Upgrading 2nd generation radios (RCD 300, RCD 500) to 3rd generation (RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310, RCD 510) power drain issue

VAG 1K0907530S CAN bus gateway
VAG 1K0907530S CAN bus gateway

Early build Volkswagen cars can experience a power drain issue after upgrading their 2nd generation headunit from a RCD 300 or RCD 500 to a 3rd generation headunit like the RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310 and RCD 510.

The problem is the CAN bus Gateway is too old and an updated version 1k0907530 (1k0 907 530) of L revision or higher is required – CAN bus gateway removing, installing and upgrading – Volkswagen Golf.

in vehicles belonging to the model series PQ35/PQ46 from
model year 2008 as well as the Tiguan,

Vehicles belonging to the model series PQ35/PQ46 from model year 2008 (MY08) as well as the Tiguan have gateways that are updated. Earlier models may require the updated CAN bus gateway to be installed. See Volkswagen Model Year Information for more details on the week of manufacture however generally Volkswagen change over Model Years around Week 22.

This problem does not* affect retrofits of the RNS 510 which is a 3rd generation head unit as this unit was in the production in 2007 whereas the RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310 and RCD 510 are recent additions.

Check the ‘Skoda Parts’ link (right hand menu) for a reasonably priced gateway. Revisions that will work after the 1K0 907 530 S (1K0907530S) revision include 1K0 907 530 AA (1K0907530AA), 1K0 907 530 AB (1K0907530AB) and 1K0 907 530 AC (1K0907530AC).

* This problem does now affect the RNS 510 if the firmware is upgraded to 2660 or higher. The RNS 510 will exhibit the same problems as the RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310 and RCD 510 and requires the CAN bus gateway to be upgraded.

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  1. I got a VW Touran from April 2008 and want to replace the RCD 300 with a RCD 310, do I need an other CAN gateway? Are there other parts I need, before giving my VW dealer the instruction to replace the RCD 300?

  2. hi i have an06 vw eos i am wanting to fit a new MT6501 head unit and i was reading that the can bus gateway needs upgrading to do so can u please help me with a part number and where i can purchase this thanks in advance

  3. Hi,I have a little different problem. I installed rns510 and a new can gateway, but now bluetooth gateway 3c0 035 730 keeps draining my battery. Any ideas to fix the problem?

  4. Hi.
    I Have an Octavia II of 2005.
    I want to replace a radio stream by a new swing.
    My gateway is 1k0907530E (too old).
    What number would be good? 1k0907530S is it ok?
    Thank you.

  5. Hi,

    I currently own a 04′ Golf Mk5 GT TDi and looking into changing my current RCD-300 to a RNS-510 and have heard all the different views on power draining issues…whether its worth trying it first before changing the gateway…if changing the gateway, where will it be…

  6. hi i have a 2008 jetta tdi I’m from uk do i have to replace the gateway if upgrading my head unit form a rcd300 to rcd510 ?

  7. Hi all,

    Any issue to upgrade a touareg facelifted ( 2007) to version 2660?

    Mine was in version 1002, i upgraded it to 1100, but now i’m running out off battery!
    I did upgrade to 2660, so will the problem disappear??


  8. hi all, ive gathered that a new can bus is the fix to this problem, but was wondering if there is any adaptors on the market to fix this issue like a anti battery drain or something also can you upgrade the firmware on the rns 510 c version to bypass this problem and what is the latest firmware that can be installed on it, is it possiblle to update the can bus via vagacom to the 0178 software for the module or does it have to be changed physically end of story ?

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      1. Sorry, only saw your message today but I dont know where to get the disc from I got it done from the guy I bought my RNS510 H from he just put in a disc and it took a few seconds and it was done he is in manchester but I dont think he sells the discs. He does sell RNS510 version H his ebay memeber id is jbettle

        1. Please I have got the problem of battery draining when I swapped my cd player, can I get the post code of the guy you know in Manchester as am also in Manchester I want to go and see him, thanks. Regards William.

  10. Hi

    I have few questions. My car is 2005 VW Passat 3C. I think i have old CAN bus gateway, and my radio is RC D300. I have now bought an RCD 510 radio and i was wondering two options. Does same firmware versions work ro RCD 510 and RNS 510? Beaucose i haven’t found any firmwares directly to RCD510. And what would be the right firmware version for my radio so i don’t have to change my CAN bus gateway and still have no battery drain issues? If i end up changing my CAN bus gateway, what are the codes for suitable gateways that i have to search?

  11. Hi, if someone need the maps Europe V10, here can download
    Hola, si alguien necesita los mapas de Europa V10, se los puede bajar de aqui.


  12. There is now a plug & play CANBUS adaptor solution for the RCD 510 fitment to the pre-2008 VW cars. Contact SATNAV Systems Ltd:
    For Audi enquiries call 020 3141 4116
    For Volkswagen enquiries call 020 3141 4115

    e-mail please use [email protected]

    Main Switchboard: 020 3141 4114

  13. hi I have a 06 plate golf and want to upgrade my radio from a rcd300 too a rcd310 I was wondering do I need a new canbus gateway and a new aerial aswell or even an aux port too to get most out of the new radio plus where could I get all the parts I need too thanks

  14. Hello from Mexico, i’m a proud owner of a 2006 Passat, i recently change the original radio for a RCD 510, i have the power drain issue, i want to buy here a newer can Bus Gateway to solve the problem, but in the VW store they don’t know which part is the correct for my car, can some one help me please???, my car ID is: WVWEU73C26P153908, thanks in advance….!!!

  15. I’ve swapped my rcd300 for an rns315. I have a 05 golf tdi. It isn’t picking up the ignition switch, on vcds it isn’t responding, could this be the can that isn’t comparable/ too old?

  16. Anyone know if it’s possible to update the new polo infotainment systems firmware? I can’t seem to find any info about the unit other than the following –

    HW 820
    Inst MU version 6230
    Sw version MEN2_EU_VW_P4350L
    Part no 6C0035869A

    Manual has 3G0012720CB marking

    Composition touch colour Gen2

  17. Hi, can anyone help, im looking to upgrade my rcd500 radio with a 3rd generation 210/310/510 usb bluetooth etc. Now my vw golf estate reg date is 09/2008 which i think is borderline with all this bus can gateway uprade lark. Can anyone tell me if i need to update the can bus gateway or is it just a simple swap job.. i ask of this as my head is spinning with all this jargon of battery draining issues..any help would be appreciated ?

  18. Hi. I have a T5 Caravelle 2004 which has the double din space. What Radio can I have that won’t need canbus alterations? I’ve had a Kenwood in but that has given up the ghost.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  19. Hy there, i have an golf 5 1k from 08.2005 and i want to replace my rcd300mp3 with an rns510. is it possible? I have read this forum a lot, what things should i know before doing this, do I need an other CAN gateway or not?

  20. Hi can enybody help me Iv got a 08 plate Jetta with a normal radio but want to up grade to a gps one but it looks like it’s came with a cambus and don’t no were it goes does this have to be fitted or is it optional and were is it fitted as there no wire for it on the loom that came with radio thanks

  21. I just installed an aftermarket unit on my Jetta 2007 MK5. Its got bluetooth, GPS, DVD, iPod, USB, MIcroSD and A/V Inputs. It’s a very fine unit and sounds great. At first I got the infamous battery drain issue and was told that a canbus gateway upgrade was the way to fix the problem. After looking at the wiring schematics for the unit however I noticed that the harness have two 12V power leads, one for always on feed (yellow cable) and one for switched feed (red cable). So I ran an additional cable and installed a fuse tap on an available switched slot on my fuse box. I then cut the red cable on the harness (the one that came with my unit, NOT the factory one). That lead is marked ACC+ in my case, but test before cutting though. Finally after connecting the red wire to the new line, the problem was fixed. No need to change my canbus gateway. Everything works fine, no messages on my screen, wheel controls work fine and no battery drain issue.

    1. disregard. Missed it being an aftermarket unit. Though I had this same issue with a porsche. So im thinking of applying this fix to the RNS 510 and seeing if it does the trick.

  22. I have had this issue when I bought an RCD310 for my 07 plate Passat. But are you saying the RNS510 would work and NOT drain the battery. I really need to upgrade as my rcd300 doesn’t play mp3s

  23. wonder if someone could clarify something for me, does this battery drain issue only occur when upgrading to a 3rd generation VW headunit ? or can it happen with any new replacement headunit ? I currently have a 2005 Golf Plus that I want to install a new Sony head unit in and don’t know if this will cause the battery drain issue everyone keeps mentioning ? thanks

  24. I’ve a December 2008 Golf 2.0 TDi and have removed the RCD300 and fitted an aftermarket PURE DAB radio. My CAN BUS is IKO 907 530L and yet I still have battery drain after one day? What am I doing wrong? I thought my Can Bus was ‘new’ enough to be Ok? Thanks

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