Volkswagen RNS 510 navigation warning when vehicle is in motion

Volkswagen RNS 510 / Skoda Columbus navigation units may display the following warning when attempting to enter navigation destinations via the keyboard and/or when attempting to enter navigation destinations via speech and require the “I am aware” box to be pressed to continue.

Operating the device while
the vehicle is in motion
distracts from driving and
can be dangerous.

I am aware.

This can be turned off using Vagcom/VCDS easily by opening Controller 37 – Nagivation and click on Coding – 07


Click on Long Coding Helper


Click on Byte 7 and either Bit 2 and/or Bit 3 will be currently checked


Uncheck the boxes and save the changes to remove the speed warning.


18 thoughts on “Volkswagen RNS 510 navigation warning when vehicle is in motion”

  1. I found this interface that will unlock the Nav Adress in motion

    VT-VWNAVLINK-01 – VW RNS 510 MFD3 Video In Motion TV Free CAN-Bus Interface Module

    Volkswagen Seat Skoda RNS-510 Plug And Play Videon In Motion Interface with USB input for feature updates stay curent

    Unlock Features

    Front DVD In Motion
    TV Tuner In Motion
    A/V Inputs In Motion
    Nav Adress Input In Motion

    Compatible Model
    2009-2010 Golf V
    2009-2010 Jetta
    2010 Tiguan
    2009-2010 Eos
    2009-2010 Lupo
    2009-2010 Passat
    2009-2010 Phaeton
    2010 Touareg
    2009-2010 Touran
    2010 Tiguan
    2010 CC
    2010 GLI
    2010 GTI

  2. Following any code change to the “37-Navigation” controller it will likely be necessary to reset the RNS-510. After exiting the controller, depress all three of the following buttons on the RNS-510 until the screen blanks: “” in the upper left and the “Day/Night” in the upper right.

    This will reset the RNS-510 and allow the changes you’ve made to the controller to take effect.

  3. Oops…html coding caused a problem with my description of the buttons…

    The buttons to be pressed are the right and left arrow buttons in the upper left of the RNS-510 and the day/night button in the upper right.

    You will have to hold the buttons for about 10 – 20 seconds

  4. I got RNS 510 c version SW 2680…has anyone found solution for video in motion without buying “Video In Motion CAN-Bus Interface Module”?!

    1. Yes Marko. I can program the radio without requiring any modules to be added. It can’t be done with VagCom but I have SW that can accomplish this. If you are in Tri-State area I can do it for you


  5. Ahhh.. I always wondered why it just dissapeared on me, the warning that is. After I coded the RNS510 to play dvd’s it must have disabled the warning also. NICE


    1. Frankie, how did you code the RNS510 to play DVDs in motion? Using VAG-COM only or using the approx. $1000 Motordiag cable/software?

      Thank you!

      1. I actually do it hard code with the motordiag cable or I have a activator cd that I wrote with help from a friend. You just pop in the cd and VIM is enabled 🙂


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