Volkswagen Oils (504.00 and 507.00)

Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30
Mobil 1 ESP 5W-30

This page has been replaced by – Volkswagen Oil Standards – lists of all approved oils – Skoda – Audi – Seat

Volkswagen introduced it’s own specifications for engine oil in the mid 1990’s and these cover Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi and Seat made cars.

There are two new VW standards for oils, 504.00 for petrol powered engines and 507.00 for diesel powered engines. Introduced in late 2005, whilst these are seperate standards every oil made to date has meet the requirements of both standards. Hence why VW refer to the standards as 504.00/507.00.

All VW petrol and diesel engines with the exception of the Touareg R5 and V10 diesels with pump nozzles can use these new oils.

List of the most common VW standards

  • VW 500.00 – VW spec for multigrade engine oils for petrol engines with SAE 5W-X/10W-X viscosity for engines built up until August 1999 (MY 2000).
  • VW 500.00 + 505.00 – Oil meets both VW 500.00 and 505.00 spec.
  • VW 501.01 – VW spec for petrol engines for engines built up until August 1999 (MY 2000).
  • VW 501.14 – Brake fluid with low viscosity, VW 2006>.
  • VW 502.00 – VW spec, oil for petrol engines. Successor of VW 501.01 & 500.00 spec.
  • VW 503.00 – Long-life petrol engine oil for VW cars with WIV. Meets ACEA A1, SAE 0W-30 or 5W-30. Suitable for the AUDI S4, engines with an output greater than 180bhp should use 503.01 or 504.00/507.00.
  • VW 503.01 – Special engine oil for some VW petrol engines. SAE 5W-30. Suitable for the Ausi RS4, TT, S3 and A8 6.0 V12.
  • VW 504.00 – Long-life petrol engines with WIV.
  • VW 505.00 – Passanger car diesel engine oil, minimum performance level CCMC PD-2. Lists viscosities:- SAE 5W-50, 10W-50/60, 15W-40/50, 20W-40/50 requiring 13% max evaporation loss and SAE 5W-30/40, 10W-30/40 requiring 15% max evaporation loss.
  • VW 505.01 – Special engine oil for VW turbodiesel with pump-injector-unit and for the V8 commonrail turbodiesel engines. Meets ACEA B4 SAE 5W-40 spec.
  • VW 506.00 – Special long-life engine oil for turbodiesel engines with WIV, viscosity is SAE 0W-30.
  • VW 506.01 – Special long-life oil for turbodiesel engines with pump-injector-unit with WIV.
  • VW 507.00 – Long-life diesel engine oil with WIV.
  • VW 508.00 – Fuel economy low saps oil in development.

WIV is extended drain periods up to 30,000km or 24 months.

Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 that meets 504.00/507.00

Current list of oils that meet VW 502.00, VW505.01 and VW 504.00/507.00 Volkswagen TSB 17-08-01

Current list of 502.00 and 505.00 oils at September 2008 VW 502.00 and 505.00 oils at 24 09 2008

Current list of 504.00/507.00 oils at September 2008 VW 504.00/507.00 oils at 24 09 2008

VW OIL Requirements (1998-2006)

12 thoughts on “Volkswagen Oils (504.00 and 507.00)”

  1. Where i can find updated list of engine oils approved by VW.
    Does VW have spacial wabsite where this list published?

  2. does anyone know where i can buy mobil 1 esp formula 5W-30 in melbourne? i couldn’t find it at autobarn, supercheap or repco.


    1. You need to contact the local mobil distributor (call mobil for this info). They sell it in 20l drums for around AUD$220. It’s not available in smaller containers.

  3. Have just bought a new Golf GTI—-find it hard to believe engine oil will go to 15000 k whether “long life” or not; any suggestions?

    1. Paul, you should check out Amsol. On the back label, it states to change the oil every 15,000 miles for gas, 25,000 for diesel. I talked to a Toyota tech who had sent a sample of Amsol to a lab after 15,000 for a viscosity check. The Lab said it new oil.

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