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Volkswagen RNS 510 navigation warning when vehicle is in motion

Volkswagen RNS 510 / Skoda Columbus navigation units may display the following warning when attempting to enter navigation destinations via the keyboard and/or when attempting to enter navigation destinations via speech and require the “I am aware” box to be pressed to continue.

Operating the device while the vehicle is in motion distracts from driving […]

Volkswagen RNS 510 Firmware Upgrade to version 2660 / 2662 / 2664 / 2666 / 2668

Version 2660 / 2662/ 2664/ 2666 / 2668 Firmware for the Volkswagen RNS 510 and the Skoda Columbus has been released and gives new features such as

Voice Control (requires microphone – see Volkswagen RNS 510 Microphone Connection for voice control) Speed Limit Display Stability Improvements Faster Startup Display OPS and RVC at the same […]