Volkswagen Golf Rear Window Wiper – Removal and Installation

Removing Wiper Arm


  • Allow wiper to come to park position.
  • Lift up cover -1- of rear window wiper and unclip cover.
  • Loosen but do not completely remove securing nut -arrow-.
  • Lift up wiper arm and free off from taper by rocking from side to side.
  • Remove securing nut -arrow- and detach wiper arm.


Removing  and Installing Wiper Motor


  • Separate connector -1-.
  • To release, turn securing clip at hose connection -2-.
  • Pull hose connection off rear window wiper motor.
  • Remove securing nuts -arrows-.
  • Carefully pull rear window wiper motor off rear lid.


  • Install in the reverse order of removal. When doing this, note the following:
  • Check seal is seated correctly in opening of rear window. Mark -1- on seal must align with mark -2- on rear window.


Installing Wiper Arm


  • To move wiper motor to park position, switch rear window wiper on and off with ignition on.
  • Fit wiper arm in approximate park position on wiper arm shaft and tighten securing nut -arrow- by hand.


  • Distance -a- between wiper rubber and lower edge of window must be 23 mm.
  • If necessary, adjust rear window wiper park position by moving wiper arm on shaft.
  • Tighten threaded connections to specific torques.


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