Volkswagen Golf upper A-pillar trim – Removal and Installation

Applies to Mark V and Mark VI


  • Remove dash panel end trim
  • Remove middle A-pillar trim
  • Remove airbag emblem-1- (carefully as you may be able to reuse it)
  • Remove bolt -2- using a Torx T-25 (be careful not to drop this)
  • Pull lower section of trim -A- out of securing clips -3-
  • Release trim from door seal beading
  • Pull trim out of forward mountings -B-
  • Pull rear section of trim out of dash panel -C-


  • Install in reverse order of removal
  • Check fasteners for damage and renew if damaged
  • Check airbag emblem and renew if damaged (generally a one use item)

9 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf upper A-pillar trim – Removal and Installation”

  1. So looking forward to this info as this trim seems a tight fit and I’d hate the airbag to go off when doing it ( probably not possible thpugh)

  2. i been trying to rip the interior trims out but couldnt.
    waiting for this info too.
    if i can take out the trims, i will send it to re-coat with carbon fiber!

    1. It’s a personal choice, I don’t disconnect the battery but if you’re not sure what you’re doing you may feel more comfortable disconnecting the battery and waiting a while before working in that area.

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