Volkswagen RCD 510 pin assignments


1. Aerial Connector

DAB aerial input connection, optional


SDARS aerial input connection for vehicles for USA and Canada

2. Multi-pin connector 1, 8-pin, for loudspeaker outputs

volkswagen_rcd_510_main_N91-100161 –  Rear right loudspeaker, positive
2 –  Front right loudspeaker, positive
3 –  Front left loudspeaker, positive
4 –  Rear left loudspeaker, positive
5 –  Rear right loudspeaker, negative
6 –  Front right loudspeaker, negative
7 –  Front left loudspeaker, negative
8 –  Rear left loudspeaker, negative

3. Multi-pin connector 2, 8-pin, for voltage supply lines and CAN bus

9 –  CAN bus, high
10 –  CAN bus, low
11 –  Display voltage supply, positive
12 –  Voltage supply, negative, terminal 31
13 –  Display HV CAN bus low
14 –  Display HV CAN bus high
15 –  Voltage supply, positive, terminal 30
16 –  Anti-theft coding control signal, SAFE, positive

4. Multi-pin connector 3, 12-pin, for telephone and microphone signals

1 –  Microphone input, negative
2 –  AUX output, audio, right
3 –  AUX output, common signal earth
4 –  Microphone output, negative
5 –  Telephone audio input signal left, negative
6 –  Telephone audio input signal right, negative
7 –  Microphone input, positive
8 –  AUX output, audio, left
9 –  Microphone output, positive
10 –  Telephone mute (mute switch for radio)
11 –  Telephone audio input signal left, positive
12 –  Telephone audio input signal right, positive

5. Multi-pin connector 4, 12-pin, for CD changer control and CD audio input signals

1 –  AUX signal input, left
2 –  AUX signal earth
3 –  CD changer, audio signal earth
4 –  CD changer, voltage supply, positive, terminal 30, contact continuous load greater than 1 A, temporary peak load 5 A
5 –  Not assigned
6 –  CD changer, DATA OUT
7 –  AUX signal input, right
8 –  CD changer, left audio channel, CD/L
9 –  CD changer, right audio channel, CD/R
10 –  CD changer, control line, switched positive
11 –  CD changer, DATA IN
12 –  CD changer, CLOCK (internal check protocol for data flow monitoring)

6. Multi-pin connector 5, audio and video, 26-pin

(this will only be fitted to models fitted to vehicles with RVC factory fitted or ordered through spare parts with the RVC input option)

volkswagen_rcd_510_av_N91-109301 –  Reserved for Debug RX protocol
2 –  Reserved for Debug TX protocol
3 –  Not assigned

4 –  Video signal input, RGBS, negative (ground)
5 –  Video signal output LF, Right (Audio use 17 for ground)
6 –   Ground Sync input
(Internal universal preparation for mobile telephone, mobile telephone detection)
7 –   Video signal output, vertical and horizontal synchronisation(Internal universal preparation for mobile telephone, cradle and button evaluation)
8 –   Video signal ouput, green
(Internal universal preparation for mobile telephone, cradle, aerial diagnosis)
9 –  Video signal input, RGBS, negative (ground)
10 –  Video signal input LF, right  (Audio use 24 for ground)
11 –  Video signal input, screening earth
12 –  Video signal input, vertical and horizontal synchronisation
13 –  Video signal input, green
14 –  Not assigned
15 –  Not assigned
16 –  Not assigned
17 – Video signal output, LF, negative (ground)
18 –  Video signal output LF, Left  (Audio use 17 for ground)
19 –  Video signal output, RGBS, negative (ground)
(Internal universal preparation for mobile telephone, cradle, negative)
20 –  Video signal output, Blue
(Internal universal preparation for mobile telephone, switched terminal 30)
21 –  Video signal output, Red
22 –  Video signal input, LF, negative
23 –  Video signal input, LF, left (Audio use 24 for ground)
24 –  Video signal input, RGBS, negative (ground)
25 –  Video signal input, blue
26 –  Video signal input, red

7. Aerial Connector

AM/FM aerial input connection

8. Aerial Connector

FM 2 aerial input connection

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  1. I’m not sure what the part number is etc. but how would I go about purchasing the MDI kit for my car?

    I see my car has only got the aux-in unlike the American models which came with the MDI kit for the iPod.

  2. Hello.
    Anybody knows if there is an adapter og plug available to connect the rvc to a zenec nc2010 radio ??
    Or just a spare flug to make connections self ???

    best regards Lars

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  4. Is it possible to get RCA line out by connecting harness to multipin connector 3 pin 2,3,8
    and at the same time have VW sound amp

    I want to connect a active subwoofer


  5. Patrick, Pins 2,3 and 8 are for the telephone only. If you connected a subwoofer to these, you would only amplify a telephone conversation.

    1. Thanks Tim

      Please tell me how do the connecting with a sub amp to rca510 with original amplifier

  6. Hi all, I bought RCD510 instead of RCD210 but the aerial connectors aren’t the same. Please, do you know if there’s a adapter between them or I have to adapt in manual way?

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