Volkswagen RCD 310 pin assignments


1. Aerial Connector

DAB aerial input connection, optional


SDARS aerial input connection for vehicles for USA and Canada

2. Multi-pin connector 1, 8-pin, for loudspeaker outputs

volkswagen_rcd_310_main_N91-100161 –  Rear right loudspeaker, positive
2 –  Front right loudspeaker, positive
3 –  Front left loudspeaker, positive
4 –  Rear left loudspeaker, positive
5 –  Rear right loudspeaker, negative
6 –  Front right loudspeaker, negative
7 –  Front left loudspeaker, negative
8 –  Rear left loudspeaker, negative

3. Multi-pin connector 2, 8-pin, for voltage supply lines and CAN bus

9 –  CAN bus, high
10 –  CAN bus, low
11 –  Display voltage supply, positive
12 –  Voltage supply, negative, terminal 31
13 –  Display HV CAN bus low
14 –  Display HV CAN bus high
15 –  Voltage supply, positive, terminal 30
16 –  Anti-theft coding control signal, SAFE, positive

4. Multi-pin connector 3, 12-pin, for telephone and microphone signals

1 –  Microphone input, negative
2 –  AUX output, audio, right
3 –  AUX output, common signal earth
4 –  Microphone output, negative
5 –  Telephone audio input signal left, negative
6 –  Telephone audio input signal right, negative
7 –  Microphone input, positive
8 –  AUX output, audio, left
9 –  Microphone output, positive
10 –  Telephone mute (mute switch for radio)
11 –  Telephone audio input signal left, positive
12 –  Telephone audio input signal right, positive

5. Multi-pin connector 4, 12-pin, for CD changer control and CD audio input signals

1 –  AUX signal input, left
2 –  AUX signal earth
3 –  CD changer, audio signal earth
4 –  CD changer, voltage supply, positive, terminal 30, contact continuous load greater than 1 A, temporary peak load 5 A
5 –  Not assigned
6 –  CD changer, DATA OUT
7 –  AUX signal input, right
8 –  CD changer, left audio channel, CD/L
9 –  CD changer, right audio channel, CD/R
10 –  CD changer, control line, switched positive
11 –  CD changer, DATA IN
12 –  CD changer, CLOCK (internal check protocol for data flow monitoring)

6. Aerial Connector

AM/FM aerial input connection

7. Aerial Connector

FM 2 aerial input connection

36 thoughts on “Volkswagen RCD 310 pin assignments”

  1. anyone know how you would go about hooking up an amp to this radio unit, or am i screwed and have to get a new head unit?

  2. Can a Subwoofer be fitted to this Radio.
    I have a RCD 310 in a EOS, and have bought a Sub, but don’nt know if this System can connect to one.

    If not, what System can I buy, that is compatible with all of the volkwagen features and will ALSO connect to a sub?

    Thank you in advance for any help. “,

  3. Seems that an amplifier or a subwoofer could be connected to the AUX output pins 2, 3 & 8 on the 12-pin connector number 3.
    Pin 10 (or 4 if it’s switched) on the 12-pin connector number 4 could be used as the switched control for an amplifier or a subwoofer.
    Ofcourse you would have to either purchase or build a harness to accomplish that connectivity and arrange the continous power supply for the amp and sub directly from the battery.
    I’m unsure whether some VCDS programming is needed to enable the AUX output feature.

    1. The output on 2, 3 and 8 is a pass through for the matching inputs on connector 5 IIRC and not suitable for an amp. You would need to use the speaker outputs and set the outputs to low (like is done on the RNS 510).

  4. The Vibe Liteair enclosures can run from standard speaker outs, bridged from the speakers, with no need to alter the speaker output levels. All that is needed is the switched control feed to turn it on with the RCD-310 and a power feed from the battery as Stefa explains.

    At least that’s what the guy at Autosounds explained, I’m fitting mine in a few weeks so I hope he’s right.

  5. I Have connected the aux-in cables and I cannot see the Aux-in option in the unit, after pressing “media” button. I read the manual, and there should be a option in the setup menu in order to activate the aux-in imput, but it does not shows up in mine.

    1. Press menu
      Scroll with the right arrow button
      Press AUX
      Press AUX again until it highlights YES
      Press menu.

  6. Hello,

    I have a question about Multipin connector 4, 12-pin, for CD charger control and audio input sinals:

    pin1 (AUX input Left), pin7 (AUX input right) and pin2 (ground),
    can i use this for audio input ?

    If i can, how do i activate this option ? see also Jasabel’s question ?

    Please Help

  7. Hi,

    Do you know what voltage can/needs be fed to the
    15 – Voltage supply, positive, terminal 30
    11 – Display voltage supply, positive

    I just changed my RCD310 to RNS510 but forgot one CD inside the RCD310 (a new cd I’d just bought so I need it :). Plan is to provide power from professional power supply to the pins, power the unit briefly and eject the cd.

    Or is there a way to elect cd without power?


    1. connect pin 12 your negative supply (same as if vehicle earth= negative battery), then supply +12volts onto both pins 15 and 16. This supplies power (+12volts) to both the combined continous live feed + switched supply feed at the same time. display will show “SAFE”. Do not worry abour code, as you can press EJECT and CD will be ejected for you

  8. Can someone tell me how to remove an RCD 310 on VW EOS please. Need to get the radio code and have to access the serial number.

  9. hi, somebody can pls confirm me that RCD310 unit has AUX output and Mike IN, and also double input for Phone?


    Angelo from Italy

  10. The Aerial connections are called Fakra and Dual Fakra but there are many types and even VW use a newer and older type so watch out. Cheers vern

  11. If I understood right:

    15 – Voltage supply, positive, terminal 30
    (Is this the +12 voltage supply direct from the battery?)
    16 – Anti-theft coding control signal, SAFE, positive
    (Is this the +12 voltage supply from the key? Use to switch off the radio when I remove the key from the ignition block)

  12. Hello, the pin assignment is for rcd310 made before 2012 models. I know that for newer models pin assignment for cd changers changed. How about the BT pins ?

  13. Hi there,

    I have installed a RCD 310 player with white screen on my 2007 VW Passat. The car has a CD Changer installed in the glove box, but it seems that the CD Changer pins on the RCD’s sticker are marked as “NC” (pins 3,6,8,9,10,11,12 on connector 4). The pins are physically present in the connector.

    Here are the differences on connector 4 (CD Changer pins marked as “NC”):

    Is there any way to enable the CD Changer functionality on this model of RCD 310, with white screen? (part no 1K0 035 186 AN)


    1. id also like to know as im trying to fit a usb interface to the aux 12pin plug on the back but not being successful , my unit 310 also has nc on the pins.

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