Build harness using connector housings and repair wires for Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Install

Whilst this guide is intended for the Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth kit harness it applies to anything that requires interfacing to the quad lock connector on the rear of the head unit or that uses similar connectors around the car. This guide specifically for 2 x power connections and 2 x data connections.

The way this works is you remove the terminal from the housing, join that terminal to the matching terminal and insert the opposite terminal into the housing.

First you need to obtain the connector housings and repair wires.

  • 1 x 000 979 133 (000979133) – 1mm repair wire – CAN bus Hi and Lo female.
  • 1 x 000 979 134 (000979134) – 1mm repair wire – CAN bus Hi and Lo male.
  • 1 x 000 979 225 (000979225) – 2.5mm repair wire – 12v and ground female.
  • 1 x 000 979 226 (000979226) – 2.5mm repair wire – 12v and ground male.
  • 4 x 191 972 701 (191972701) – Housing
  • 4 x 191 972 711 (191972711) – Connector Housing
Alternatively you could replace the four housings and connector housings with a single housing and connector housing.
  • 1 x 1J0 972 704 (1J0972704)  – Housing
  • 1 x 191 972 714 (191972714) – Connector Housing

Step 1 – Cut the four repair wires in half, remove the insulation from the ends of all four and twist the exposed wire together. Do the same for the power and CAN bus wire. Join one male and one female repair wire half together (ensure that you join the 2.5mm female to the 2.5mm male) as shown and connect the ground wire to one and redo the step for the power wire.


Step 2 – Solder each of the four repair wire halves and the two power wires from the harness as shown.


Step 3 – Double the harness wire back on top of itself.


Step 4 – Using heat shrink cover each soldered area as shown. Use a smaller length to cover the join and than place a longer length over the top to minimise the chances of any shorts.


Step 5 – Repeat the last part of Step 1 with the 1mm repair wire and the CAN bus cable.


Step 6 – Place a piece of coloured heatshrink on one male/female CAN bus set, ensure that these are connected to the same wire! This allows you to ensure that you have hooked this up correctly later on. Repeat for the power set of cables.


Step 7 – This should be the finished result. Next tape it up using fabric adhesive tape – Fabric Adhesive Tape for wiring looms and harnesses


Step 8 – Install the housings and connector housings on the exposed terminals.


Step 9 – This is the finished harness ready for install.


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  1. Can you let me know the part number for a repair wire to install an extra pin in the 10 way (10J) connector the Passat B6 lighting switch. I am retro-fitting front fogs with new euroswitch. I am using a relay rather than the CECM so only need the 10J end of the wire.

    Most grateful if you can help.


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