Performing repairs on CAN bus wiring

canbus_repair_n97-0261An unshielded two-wire line (1) and (2) with a cross section of 0.35 mm² or 0.5 mm² is used for CAN bus wiring.

The colour codes of the CAN bus wiring are:

  • Powertrain CAN high wire Orange/black
  • Convenience CAN high wire Orange/green
  • Infotainment CAN high Orange/violet
  • CAN low wire, (all) Orange/brown

Repairs to CAN bus wiring can be carried out either with sections of repair wiring with the correct cross section or with entwined wires “green/yellow” or “white/yellow” available from VW spare parts.

When repairs are performed, both bus wires must have the same length. When the wires (1) and (2) are twisted, the length of each complete twist must be 20 mm (A).

There must not be any section of untwisted wiring longer than (B) = 50 mm, for example in the vicinity of welded joints as shown.

Mark the area of repair with yellow insulation tape to make it easy to identify.

000 979 987 (000979987)  – CAN cable (10M)

Fabric Adhesive Tape for wiring looms and harnesses

Volkswagen Cloth Webbing Adhesive Tape
Volkswagen Cloth Webbing Adhesive Tape

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