Installing a Golf Mark VI Rear View Camera (RVC) into a Golf Mark V

Requirements: RNS 510 with firmware version 1100 or greater or RCD 510 (not sure of firmware version requirements for RCD 510 and not all RCD 510’s have the video input on the rear – at this stage only RCD 510’s supplied with cars optioned with the RVC come with the video input).

Most of the steps can be performed in any order (with a few exceptions). The wiring looms can be prepared in advance and details on how to build both the main wiring loom that links the camera to the RNS 510 and the camera in the hatch are being prepared. The hatch loom will include all measurements.

Examples of the camera in operation – Volkswagen Golf Mark VI Rear View Camera (RVC) In Operation.

There is an alternative camera that is a third of the price of the auto opening camera, it hooks up in the same way but can be mounted in the rear bumper (under the lip over the number plate) or inside the rear glass. The part number is 5K0 980 551 (5K0980551)


Installed Photos

vw_rvc_complete_1 vw_rvc_complete_2 vw_rvc_complete_3

The motorised camera only pops up when required, when the handle is operated normally the camera is hidden under a spring loaded flap. The camera can be seen in the second photo with the flap lifted. There is a drain that will safely drain any water that makes it’s way into that compartment out through the bottom of the hatch.

vw_rvc_up_close_1 vw_rvc_up_close_2

Operating Photos

Reverse mode, reverse mode with the side menu expanded and reverse mode with the screen adjustment selected.

vw_rvc_screen_shot_1 vw_rvc_screen_shot_2 vw_rvc_screen_shot_7

These two photos show the wide angle of the lense, the pole is not visible except through the side window.

vw_rvc_screen_shot_3 vw_rvc_screen_shot_4

The yellow line behind the car is around 40cms from the rear bumper of the car.

vw_rvc_screen_shot_5 vw_rvc_screen_shot_6

Parts Required (for Mark V install)

5K0827469R  New rear badge with internal camera
5M1970161ACCable between badge and RNS510
3B09727224 pin connector for camera
4B09737124 pin controller for badge
1J09738022 pin connector to interface with old badge wiring
000979131Repair wire x3
000979132Repair wire x1
1J09729232 pin connector to pickup reverse signal
1J09727122 pin connector to pickup reverse signal
000979133Repair wire x1
000979129Repair wire x1
  • 5K0 827 469 R (5K0827469R) -New rear badge with integrated camera and controller for RNS 510
  • 5M1 970 161 AC (5M1970161AC) -Coaxial cable connecting camera with the RNS 510 Video I/O connector
  • 3B0 972 722 (3B0972722) – 4 pin connector for camera (connects to new camera)
  • 4B0 973 712 (4B0973712) – 4 pin controller for badge (connects to new camera)
  • 1J0 973 802 (1J0973802)-2 pin connector (connects to existing badge connector)
  • 1J0 972 923 (1J0972923)-2 pin connector (connects to reverse light fitting)
  • 1J0 972 712 (1J0972712)-2 pin connector (connects to reverse light connector on harness)
  • 000 979 133  (000979133) – Connector Repair wire x 2 (3 connectors required)
  • 000 979 131 (000979131) – ConnectorRepair wire x 4 (7 connectors required)
  • 000 979 132 (000979132) – ConnectorRepair wire x 1 (2 connectors required)
  • 000 979 129 (000979129) – ConnectorRepair wire x 1 (2 connectors required)
  • 000 979 950 (000979950) – Webbing Adhesive (10M)
  • 3C8 827 861 A (3C8827861A) – Passat Drain Tube
  • 5K6 827 861 (5K6827861) – Mark VI Drain Tube
  • 1.5m red power cable ~1mm (5 – 7.5amp)
  • 5A ATM Type Mini Fuse
  • Assorted small sizes of heat shrink (3mm to 6mm)

For Mark VI install until I develop a new guide for that the following changes need to be made to the  list.

The only difference from my guide for the Mark V (Mark VI guide I’ll try and get up this week) is the following

Change the following two items

  • 1J0 972 923 (1J0972923) – 2 pin connector (connects to reverse light fitting)
  • 1J0 972 712 (1J0972712) – 2 pin connector (connects to reverse light connector on harness)


  • 1J0 972 924 (1J0972924) – 3 pin connector (connects to reverse light fitting)
  • 191 972 713 (191972713) – 3 pin connector (connects to reverse light connector on harness)

Change the quantity of the following

  • 000 979 129 (000979129) – Connector Repair wire x 1 (2 connectors required)


  • 000 979 129 (000979129) – Connector Repair wire x 2 (3 connectors required)

And delete the following item

  • 3C8 827 861 A (3C8827861A) – Passat Drain Tube

The main difference is that the reverse connector that we are taking power from has 3 connectors instead of two on the Mark V and that handle mounts lower on the Mark VI so the extension is not required for the drain tube.


Removing the rear lid trim panel

Removing the rear trim requires the use of a fair bit of force, the following guide gives a good idea however remove the two panels for replacing the reversing and foglight bulbs as this allows you to see where the clips are.

Volkswagen Golf Rear Lid Trims – Removal and Installation

Installation of new badge with camera 

Modifications to the sheet metal in the rear hatch and the rear wiper assembly are required to fit the Mark VI RVC. Either an angle grinder or a dremel is required to perform this work and something to protect the exposed metal edge like a rust primer.

The differences between the old and new are highlighted below.

vw_rvc_comparision_1 vw_rvc_comparision_2

Remove rear wiper

Volkswagen Golf Rear Window Wiper – Removal and Installation


Remove the additional leg as shown, a dremel with a cut off disc works well.

vw_rvc_wiper_mod_remove_leg_1 vw_rvc_wiper_mod_remove_leg_2 vw_rvc_wiper_mod_remove_leg_3

Remove handle

First disconnect the connector, remove the three torx screw and turn the unit clockwise to unlock it for removal.

vw_rvc_hatch_mod_remove_rear_handle_1 vw_rvc_hatch_mod_remove_rear_handle_2 vw_rvc_hatch_mod_remove_rear_handle_3

Removal of excess sheet metal

As the photo below shows the new badge and how it intrudes into the area with the threaded post sticking out of the sheet metal. To enable this to fit we need to cut away the excess sheet metal.


First mark out the area to be cut, the example shown is actually not wide enough and had to be recut. The measurements for the cutout are 60mm horizontal and 55mm vertical. A dremel with a cutoff wheel performs the cuts in less than a minute. Use a suitable grinding stone on the dremel to round off the cut and to remove any sharp pieces of metal. A lot of fine metal particles are created with the cutting so I attached some papertowels in a U shape under the badge which caught most of them.

vw_rvc_hatch_mod_remove_metal_1 vw_rvc_hatch_mod_remove_metal_2 vw_rvc_hatch_mod_remove_metal_7

Next vacuum and wipe down the area with a suitable cleaner and touch up the bare metal with a rust primer.

vw_rvc_hatch_mod_remove_metal_3 vw_rvc_hatch_mod_remove_metal_4 vw_rvc_hatch_mod_remove_metal_5 vw_rvc_hatch_mod_remove_metal_6

Loom inside rear hatch
(can be constructed prior)


RVC wiring harness for Mark V including dimensions to allow construction prior to install.

vw_rvc_hatch_loom_1 vw_rvc_hatch_loom_2

Connectors have been inserted into housings and roughed into place to allow the loom to be constructed. The wires will be cut later once the lengths of the wires are known.

vw_rvc_hatch_loom_3 vw_rvc_hatch_loom_4 vw_rvc_hatch_loom_5 vw_rvc_hatch_loom_6

Wiring has been temporarily taped into place, cable has been cut to length, wire bared and twisted after heat shrink placed on cable.

vw_rvc_hatch_loom_7 vw_rvc_hatch_loom_8 vw_rvc_hatch_loom_9

Wires are soldered, heat shrink put into position and the cable is wrapped with webbing adhesive.

vw_rvc_hatch_loom_10 vw_rvc_hatch_loom_11 vw_rvc_hatch_loom_12 vw_rvc_hatch_loom_13

The finished wiring loom.

Installing the drainage

Install the drainage tube requires widening the hole in the rear of the hatch. The steps are documented on this page  – Install drainage for the Golf Mark VI Rear View Camera (RVC) installed in a Golf Mark V.

Loom between Rear Badge and RNS 510

(can be constructed prior)

Quad Connector on the end that interfaces to the camera is a 4E0 035 749 B (4E0035759B)

26 Pin connector on the end that interfaces to the RNS 510 is a 7L6 972 726 (7L6972726)

  • vw_rvc_main_loom_plug_into_rns_510_pinoutsPin 12 – Brown
  • Pin 13 – Orange
  • Pin 24 – Brown (Ground)
  • Pin 25 – Blue
  • Pin 26 – Green

Cable is a Bacar(R)588-2 / 10712189 – no specs found

The power cable is not long enough for this application and needs to be extended, for consistency and future fault finding the cable should be extended in the middle by inserting a ~1.5 metre lengh of cable of around ~1mm size capable of carrying 5 to 7.5 amps.

On the camera end there should be around 20 cms of power cable going past the end of the connector (the spade connector on the end of this power cable can be removed) and on the RNS 510 end the wrapping should stop at around 80 cms and around 50 cms of power cable should be left free to enable connection to the fuse box.

Extending the power cable

Extending the cable in easy, twist the wires as shown after placing suitably sized heat shrink tubing on the wire, solder and shrink wrap.

vw_rvc_main_loom_extend_wire_1 vw_rvc_main_loom_extend_wire_2 vw_rvc_main_loom_extend_wire_3

Wrapping the power cable and the video cable

Wrapping the two cables together is strongly recommended to protect the cables during their installation,  to make future fault finding easier and make a neater installation that looks OEM.

vw_rvc_main_loom_finished_1 vw_rvc_main_loom_finished_2 vw_rvc_main_loom_finished_3

Installing the loom between the camera and the RNS 510.

Due to the length of the cable it’s best to remove all the trim in one go so the cable can be positioned correctly, the cable runs down behind the RNS 510 and under the drivers steering wheel, down the A pillar, along the door sills, up alongside the seats and over the rear wheel arch, up a opening into the C pillar where the rear windscreen wiper fluid travels, through the conduit into the hatch and to the rear camera. Not all of this is covered in this install guide for example headunit removal and installation.

RNS 510

Remove the RNS 510 and plug the single 26 pin into the RNS 510 as shown, reinstall the RNS 510.

Volkswagen Golf Dash Panel Centre Vents – Removal and Installation

Volkswagen Golf Centre Dash Panel Trim – Removal and Installation


A Pillar

Remove the lower A Pillar trim and route the cables up and across to the rear of the RNS 510.

Door Sills

The door sills don’t need to be removed but only lifted to allow access to run the cable.

Volkswagen Golf Sill Panel Trims – Removal and Installation

C Pillar

Pull back the C pillar trim at the rear of the car enough to allow you to see the openings, there is no need to remove the airbag tag and unscrew it as was done here. Using some stiff wire or yellow tongue (stiff yet pliable plastic rod used by electricians to run cables through walls, ceilings etc) to penetrate into the cavity behind the tail light (pull the carpet out as you were replacing a bulb and this will give you enough room to route the cable. In the photo following you can see a black wrapped tube that runs into the hatch area, route the cable via the same penetration.


First remove the plug surrounding the connector on the end of the cable, after this has been removed bend carefully the power wire and tape it down back over it’s body to prevent damage when running through the conduit. In the first photo a small lug can be seen on the left side, lift this up and slide the connector out.
vw_rvc_main_loom_run_through_conduit_1 vw_rvc_main_loom_run_through_conduit_2
The conduit can easily be removed by pulling the top one out (gently) and for the bottom one pushing the bottom side up towards the roof of the car causing the clip to unhook, once this is unclipped the cable can be pushed through reasonably easily. Passing the cable through can be made easier if you use masking or electrical tape to remove the sharp edges of the connector.  Ensure that both ends are refitted tightly to prevent any leaks.
vw_rvc_main_loom_run_through_conduit_4 vw_rvc_main_loom_run_through_conduit_6 vw_rvc_main_loom_run_through_conduit_7


Volkswagen Golf Rear Lid Trims – Removal and Installation

Remove the trim around the rear window paying particular attention if you have window film, there are three clips on the side which come off by pulling from the lower edge up (down as it’s upside down) towards the top of the glass. Once the three clips have popped you can pop off a few more that run along the top of the window to give you room to work, around 2/3rds of the clips across the top of the window provide enough room to work.

Run the loom with the existing cable by taping it to the two fixing points (white clip in strips) and put the trim back in place.

vw_rvc_main_loom_run_through_conduit_5 vw_rvc_main_loom_run_through_conduit_8

Power Circuit

Follow the guide Addition of extra circuits to the Volkswagen Golf / Jetta / Passat / EOS / Scirocco / Rabbit fuse box and install a new circuit on the third row (permanent power – check before installation).

Programming Head Unit

Using Vagcom/VCDS the headunit requires programming to tell it of the existence of a RVC.

Connect to controller 37 and in long coding under Byte 3 select Bit 6.

To complete the programming reboot the RNS 510.


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  1. Without the drain hose, any water could fall directly onto the lock assembly, using the hose pointing to the right hand side of the car look from the back directs the water towards the small hole in the bottom of the hatch

    I’d also go for the Golf MKVI drain hose rather than the Passat version 5K6827861

    Thanks to everyone over at VWNAVI.COM who worked this out, a truly international effort

    1. I think the box gives the guidelines that must vary depending on steering angle. They show where the car will go. Without that box you just get guidelines that jut out the back of the car, which is not nessecarily the path the car will follow.

  2. Fantastic job Maverick,
    is this possible on a 2010 VW CC Sport (US)with factory installed RCD-510.
    Where can I actually get all the items that you listed?

  3. I have had a RVC fitted to my Jetta 09, the type that was fitted fits directly above the number plate. it has been programed but all the that they get is the “MAKE SURE ITS SAFE TO REVERSE” warning screen, but no image from the
    reversing camera. It has been left like this with the fitters unable to offer any suggestions.

    CAN YOU PLEASE OFFER ANY HELP? The camera works ok as it was previously connected to a ZENEC unit before I had a
    RNS510 fitted.

  4. Hi everyone, I want to know if it is possible to install the camera on a Skoda Octavia MK2?. I want to install a navi unit, and i would like to install the camera too.

  5. Great write up, bought all the parts from dealer other day, followed yours and this write up and did some parts differnt eg soldering reversing wire directly to original pin rather than making up a new short connector, but with out your help and all others involved would have never worked…took me about 9 hours on and off in cold rainy uk weather to finish.

  6. Hello again, can you possibly tell me if its possible to add the vw hybrid tv tuner dvb-t,if i have alrady installed the rvc as on the back of the rns 510 checking the pins where the rvc inputs there is only 1 set of rgb+sync inputs. i’m hoping you can with all oem parts and not anything supplied else where. I’m in uk not oz so getting the tuner should be no problem.

  7. Has anyone done an install of this MK6 RVC on a native MK6 Golf (not MK5).
    Just wondering if the wiring loom diagram will be 100% or not?

    1. A Mark VI guide is being developed but the details are in the current Mark V guide and there are only minor changes with the Mark VI.

  8. Question: with your newly retrofitted camera, do you actually get the yellow indicator lines? All other kits I’ve seen about the place does not feature the indicators!!!

    Just confirming before I email barlow world my wishlist!!

    1. Yes, the yellow lines are built into the camera. You don’t get movable lines unless you use a camera controller like from the passat but this requires different components and is much more complicated.

  9. Great guide !

    Bought the set with wiring loom

    Do you know if that loom is the same as mentioned here as it looks different and im confused.

    Thanks for help


  10. Does this camera 5K0827469J / 5K0827469H works with RNS 315? The video-in connection is similar to the RNS 510.
    Thank’s for any help

  11. Can any one help, will the vw badge camera operate with out software update once you select reverse gear to lift the vw emblem with the camera flap, because mine does’nt seem to work

  12. My dealer has only the ODIS and the VAG-PC and he has troubles to put the cam to work. Does anyone know how to activate the RVC using any of this programs? I have a RCD510 with the 26 pin input.

  13. Nice site buddy. I’ve been looking at this for years. I’m finally getting around to doing some mods. I’m thinking of setting up OEM parking sensors and the OEM MKVI Rear vision camera utilising the European Kenwood DNX521DAB instead of the RNS510. See here

    Is this RVC from the MKVI PAL or NTSC? I believe I require NTSC. I’m yet to determine if this mod will work with this head unit.


  14. How much does all this cost? to fit i to a MkV Golf with a VW RNS510.
    And is there a cheaper way to do it? i.e. using a cheap universal type camera etc
    Also is the coding necessary for MkV?

  15. i have a 2012 cc and just received a highline camera kit. it looks like one of the two tabs on the camera/emblem is broken off. the tabs look like they twist and secure the camera while your securing it with three bolts. Do you think the tabs are needed for something other than holding it in place while its being bolted on permanently? I’m not terribly excited about waiting for a replacement.

  16. I have a genuine VW golf reverse camera but it only has two wires going to it, a red and a black wire. The camera cable is green not the 4 pin blue as above. How would I wire the camera up with two wires as your system has three. I have a seperate control with changes the video image for my rcd510.

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