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Volkswagen Golf Brake Specifications

GTI, GT Brakes (GTI/Fahrenheight/Pirelli/Edition 30 brakes are powdercoated, GT are unpainted)

312 mm ventilated front discs 286 mm solid rear discs

R32 Brakes

345 mm ventilated front discs 310 mm solid rear discs

Golf all other standard petrol and diesel not listed above.

280 mm ventilated front discs 255 mm solid rear discs […]

Volkswagen Golf Emergency Brake Warning Flash

When braking in an emergency the hazard lights flash to warn traffic following behind.

This feature can be turned on and off in Vagcom/VCDS using Byte 17 Bit 0.

For the lights to flash the following parameters must be met

Deaceleration has to be higher then 7m/s² and for a duration longer then 700ms or […]