Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Upgrade to version 1200 / 1202 / 1204 / 1206 / 1208

Version 1200 / 1202 / 1204 / 1206 / 1208 Firmware for the Volkswagen RNS 510 and the Skoda Columbus has been released.

  • Support for SDHC cards up to 32GB
  • Point of interest import from SD cards

Warning! This upgrade MAY delete your music and/or maps if you have a firmware version PRIOR to version 1100/1102. Units with a firmware version of 1100/1102 should not not have music and maps deleted.

Warning! There is a remote chance of you ‘bricking’ the unit, this is a fraction of a percent but it could happen! The process takes around 60 minutes.’

Warning! Users with cars MY07 and earlier may experience power drain issues after the upgrade. See the post “Upgrading 2nd generation radios (RCD 300, RCD 500) to 3rd generation (RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310, RCD 510) power drain issue” for more details.

Note! Test/Setup Mode. The firmware can allow access to enter test/setup mode without Vagcom/VCDS access see Accessing the Setup Menu on the RNS 510 head units with firmware later than 1100. The procedure for entering the test/setup mode for those with Vagcom/VCDS is slightly different as well. To enter the test/setup mode when the RNS 510 is operating press and hold the setup button, keep holding it when the radio menu appears and shortly after the test menu appears . I had to reboot my unit after coding it but it may be possible a power cycle is enough.

Note! Failure (Gateway Error 202) You can downgrade back to 1100 by inserting the 1100 firmware and rebooting the RNS 510 (Setup + eject + info).

Download Firmware Upgrade

Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Download Repository

Version Information from VERSION.TXT

Software Loading CD for CP2 based units

CdTreeBuilder version 3.06 is used.

#CD:P 0 0 4 . 7 6 4 . 2 0 1

#Project: VWRNS
#Author: RoNe
#Steckbrief: C_EU_7.112_t1014 C4A/C5C/C6

This is a SWL CD for VW delivery.


#Integrationphase: Delivery cw22/09 C4A/C5C/C6-samples
#AppsBuild:C_EU_7.112_t1014 C4A/C5C/C6

57 comments to Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Upgrade to version 1200 / 1202 / 1204 / 1206 / 1208

  • Alex

    Hi Maverick,

    Can you confirm that this F/W supports SDHC cards? I updated my RNS510 (H/W: 03 and original F/W: 0900) but when you insert an SDHC card, it reports card error.


  • Kim

    For SDHC You need HW 04.

    I’ve tested the 1200 Firmware on a HW 11 an that works with 4GB.

  • Alex

    IC. So HW03 will not support SDHC. But the strange thing is that I’ve heard people who loaded 2660 onto these units do have SDHC support. Maybe I should give 2660 a try?


  • fast

    I’ve just upgraded from 1100 to 1200(my unit is a 3C0035680C version).
    Maps and music have been deleted from hdd.
    I did a quick test of other options, everything seems to works fine for now.

  • skkane

    I have the 2660 firmware on my unit and was wondering what the difference between these are?

    Is this one for US units or what?

  • mr gee

    I’ve got HW02 with firmware 2660. using 12GB SDHC card no problems

  • Alex

    So HW03 should support SDHC cards with 2660, right?

    So does this mean 1200 does not support SDHC cards?

  • Steve

    Hi there, great site. Almost wish I had a GTI 🙂

    I’ve got a new MY10 Passat R36 I’ve had for 4 weeks. I was amazed to find the rns510 didn’t support SDHC cards.

    I’ve got a 90GB mp3 collection and find changing content on the 20GB available a royal pain. I want to upgrade the firmware to have SDHC support, but am petrified of bricking the unit.

    I also read of different HW versions, A, B and C revisions and now see a 1200 version of firmware that followed a 2600 version. It also appears there are bugs in the 2600 version I may or may not experience. GPS thinking it is Germany as an example.

    In short, I’m confused. Can someone point me towards some reading material that will allow me to understand what hardware version, A, B or C revision I have and an understanding of why these new firmware versions have appeared out of order, which is more stable, or perhaps what might suit a new MY10 version best and if the bugs are experienced by most upgraders.

    mmm, lots of questions, but as I stated I’m confused.

    Thanks in advance to anybody who helps me with my confusion.


    • Maverick

      The revision C hardware RNS 510 would be the way to go as it’s the latest and so far has had no problems with the 2660 firmware. The 2660 firmware works fine with some B units as well but seems to have problems with most A and some B units.

      1200 is a cut down version of 2660 offering only sdhc support and poi photos.

  • Nick

    What is the difference between this FW and the 2660 version?

  • Alex

    I have an Australian model and since the upgrade Australian DVD’s do not play – region error – is there a file on the disk i can modify rather then getting connecting the CANBUS to modify the code on the unit?

  • Steve

    Thanks for the reply. I already have the rns510. It was factory fitted. Given the car is MY10, can I assume I have a C version that will be combatible with the 2600 firmware?


  • Cristian

    Should we assume that FW 0xxx are for A-version, FW 1xxx are for B-version and FW 2xxx are for C-version?
    If this theory is true FW 1200 should be an improvement to FW 1100 for RNS510 Version B, and should work well with the older CAN Gateways, without the power drain issue.
    To be confirmed….

  • Could be like Cristian says.

    Just mention that my MY08 Touran was factory fitted with one of the firsts RNS510 units, 0520 software version so undoubtedly A Version. I have gone first to 1020, then 1100 and now waiting for more reactions 😉 before “shoting” a cd with the 1200… why not going further?

    To my experience, it seems that the 1XXX versions work fine with A versions which actually are transformed into B with the 1100 SWL.

    Would be nice for me to heard of someone who has succeeded upgrading an originally fitted with 0520 up to 1200 SWL.

  • Jeremy

    Christian, I don’t think it is a good idea to assume the above. My B unit runs just fine on 1T0 035 580B. My unit was delivered with a 0xxx firmware as well.

    Alex, I believe there is no way around other than use VCDS. If you don’t have VCDS then I suggest you could look up the vcds register on under Australian section. Someone maybe able to quickly code for you.


  • Braden

    I’m assuming these firmwares are for euro-only? The US-spec seems to be on 0320 or 0360…

  • DonF

    Steve – do not assume a MY10 car has a C version. My recently arrived MY10 came with a B version RNS510 at HW04, SW 1120.
    Agree you can only check via a VCDS scan.

  • tommy

    My originally “A” version doesn’t show the HW revision anymore, neither in VCDS nor in test menu, just 3 dashes (—). Funky mainboard? Any ideas? Thanks.

  • rv65

    The latest US RNS-510 firmware is v0980 and v0982.

  • Stratos

    Who can I see the firmware version of my rns510.
    How can i go to hidden setup menu

  • Daniel_Germany

    Hi guys,
    i tryed it out, 2660 on a A-Version supports SDHC, with the 1200 no support.
    But: Statup ist much faster, better vor the RFC.



    so god will next week the 27xx will be released, we´ll see

  • I can confirm what Daniel_Germany says.

    Mine is also an original A and after upgrading to 1200 I haven’t got SDHC working.

  • hm1975

    I upgraded my unit this morning to 1200, SDHC not working. It did work with 2660 no problem but not sure why it doesnt work on 1200. Also maps and mp3’s were deleted during the upgrade, SKODA_UHV bluetooth functions properly with 1200 whereas 2660 it didnt work with certain phones.

  • rv65

    US Firmware v0380 and 0382 has been released.

    Radio, Navigation RNS510 Flash for Various Functionality Concerns
    • Speaker feedback or hum from the rear speakers. May occur with the unit being off
    • On startup, media interface functions starts, even though unit was shut off with another audio source such as
    • PIN code required unnecessarily
    • PIN code not accepted
    • GPS only available with map DVD inserted
    • Map data not completely copied on to the hard drive
    • DVD/CD not recognized
    • SD card or hard drive can not be selected
    • Unit freezes or hangs up
    • Unit resets itself off with cracking/banging
    • Loss of presets
    • Slow boot up time
    • GPS map display freezes
    • No sound after diagnosis
    • No sound
    • Destination can not be saved or lost
    • Unit switches itself off
    • GPS location not recognized
    • Fault 00862 aerial for navigation (GPS) R50/R50 short circuit to earth shown
    • No communication with gateway module
    • Customer experiences sporadic problems with the mute button being inoperative. (SW 210 & lower)
    • Unable to adjust volume while listening to satellite radio. (SW 210 & lower)
    • Incorrect heading designation in certain instances. Example: (“Hwy 401 Express lane” is interpreted as “Hwy
    401 East” regardless of direction). (SW 210 & lower)
    • System stability concerns (Tiguan SW 120 & lower)

    Doesn’t wipe out the maps or music files.


  • Phew


    I updated my RNS 510 (Golf VI GTI Sept 2009) with v.1200, so everything seems to work fine except one “little” thing… my SD-Card “Sandisk SDHC 4Go” (Extreme III / Class 6) is not recognized :/
    And i made this update for that : Support for SDHC cards up to 32GB.

    What’s wrong ?

  • rv65

    I hope Maverick posts US FW 0380 and 0382.

  • Spyklee

    If you use this firmware in a Skoda Columbus, does it maintain the skoda colours (green)?


  • Christian


    Does anybody know what is the process for storing POI’s on the SD card?
    I have tried using the site and I cannot make it work…

    Regards, Christian

  • MoocowJay

    Can the US RNS 510 only use the 0380/0382 FW? Can we not use the 12XX FW versions? How can I see what version of FW I am using anyway? THANKS!

    • rv65


      Just use the 0380 FW as the 1200 FW is only for Euro units. A Euro Firmware will most definitely brick your RNS-510 and making it unoperable. I’ve posted the link to get it. As to find out the FW you need to enable the secret menu using VCDS.

  • Ronald Berntsen

    Anyone knows if a 1204 is coming (for skoda columbus)? I’d like SDHC-support, but I am reluctant to use the 2660 as that one is a little bit flunky…

  • AquilaTDI

    The warning at the top of this thread IS TRUE! I just bricked my RNS510 while loading (US Version) 0380. It must have been a bad cd (I burned the ISO with MagicISO), but after a couple attempts, the unit locked up and wouldn’t eject the cd, doesn’t reset, and isn’t recognized by the VCDS.

    I’ve posted on, but wanted to warn everyone here that it’s a real possibility!

    Are there any repair options? Sure hope someone can help… Thanks.

  • Diesel Lover

    I’ve bricked my RNS 510 while trying to do the 0380 FW flash. Does anyone have any information on repair options?

  • PupaTDI


    I just updated my HW03 RNS-510 with the 2660 firmware and tested with a 16gb SDHC card and it worked perfectly.
    How can the POI’s be imported from a SD card?

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  • dju`

    Hi, I tried the 1200 FW above but my 4 GB SDHC card is not recognized (HW04, Rev. A unit). It is with 2760 but then I get the Regensburg syndrome + MP3 not resuming problems, that’s why I wanted to downgrade to 1200… please advise! Thanks

  • Jess


    do you need to enter the pin code after a firmware upgrade? Just bought a 2008 Passat with orig. RNS510, but I don’t know the PIN. Really would like to update a bit from ver1000…


  • Jacques


    I have recently downgraded my RNS-510 (1T0 035 680 C) in our Tiguan from 2760 to the ver 1200 to get better compatibility between my Skoda UHV bluetooth 1Z0 035 729 B and my Blackberry Bold mobile. (2680 firmware and higher has known issues with Skoda UHV bluetooth 1Z0 035 729 B).

    This has fixed the BT issue but my bootlogo splash screen is now all messed up (screen looks corrupted). When I re-load 2760 the screen returns. I have tried various burns of the ISO (ISO source came from the Firmware Upgrade Site 1 just above all comments) but no luck. Also tried to recode with VCDS and to put a new boot logo over the top (from
    Boot screen is gone. Any suggestions??

    • Jacques

      Update – I have now tried upgrading to 3810 FW (converts my RNS-510 C version to a D and makes three HDD partitions as expected). Boot up splash screen returns (newer version) and everything works well (except no phone book funtionality as expected). I then downgrade back to 1200 FW (my RNS-510 C version converts to a B version) and everything seems to works well and I get much better phone book funtionality (which is what I am after) but the Boot up splash screen is scrambled!! I have even downloaded the 1200 firmware from another site thinking the link provided in this forum was pointing to a defective file. Still no luck. Both files behave the same. The problem must be in the RNS-510 C version (HW version = H42). Has anyone ever downgraded their newish RNS-510 to 1200 FW before? Does your boot up splash sceeen work? Pls help!!

  • trix

    hi, can you let me know where you got the firmeware from, i need 1200 and others to get my RNS510 up to date to work correctly. i have 1100 downloaded from liks in this site but others a dead on rapidsahre and filesahre. would be great if someone can tell me where any live download links are.

  • Jacques

    Also I just checked and the link to the 1200 FW on this page is still good (the first link “Site 1” with the three rar files just above all the comments)

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  • George

    When I try to download the files it says: ‘Download parameters invalid – please try again later.’
    Anyone know how I can get the files anyway?

  • Philthy

    Hey guys,

    I have gone from an RCD310 to and RCD510 (for display and RVC purposes) but have recently come across an RNS510, which was apparantly bricked then replaced by a friend and i believe i can save it but have only got so far…..

    Had the two red lines and the top an bottom of the screen when turning on, I used Josi SWL fix CD (thanks soooo much for this) but now when i turn on i just get to the radio code screen (i have the code) but the unit does not register me touching the screen. the touch screen works as i confirmed the SWL fix with it.

    I have tried SWL 1300 and 1200 and recieve a downgrade error message, i continue the process but it then says “unable to read HW version”

    I have tried 2680 SW, but get a CD/DVD error message. Is this a problem with my burning process?

    I know its not the newest version, 1T0 035 680 B/ HW:HO4 SW:1100

    Could someone please (i know there are alot of these help questions and have been searching for my answer – no joy hence the post 🙁 ) point me in the right direction?

    If 1300 and 1200 are a suspect ‘downgrade’ 2680 should be a suitable upgrade? I burnt the DVD twice to make sure but i can try again if this is the correct procedure?

    OR is my unit completely stuffed and beyond help? Is a new motherboard an option or is there someone that can repair the unit for me?

    Thanks again so much guys,

    hope someone can help,


  • Andreas

    mohl bys mi prosím poslat na email
    Moc by jsi mi pomohl. D?kuji, Andreas.

    Crash: Soubor 3: http:// /

  • fidelcastro54

    Is there a Chance for a Reupload?

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