 26 pin connector housing (part 7L6 972 726 – required for the RNS-510) and some repair wires (part 000 979 009) to modify the cables comming from my old adaptor. I am not sure if this will work. Is this possible? Will there be any complications if I proceed? I assume that while in reverse the RNS-510 will allow the video input from the multimedia adaptor to display as normal. Any tips would be appreciated.

    Later I intend to add a Video In Motion adaptor so that I can use the rest of the features of my old multimedia adaptor. But right now my priority not to lose my reverse camera set up when I update to a RNS-510.

    1. Is it a Kufatec adapter that you have? You may need to upgrade as the units that worked with the RNS2 don’t work with the RNS 510 due to the changes to the connectors and the reverse signal is now via the CANBUS as well.

  5. No its not Kufatec. (however I can’t find the info on the unit that I installed so at the moment lets call it brand X). If someone can send me (or post) the pin outs for a Kufatec IMA Multimedia Adapter w/ Control – “Basic-Plus” (product No. 35538) it would be greatly appreciated. Based on the cable and connector I have seen on other Brand X adaptors (those that suit the RNS-510), I assume the Kufatec unit also just connects to the RNS-510 via the 26 pin connector. (ie there is no CANBUS input into the Kufatec itself).. My theory is that CANBUS tells the RNS-510 when the car is in reverse. The RNS-510 then allows the rear camera video input to display on the main screen. The Kufatec pin outs should prove or disprove my theory. Any takers?

  6. Reverse Controller Toureg – 7L6907441B (not recommended)

    Why is not recommended??? i have this in my golf 5 but i can’t see nothing on RNS510!

    i have RNS510 B version, where i can connect directly the RVC of golf5? i want remove the controller egual at MK6.

    you have any sugestion?

  7. Hi Maverick, do you know the difference between the Golf MK6 camera and CC camera? The MK6 Golf isn’t in the USA yet, so the camera parts won’t be available for sometime. If I need the MK6 camera to use on a MK5 Golf, I’ll place an order at a dealer in Europe and buy a CC controller in the USA.


    1. Not sure if there is one, you’d need to check the part number but I suspect that they are the same as the CC one. The Mark 6 that I had the other day (and didn’t measure the size of the handle) appeared to be the same size as the Mark 5.

  8. The MK6 camera is different to the CC one, it has three wires coming from the camera, and the coax connector is different. Has anyone found a wiring diagram for the MK6 camera as I cant locate any sign of a controller

  9. Does anyone have a screenshot or PDF of the ETKA Golf VI page showing the required parts and part numbers? It will make it easier to order in the US where the Golf VI has not gone on sale yet.

  10. More info about the MKVI camera – it has the controller built in so it connects directly to the back of the RNS510 using the Sync, Green, Red and Blue inputs

  11. I have a CC camera and am having difficulty fitting it to the rear hatch of a MKV Golf as the wiper motor bracket gets in the way. How do you make the emblem with the camera fit?

  12. Maverick,

    A few websites say that for the passat cc you cannot install the rvc if you already have parking sensors in the back. Whats the deal with that? Is it a deal breaker?

  13. Hey Maverick, do you have a E²-Dump of an 5N0 907 441 Controller?
    If yes, i would appreciate you´re willing to sent it to me 😉


  14. Really sad to see that nobody, how did this mod with sucess, is able to post a functionable config (part-no., hw- and sw-version) 🙁
    Tried already 3 different controllers vom 3C8.. to 5N0.., with 3 different firmware-version on them but all the time getting the same result – “01043 – incorrect software”

  15. hi there
    I have just purchased the oem controller and camera for my wifes tiguan. I have ordered the cable 000098654A and the controller holder. However, the cable part number listed appears only to connect the camera to the controller – what about the cable and connections required to hook up the controller to the RNS510 and canbus? Help appreciated.

  16. This is the most brilliant website! I have a brand new VW EOS Individual which neither the factory or dealer were prepared to fit a reversing camera to my DynAudio 600w RNS510 system.(I was only allowed to have the basic Bluetooth!). Can you advise who, where and how to fit the RVC Plus? In Sydney? Thank you very much.

  17. Further to my last comment. Does an aftermarket camera require a controller? What does a controller actually do? Does it matter if the camera is NTSC or PAL? Would a wireless camera be a practical solution? The EOS cable wiring loom is difficult because of the retractable roof space requirements.

  18. 1. Passat Variant B6 2.0T 2007.

    2. Please see pic.
    Left: Original CAN gateway. Right: New CAN Gateway

    3. My installer has already installed the RNS510 (LED version) and reverse camera installed.

    4. The new CAN gateway has the ‘back-up cam’ (6C) option available. The old CAN gateway does not have this option. The other purpose of upgrading the CAN gateway is to prevent battery draining.

    5. When we switch on the ignition & select reverse gear:
    a) the ‘bulb blown’ indicator lights up
    b) the reverse light on the rear does not light up. No voltages.
    c) reverse cam doesn’t work. Nothing happened/showed up on the RNS 510 screen.
    * We copied the old CAN gateway settings to the new CAN gateway settings. Only include “back-up cam” option on the new CAN gateway.

    6. This faults 5(a) & 5(b) will only go away after he swapped back to the old gateway.

    a) Is this the correct CAN gateway for the Passat Variant B6

    b) I read other sites that one should cut ‘pin 2’. No details provided why we need to do this.


    c) The reverse camera module wirings are OK because he tried connecting the output to a portable DVD player, put to reverse gear, and there is picture on the portable dvd player. This experiment was done while waiting for the new CAN gateway.

    Please advise.


  19. I’m prepare to install the RVC for my car. Now, I would like to seek your help to get 54 PINS connector pin assignment that connect to the controller(3C8 907 441). Esepcially on pin-43 and pin44.

    Please advise.


  20. Hi,

    I’m prepare to install the RVC for my car. Can you provide the pin assignment of 54pins connector that conenct RVC controller. Thanks.

  21. Hi,
    I want to retrofit a genuine reverse camera into my Tiguan with retrofitted RNS-510.
    Some people have told me that all I need is the camera and cable that connects directly to the RNS 510 (no control unit required), and others say I need the control unit as well as camera and cable?
    Can you confirm if I need the control unit or not and what exactly does it do??
    Many thanks

  22. I’d like to recode the control module 6C – Rear view camera part number: 3c8 907 441 and 3c0 907 441 and the control module doesn’t accept new codeing the got message coding rejected 31. Out of range.

    HEEELP :)))

  23. Hi I have a 2009 seat leon with RNS510 version A fitted. I have fitted so far an aftermarket reverse camera into the number plate bulb housing. I have got power to the camera from the reverse light. I now have a yellow RCA for the head unit but will need an rgb to composite converter I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong. I also would like to know if I require anything else for the screen to switch to the camera when I put ot in reverse.

    Any help would be muchly apprictated.

    Regards mike

  24. Hi guys, I have problem with my RNS510 ver.C and the PDC + OPC system. I hope someone will help me to solve it. Recently I have updated my rns with software 4120. Ofcourse before that I have had copied the long coding, unfortunatelly only of the rns and not of the park asssist. After update I coded rns with the right coding and everything works fine except the pdc and rvc. When I put reverse gear, the radio mutes and the rear view camera turns on. After that when I put first gear, the camera view turns off and the pdc visualisations turns on. The radio is still mute. I have to turn it off manually on the pdc button. I have tried various coding on pdc and rns but the effect is still the same. My park assist system is Parkhilfe PLA H08 0116. 1T0 919 475P coding: 31800B.
    RNS510 coding: 04000442040000800000
    Any clues would be appreciated.


    1. I have a 2013 CC with RNS-510. Adding the highline camera with the 3C8 907 441 controller. Two codes on the RVC in vag com. Incorrect software and needs to be calibrated. Turn on car and get pop up message that camera system in currently unavailable. PPut in reverse and camera pops out but radio does not change views. Not even a blank screen. Won’t let me change coding to 0100008 says out of range. Stays at 0100007 for the Passat. Do I need a different controller?


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