Upgrading Volkswagen Halogen Headlights to Osram Super Bright Off Road 65watt bulbs

osram_super_bright_off_road_65w_64217Osram Super Bright Off Road H7 Bulbs contain a H9 element to boost light output to 2100 lumens (50% increase from standard H7 55w) with a 18% increase in power consumption (65w whereas a standard H7 is 55w).

Osram EAN/Product No: 4050300524399
Product Description: 64217
ECE Category: H7
Base (standard designation): PX26d
Nominal Wattage: 65 W
Lumens: 2100
Life (hours): 500

Comparison with NightBreaker (left in each photo)




Comparison Photos with Osram Nightbreaker H7


Nightbreaker H7 installed left and right. Light output 1,408,000 lux (measured 1m from centre of filament)


Nightbreaker H7 left, Offroad 65w right. Light output 1,852,000 lux (measured 1m from centre of filament). 31% improvement.

17 thoughts on “Upgrading Volkswagen Halogen Headlights to Osram Super Bright Off Road 65watt bulbs”

  1. Hi there.

    I have read there are risks involved with using the 65W globes in that they can “supposedly” melt your wiring.

    Can I ask your experience and opinion on this?



    1. Going from a H4 60/55 to a 100/90 or similar would cause a problem but in this we’re talking an extra 10 watts (18%) which is well within the capacity of the existing wiring. I will check to see if the temperature of the rear of the bulb where it connects to the loom and the wiring to see if there are any large increases in temperature and post the results here but I don’t expect there to be any problems. There are a few people who have been running these in GTI’s for years without problems.

      1. Hey just wondering if you had any updates on these? I am curious to run the on my mk5 gt sport, i have my auto headlights on most of the time, so usually my headlights are on in the evening, would these melt my housing or my wires if they are on for these long periods of time?

  2. Hi guys, I just looked at the candlepower site and they are currently out of stock but promise to take orders at this price.

    I’d appreciate feedback about your satisfaction with the performance and durability (indeed sitability) of these in a MkV fitment.



  3. Ouch! I just checked shipping fghtBreakers last year. or these from the vendor above; just for your entertainment, the shipping is more than the bulbs!

    I think I should check the UK source Mav had for the NightBreakers last year.

    Subtotal: $39.98
    Shipping: $43.00
    Tax: $0.00
    Total: $82.98

  4. Anyone have other recommended sources? I’ll check ECS in case it can be included in a group buy.

    Is anyone else interested? ECS GBs on vww & vwg Aussie forums.


  5. ECS Tuning doesn’t seem to have the Osram, so it might have to be CandlePower or Daniel Stern, who wrote the following:

    I can tell you that it would be a valid concern if you were trying to run any non-spec H7 _other_ than the ones you’re running. The only other reputably-made higher-wattage H7 is the Philips 80w item, which has an actual power draw closer to 85w, which is 30w (or 55%) higher than spec and is definitely not compatible with stock wiring. And there are _lots_ of disreputable overwattage H7 bulbs from the Far East, labelled everything from 70w to 100w, all with actual power consumption in the 75w to 110w range. These, too, are not compatible with stock wiring. The Osram 65w H7s you installed, however, tend to be very faithful to the rating in actual power consumption. 10w is less than the actual power consumption of a pair of standard parking lamp bulbs, and is a mere 18% higher than the stock wattage — well within the tolerances of the car’s factory-installed circuitry without trouble.


    So back to my question – has anyone sourced these locally or from another source competitive with CandlePower? The latter’s shipping costs are a little high for just bulbs!

  6. ECSTuning.com only has the Silverstar H7 on its website, so I can only hope it’s available unofficially.

    Anyone up for a group buy (for at least ten bulbs in total, to offset the 100%+ cost of shipping)?

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