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Upgrading 2nd generation radios (RCD 300, RCD 500) to 3rd generation (RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310, RNS 510, RCD 510) antenna adapter

3rd generation connection

3rd generation connection

Upgrading from a 2nd generation radio (RCD 300, RCD 500) to a 3rd generation (RCD 210, RCD 310, RNS 310, RNS 510, RCD 510) requires an antenna/aerial adapter to be fitted. The 2nd generation radios had two seperate connectors for the antenna/aerial connections whereas the 3rd generation still have the two antenna/aerial but in the one connector. As many of the 2nd generation had swivel antenna/aerial connectors replacing the fakra housing is not possible and an adapter is required.

Most recent Volkswagens including the Golf 5, Golf 6, Passat, EOS, Jetta, Polo, Touareg and so on have a diversity antenna system and twin tuners hence the two antenna/aerial connections, leaving one disconnected will affect the performance of the radio system and throw errors in the radio/navigation system.

The 2nd generation antenna/aerial connectors look like this (MY07.5 and later), earlier aerial connectors (MY07.5 and earlier) had a straight through lead from the rear and can use the cheaper solution.


Solution 1 – Suits all (both straight and right angle swivel)

Volkswagen have an adapter available that resolves this problem.


Partnumber is 7L6 051 551 (7L6051551) and this is available for around AUD$50, GBP£25 and USD$30 from any Volkswagen spare parts department.

Solution 2 – Suits straight only

If you have the non swivel antenna/aerial connectors you can purchase just the fakra connector that attaches to the back of the headunit and replace the existing two connectors with the new one (only one connector inserted in photo).

The part number is 4E0 035 608 K (4E0035608K) and it is available for around AUD$10, GBP£5 and USD$7 from any Volkswagen spare parts department.


Option 1 – Build an adapter from parts (suits both straight and right angle swivel)

You require the following parts

  • 4E0035608K (4E0 035 608K) x 1 – Connector for the rear of the headunit
  • 000 098 707 (000 098 707) x 2 – Cable to connect to the antenna/aerial connection from car

Option 2 – Purchase an alternative adapter (suits both straight and right angle swivel)

Kufatec sell a similar adapter for EUR€24.99 but shipping is expensive.


Option 3 – Remove the plastic housing (suits both straight and right angle swivel)

Remove the plastic surround around the antenna/aerial connectors using side cutters and push the connectors into the sockets on the headunit, there are a few problems with this method however and these include the connectors can fall out as there is nothing to hold them back other than the connector friction and the connector becomes loose over time. (right angle swivel shown)


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  • hello there, simply needed to say thank you for this article, it let me pick out something I did not given much deliberation to it until now.

  • James R

    Also wanted to say thank you.

  • james

    why do you need to remove the plastic surround? i thought this part 7l6 051 551 fitted. thought the adapter should fit the second generation cables? confused now. need to get an adater asap as ive taken the rcd300 out. thanks jamie.

  • A. Hamed

    Hi,I need to upgrad my RCD 500 to RNS 510 is this so easy !!! I will do my best to get the antenna adater . is there any problems after that ??? Thanks

  • Sergio

    Thanks for the information. It was a big help!

  • mark

    thanks! awesome help

  • Juan Sheet

    Many thanks for this tip, I didn’t know this was required until I went to fit RNS 510. Called VW and they got it in for next day.

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  • viliivanov

    Thanks a lot for this post. Really helpful !!!!!!

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  • Xyberian

    been using this site alot and found it very very helpful!

    though i would let people know that i upgraded my ’08 Golf GT-Sport from the RCD300 to RCD510.

    now i have not yet purchased the antenna adaptor as yet (on order), i thought i would install the unit anyway to make sure it works, etc.

    upon fiddling around with the antenna plugs i found that you can just turn the ‘white’ one around and plug it into one of the two holes at the back of the RCD510. Don’t have a photo but there are only two antenna holes, and it only fits in one of them.

    either way, the radio works great! i’m thinking maybe the other green antenna plug is for digital radio? not sure.

    anyway, it works and will save you from cutting your original antenna plugs as option 3 above tells you to do. once i get the adaptor part i’ll replace it but the radio works fine now.

    so less fussy people could do without it!

  • Mick

    Thanks for all this useful info.

    However, I have a question, wanting to upgrade the RCD210 in my Touran to a RCD310 but the seller of the unit states that he can fit it but this requires an antenna adaptor! I would have though this is not the case as they are both the same generation but can someone confirm.


    • Andy

      Have you had any joy with this? I am in the same boat upgraded to the RCD310 but the radio does not get a signal and can fine the correct adaptor?

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  • Kevin

    My 2007 VW EOS stock radio only has one antenna wire. Can I just plug this into one or the other input on the RNS-510 or do I need a adapter cable to be able to connect to both inputs with the single antenna wire?

  • Walter

    Hello everyone from Spain. I need your help…

    I lost the plastic caps from the fakra connectors of my golf 2008, exactly the two connector that shows in the first image (brown and white right angle, antenna second generation)

    I cant find the references in my ETKA program, and my dealer doesnt know locate the references to order them. The problem is that if I dont find his references I cant connect the adapter 7L6051551.

    Can someone help me? Thanks in advance!

  • Thank you!

    The part numbers helped a lot!

  • andre

    Heb een huawei G510. Kanniet handsfree bellen met de losse nokiacentrale in de auto. Is er een update voor deze centrale. 5NO035730A type HT-2

  • Tim

    I have a 2009 VW CC with VIN WVWML73C69E565859 and the radio is the Premium 7 Audio, from what I understand it’s also called RCD-500. I purchased a RCD-510 AE serial VWZ4Z7M3303537I from a 2012 Passat. I’ve noticed that my RCD-500 has one FM cable and one AM cable that need to plug in to the RCD-510, but the 510 has two issues; the RCD-510 is missing the plastic lock connectors on the rear for the AM and FM antenna inputs and my RCD-500 does not have the same connection. It also seems I have to remove the plastic casing from the AM/FM cables, or pay $37 for the 7L6051551 adapter, but I can’t tell if that will plug into the AM/FM input without the locking connector.

    These are pictures of my FM/AM Antenna Cables and the RCD-510 input missing locking connector:

    Here are two adapters and I’m not sure which is meant for me, and if either will work with the missing lock adapter on the back of the radio:
    7L6051551 from ECS Tuning.
    4E0035608K FAKRA from Ebay.

    I am in hopes that someone works at a VW dealership as LKQCorp who sold me the radio, did not have the Radio Code; the dealership said it was going to be $90 because they won’t get the codes without programming it and I find that absurd. Sorry for linking to my pictures as they were too big to add to page. Working from iPhone, not much luck.

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  • bruce simons

    Wanting to do the opposite installing a rcd 500 and taking out a rcd310 I want the 6cd option but having problems with the two wide pin connector on rcd 500 g2 plug ang the g3 plug that comes with the newer car any suggestions to connect the two together?? thanks

  • nikko

    I have ordered an adapter. To use radio before to have the adapter, I have removed the plastic housing.
    But now I don’t know witch was the brown and witch was the white?
    It is working in both positions. Is there any problem if they are inverted?
    Very thanks

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