Interesting features on the MKV Golf

  • Climate control system switches into recirculated air mode when reverse is selected and when you activate the wipers to prevent exchaust gas and the smell of the windscreen cleaner from being distributed in the cabin.
  • Headlights turn on when you exceed 140km/h.
  • Headlights will stay on until the car comes to a complete stop even if the engine is turned off.
  • Rear wiper activates automatically when you put the car in reverse and it’s raining.
  • Front wipers change position every time you switch off the car to avoid having the blades leaning in the one direction all the time and extending their life. There are 4 positions that they park in.
  • At speed the front wipers tuck in to increase aerodynamic efficiency.
  • Permanent vertical illumination of the controls via the interior LED lights was the resut of a study with the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany which found found that certain light sources in the interior can increase active safety when driving at night. The eyes can adjust more quickly to changes when switching from the road to the interior. This is especially important with dark headlining like the GTI.

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  1. How can I code these features on MKV Golf? I am interested in a climate control recirculated mode, and the front wipers position changing…

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