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Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Programming

There are a number of steps to programming your bluetooth after installation, you will need access to VAGCOM/VCDS to perform these steps although your local dealer may be able to do these by using his VAS5052 dealer tool but it will be more difficult then using VAGCOM/VCDS.

Step 1 – Program the CAN Gateway to allow the controller to use the gateway.

CAN Gateway – Controller 19

This controller uses Long Coding, recoding should be carried out using the Long Coding Helper built into VAG-COM. Select Byte 3 and put a tick in Bit 7 to enable Controller 77 Telephone. Write the Long Code back to the car.

Step 2 – Setup the telephone controller to function as per the settings chosen.

Telephone – Controller 77

The controller soft coding should be set to 0000422

0?xxxx: Motor Vechicle Type

1 – D3/C6 High System
2 – C6 Standard System

0x?xxx: Steering Wheel Type

0 – Non multifunction steering wheel
1 – Standard steering wheel
2 – Modular steering wheel

0xx?xx: Installed Components

1 – None
2 – Multi Function Steering Wheel
3 – Head Unit
4 – Multi Function Steering Wheel and Head Unit
5 – K-line
6 – Multi Function Steering Wheel and K-line
7 – Head Unit and K-line
8 – Multi Function Steering Wheel, Head Unit and K-line

0xxx?x: Language Spoken by Unit

0 – Language operation out
1 – German
2 – English (UK)
3 – French
4 – Italian
5 – Spanish
6 – Not Used
7 – English (US)
8 – Language operation of external equipment (RNS 510 etc)
9 – Speaker dependent language choice

0xxxx?: Language for MFD (Multi Function Display)

0 – No announcement in the MFD
1 – German
2 – English (UK)
3 – French
4 – Italian
5 – Spanish
6 – Not used
7 – English (US)

Now move onto channel adaption, the following channels should be adapted with the default values listed, information on these values is available further down the page.

channel 128 (base volume) – 0
channel 129 (disconnection delay)- 6
channel 130 (offset delay) – 2
channel 131 (mircrophone sensitivity) – 130
channel 132 (unknown) – 0
channel 133 (bluetooth on/off) – 1
channel 134 (speech on/off) – 0
channel 135 (bluetooth passkey)- 1234
channel 136 (offset delay) – 9
channel 137 (unknown) – 1
channel 139 (unknown) – 0

Channel 128 – Base volume (Base volume of the output)

000 – 0dB (no increase/decrease)
001 – +1dB increase
002 – +2dB increase
003 – +3dB increase
004 – +4dB increase
005 – +5dB increase
006 – +6dB increase
128 – -1dB decrease
129 – -2dB decrease
130 – -3dB decrease
131 – -4dB decrease
132 – -5dB decrease
133 – -6dB decrease

Channel 129 – Disconnection Delay (Disconnection delay after turning ignition off)

000 – 30 seconds
001 – 5 minutes
002 – 10 minutes
240 – 20 hours

Channel 130 – Offset Delay (Offset compenstion delay to avoid echoes)

0 – 0ms
1 – 1ms
2 – 2ms
11 – 11ms
12 – 12ms

Channel 131 – Microphone Sensitivity (Lower/Raise the Microphones Sensitivity)

000 – 0dB (no increase/decrease)
001 – +1dB increase
002 – +2dB increase
003 – +3dB increase
004 – +4dB increase
005 – +5dB increase
006 – +6dB increase
128 – -1dB decrease
129 – -2dB decrease
130 – -3dB decrease
131 – -4dB decrease
132 – -5dB decrease
133 – -6dB decrease

Channel 132 – unknown

0 – default

Channel 133 – Bluetooth (Bluetooth activate/deactivate)

0 – Disable
1 – Enable

Channel 134 – Speech Function (Speech control On-Off)

0 – On with fixed mobile phone and bluetooth
1 – Off with fixed mobile phone and not bluetooth

Channel 135 – Bluetooth Passkey (4 Digital Passkey to allow access to the bluetooth)

1234 – Default passkey

Channel 136 – Offset Delay (Offset compensation delay between transmit and receive)

001 – 0.1 seconds
002 – 0.2 seconds
003 – 0.3 seconds
004 – 0.4 seconds
024 – 2.4 seconds
025 – 2.5 seconds

Channel 137 – unknown

1 – default

Channel 139 – unknown

0 – default

Step 3 – Multi Function Steering Wheel – Voice activation (optional)

If you car is fitted with the Multi Function Steering Wheel you can modify the mute button (* on the VW models) to activate the voice dialing feature. The phone button under this button is not usable at this time as this is designed to operate with the fixed car kit unit.

Controller 16 – Steering

Select Coding 07 and you should see a 7 digit softcode which will be in the format 00xxxxx

The 4th digit from the right corresponds to the steering wheel variant. If you have a 4 spoke Multi Function Steering Wheel without the Cruise Control buttons it should be a 2. Change this to a 3 and that should convert your Mute button to activate the Voice Dialling.

Software version 0101 or lower

0?xxxxxVehicle Type

  • 0 = Normal
  • 1 = Special Purpose (e.g Taxi)



  • 0 = Manual Transmission
  • 1 = Automatic Transmission

0xx?xxxSteering Wheel

  • 0 = Steering Wheel without Multifunction
  • 1 = 3-Spoke Steering Wheel without Multifunction
  • 2 = 3/4-Spoke Steering Wheel with Multifunction without Cruise & Voice Control
  • 3 = 3/4-Spoke Steering Wheel with Multifunction with Cruise & Voice Control

0xxx?xxAdditional Equipment

  • +1 = Tiptronic (Shift Paddels)

0xxxx?xBoard Computer / Cruise Control System (CCS)

  • 0 = w/o Board Computer and w/o Cruise Control System (CCS)
  • 1 = with Board Computer and w/o Cruise Control System (CCS)
  • 2 = w/o Board Computer and with Cruise Control System (CCS)
  • 4 = with Board Computer and with Cruise Control System (CCS)

0xxxxx?Rear Wiper

  • 1 = Rear Wiper not installed
  • 2 = Rear Wiper installed

Software version 0110 or higher


  • 0 = Driver-Assistance-Systems not installed
  • 0 = Message for Driver-Assistance-Systems active w/o Button
  • 1 = Message for Driver-Assistance-Systems inactive w/o Button
  • 2 = Message for Driver-Assistance-Systems active with Button
  • 3 = Message for Driver-Assistance-Systems inactive with Button

0x?xxxxVehicle Type

  • 0 = Normal
  • 1 = Special Purpose with Multi-Function Control Module (Steer. Column. Contr. Mod. as Master)
  • 2 = Special Purpose with Multi-Function Control Module (Multi-Function Contr. Mod. as Master)


  • 0 = Manual Transmission
  • 1 = Automatic Transmission

0xxx?xxMulti-Function Steering Wheel

  • 0 = Multi-Function Steering Wheel not installed
  • 5 = Multi-Function Steering Wheel w/o Tiptronic and w/o Push-To-Talk (PTT) installed
  • 6 = Multi-Function Steering Wheel with Tiptronic and no Push-To-Talk (PTT) installed
  • 7 = Multi-Function Steering Wheel w/o Tiptronic and with Push-To-Talk (PTT) installed
  • 8 = Multi-Function Steering Wheel with Tiptronic and with Push-To-Talk (PTT) installed

0xxxx?xCruise Control System (CCS) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

  • 0 = Cruise Control System (CCS) not installed
  • 1 = Cruise Control System (CCS) with 6 Positions via separate Stalk installed
  • 2 = Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with 6 Positions via separate Stalk installed
  • 3 = Cruise Control System (CCS) with 4 Positions via Blinker Stallk installed
  • 4 = Cruise Control System (CCS) via Multi-Function Steering Wheel installed
  • 5 = Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) via Multi-Function Steering Wheel installed

0xxxxx?Rear Wiper and Board Computer

  • 1 = Rear Wiper not installed / Board Computer via Wiper Stalk not installed
  • 2 = Rear Wiper installed / Board Computer via Wiper Stalk not installed
  • 3 = Rear Wiper not installed / Board Computer via Wiper Stalk verbaut
  • 4 = Rear Wiper installed / Board Computer via Wiper Stalk installed

42 comments to Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Programming

  • JEremy

    Mate as always great info I just blindly coded according to stu but this is awesome.

  • Ron


    i have a problem; i have a new Golf VI GTi,i bought an original VW BT carkit (NOT the Premium) and installed it.
    Everything works perfect with the RNS510, the only thing that don’t work is phone book browsing in FIS/MFA/MFD (do not know how you call the boardcomputer between the clock’s)

    So everything is top, but i miss the option phonebook in my display…..

    Can you help me, i do not know were to look…..

    Greetings Ron

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  • Tony

    Great write up on programming, just wonder are you able to do a write up programming using VAS5052 dealer tool as well?

    • Maverick

      Thanks, I haven’t got access to a dealer tool atm so can’t do that sorry.

      • Edward

        Hi Maverick, i bought a Premium BT for my 2010 VW EOS (part # 3C8035730A )it came blank and needs coding, but the coding is a long one and didnt accept the 0000422. in general in binary coding helper window (in VCDS)there are 12 pairs of bits (24 digits), could you help me with this one,any one knows how to code the unit.

  • Dirk

    The controller soft coding should be set to 0000422, for a RNS 510 firm. 2660 with voice control, set to 0010402!

  • Andy

    Maverick: do you now it is a coding to get the phone button not to mute, but get into the phone menu?? I can speak and use the telephone to call, but not use the touch screen to dial with. I hope you can answear me sooon. Cheers, Andy

  • Spydaboy

    Hi you guys,
    just swapped the rsap module on my 2010 sciroco with part number 1Z0035729E a skids bluetooth unit. It was an easy hardware swap. The unit came pre programmed for Multi functinal steering wheel and White dot.
    However, I had to take the car back to the dealers who typed in the code 0000422. This allowed me to pair my iPhone with the mfd display between the clocks BUT I cannot get the phone function or any recognition of the phone on the RNS510!!!
    Does anyone know how to resolve this for me

  • Spydaboy

    By skids I meant Skoda. Sorry

  • Brian

    Can anyone tell me if you can use this, or any coding to get a phone menu on a US spec RCD-510?

  • kriss555

    can somebody tell me good coding for 5NO 035 730 B ,vw passat 2009,multifunction steering well(8 butons),white dots, and RNS 510 2660. Now when I programed steriing well when I press * ,activate voice command but only from the telephone and microphone not work with bluetooth, working with voice command from rns(microphone is ok).
    this page dont work…
    please help

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  • Edward

    Hi Guys, i bought a Premium BT for my 2010 VW EOS (part # 3C8035730A )it came blank and needs coding, but the coding is a long one and didnt accept the 0000422. in general in binary coding helper window (in VCDS)there are 12 pairs of bits (24 digits), could you help me with this one,any one knows how to code the unit.

  • ravjeet

    I have installed 7P6035730D bluetooth module in my skoda superb 2.0tdi with bolero system.
    The work shop enabled the 77 telephone and my phone has started (VAG 912).
    But when they scan for fault code we get malfunction in 77 telephone.
    It even gives an error .ROD file not available.
    The other problem is they typed a wrong WSC code as 00004 and now they
    cannot make it 00000 as write enable option has gone after entering
    the WSC code once.

    How can I get rid of the fault code and make the wsc back to 00000.

    Address 56: Radio
    Protocol: CAN
    Part No: 3T0 035 156 C
    Component: BOLERO 013 0029
    Coding: 0D0004000004
    Shop #: WSC 33361

    Address 77: Telephone
    Protocol: CAN
    Part No: 7P6 035 730 D
    Component: TELEFON H05 0440
    Coding: 0A00000000010100
    Shop #: WSC 00004

  • Mr. Timewise


    The WSC is irrelevant. Do not worry about that at all.

    The “.ROD file not available” fault code probably exists, as it did in my “9W7”, because the scan tool doesn’t yet know what a 7P6035730D module is for. Don’t worry about it.

  • Mr. Timewise


    One more thing…the code in your BT matches mine:

    Address 77: Telephone (J412) Labels: None
    Part No SW: 7P6 035 730 C HW: 7P6 035 730 C
    Component: TELEFON H05 0440
    Revision: 1B001001 Serial number: 00007667973792
    Coding: 0A00000000010100
    Shop #: WSC 02172 444 59389
    ASAM Dataset: UHVNA A01007
    ROD: UHVNA_VW36.rod
    VCID: 32601048D447

    No fault code found.

  • Sorry if this needs to go past you Maverick, please delete or amend has you see fit,

    This is the coding for the new 3C8 035 730A unit,

    Byte 0 Language:
    01 German
    02 English
    03 French
    04 Italians
    05 Spanish
    06 Portuguese
    08 Czech
    07-09-FF not allowed

    Byte 1. Voice Command:
    00 activated
    01 disabled

    Byte 2.Type Microphone:
    Parameter 00 1 / microphone VW
    01 parameters 2 / microphone VW
    10 parameters 1 / microphone Audi
    02-03, 11-13 parameter set 3-4 / VW and Audi

    Byte 3. Diagnosis antenna:
    00 active
    01 inactive

    Byte 4. Diagnosis fixing Laptop (Überwachung Baseplate):
    00 active
    01 inactive

    Byte 5. Mute (cooperating):
    00 active
    01 inactive

    Byte 6. Control unit for the mobile phone preparation (module three keys):
    00 Module 3-button activates / SMS possible
    01 Module 3-button inactive / SMS possible
    10 3-button activates / SMS is not possible
    11-button inactive / SMS is not possible

    Byte 7. Multimedia function:
    00 BT Audio Active / Active Multimedia Context
    01 BT inactive Audio / Multimedia Assets Background
    10 BT Audio disabled Active / Inactive Multimedia Context
    11 BT inactive Audio / Multimedia Background Off

    Byte 8. Type of registration of mobile phone:
    00 Supporting THB
    01 Support VDA
    10 Support Paragon

    Byte 9. Function call for help:
    00 people with disabilities
    01 activated

    Byte 10. Fuel Type:
    00 Unknown
    01 Gasoline
    04 Diesel
    05 LPG
    06 natural gas
    08 Electricity
    10 hydrogen

    Byte 11. Vehicle type:
    00 M1
    01-05 M2 and N1-3-3

    Hope this helps any one interested

  • John


    I have installed 1Z0035729B bluetooth in my 2006 mk5 R32 with RNS510. I did all coding and adaptions and it works good with no fault codes at all.
    But my problem is when i scan bluetooth devices on my iphone 4 or any other phones it shows Skoda_UHV. How can i change that to VW_UHV?
    PLease help

    Thank you very much

  • ucs

    Hi i have a mk edition 30 iv put a bury nokia 6700 cradle and programmed in on the vcds system but it showing live shorted out on supply to cradle (factory fitted system with the nokia bluetooth unit under driver seat)

  • Dave

    Hi, could do with some urgent help.

    Just taking delivery of a 2011 Tiguan with RCD510. Bought the bluetooth 3C8035730A from internet supplier. My dealer has fitted it but claim they can not get the car to recognise it.
    Does the unit itself need some coding and what can I do to give them guidance on vehicle coding.

    Thanks in anticipation

  • Lambros

    Hello all…
    I have a late 2003 Touareg with the RNS2 NAV system and Color MFD.
    I bought and installed the 3C0 035 729 F Bluetooth module.
    I also have the aftermarket vag-com ODB-II cable running the 805.1 vag-com version.
    The problem is that I can’t access the Telephone module (77). VCDS won’t find it.
    I did some research and it seems that I have to enable it via CAN GATEWAY.
    I know that my module works because once I unplug it, i get an error on CAN GATEWAY module. When I plug it back in, and clear the error, I don’t get an error again. When I turn on the RNS2 the screen shows momentarily “Phone Active” or something like “Phone is Activated”
    BUT….The vag-com only gives me the soft code 000006 for CAN Bus because my Touareg has CAN BUS 1.6.
    I don’t get any long coding option to choose bit 7 (telephone).
    My Questions are:
    -Can I edit the 000006 to something else in order to enable the bluetooth module?
    -Is there a way to enable it otherwise with my cable and software?
    -What If I plug it into a new SKODA Superb, code it, and then plug it back to my Touareg?

    Guys PLEASE help me out here….Its been 6 months that I trying to make this to work…

  • Sootchcuker

    Hi guys, about to attempt to install a 9W7 VW Bluetooth unit (part number 7P6 035 730 C) into my wifes new 2011 Polo 6R (with the RCD-510 headunit).

    Trouble is, on my new Scirocco )wih the same bluetooth module), I had to do the pairing via the Highline display. My wifes polo only has a midline display, so obviously won’t display a Phone menu. Not a problem once it’s paired, as all call details etc. should come up on the RCD-510, trouble is how do I pair her phone with it without Highine ?

    I have a HEX-CAN genine Ross Tech cable, and am hoping there’s an adaptation channel somewhere that will invoke the visibility and pairing of the phone. Anyone know if this is possible please ?

  • Tim

    I just installed a Skoda UHV unit (929B) in my 2007 VW GLI. I have the RNS-510 and MDI interface, multifunction steering wheel, and Full MFA display.

    I coded controller 77 (Telephone) to 0000422, as 0000477 would not take. It gave me an error that it was out of range, even though the VAG-COM showed US English should be 7 and UK English is 2. It works, but I’m wondering why it won’t take US English.

    Also, I’m a little confused on digits 3 and 4 from the left:

    0x?xxx: Steering Wheel Type

    0 – non multifunction steering wheel
    1 – standard steering wheel
    2 – modular steering wheel

    0xx?xx: Installed Components

    1 – none
    2 – Multi Function Steering Wheel
    3 – Head Unit
    4 – Multi Function Steering Wheel and Head Unit
    5 – K-line
    6 – Multi Function Steering Wheel and K-line
    7 – Head Unit and K-line
    8 – Multi Function Steering Wheel, Head Unit and K-line

    At the very top, Maverick says to code as 0000422 as I did, but in his setting but digit 3 is set to 0, which is non multifunction steering wheel, and then digit 4 is Multi Function Steering Wheel and Head Unit. Can someone make any sense of this for me?

    I’m also curious about is what John was asking about in December about renaming the Bluetooth SSID. Is there a way to do that through the Adaptation process? I know you can change the PIN to something less obvious than 1234 (already done), but Skoda defiantly doesn’t apply to my car.

    One last issue, it seems to take forever to download the phone book from my phone. It really won’t let me do anything with the phone for 5-10 minutes after I get in the car. Is there a way to only download updated phone entries, or is this what I can expect in the future.

  • John

    Hi guys, I just installed a 5no 035 730a into my red dot 2009 scirocco with RNS510. It works fine but I can’t get the push to talk button toonly work with the RNS510 voice control. If I program it to use only rns then muting does not work. If I program it to use the Bluetooth module voice control then all is fine, but I want to use the RNS voice controls instead. I suspect the coding is wrong, as it says incorrectly coded when I make it use RNS voice control. But at the moment there is no error, but it sucks using the Bluetooth module voice dialing. Any advice?

    Ps the wiring is correct for micrpone, its just a coding issue.

  • Glidn

    I have a factory VW installed, RCD-510 (5K0 035 190) + Bluetooth (7P6 035 730B). My question is as follows. With the3 factory installed system in my 2011 GTI. Can I simply recode to allow voice dailing? or do I require new parts or a bluetooth upgrade?


  • Simon

    Hi All, I have a new VW GOLF – Match edition. The bluetooth was working fine for a week but now the bluetooth seems to have deactivated itself somehow. Can’t see the phone option on the front panel behind the steering wheel and also when I flick through the arrows on the multifunction steering wheel the phone option is missing… I am taking the car back to them to have a look but thought of asking experts over here if they can help me



  • mike in oz

    hi all, ive been reading this post with interest… could i please ask, do i need special equipment ( computer/vagvas-not sure what this is?) if i want to instal a guenuine vw bluetooth kit into my 2010 tiguan? i read all about codes etc but not sure if this is done with an interface or just via the radio controls . sorry if this is a silly question but i would appreciate any advice. thanks, mike in australia

  • banon

    your post are great!
    i used them for installing the rear camera
    i have a few tips rigarding the wiring if you want
    i just bought the Bluetooth VW RNS 510 9W7 UHV AD2P / 5K0 035 730 D,E,F!!! 2012!!! newer than 7P6!
    do you have any special indications? i will install it in my new golf r 2011 with th erns 510

    thank again for your help


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  • sony


    Had upgraded my rSAP bluetooth module from 5N0 035 730B to 3C8035730B so that I can get HFP and AD2P. The change was a success but i realised the following:-

    My existing columbus had voice command where i can switch from radio to map to navigation, etc which can be activated by the top right button on the HU and also via the left steering wheel scroller.

    After the Phone module upgrade, the wheel scroller on steering only do voice command on the phone function but not the rest. Voice command via the top right button on columbus still work. Was wondering if anyone encounter this and had the solution. thanks

  • Surjit

    Hi I have 2009 Superb 1.8 TSI AT. I like to add Blue tooth Kit to my car. I like to know Do I need any information from dealer ? Do I need any speciel tools? What Module I need and where I can buy? important question is ” If I mess up programming during instalation then Wil be able to use the car or It will stall.” thanks in advance

  • 1QVally


  • […] links from another forum for him to use Scirocco RVC into the mkV rear bumper with an RCD510 Volkswagen / Skoda Bluetooth Programming | If anyone can shed any light would be […]

  • Mickt

    Hi All,
    Brilliant content! I am looking to purchase a new fabia or rapid and for various reasons want to have bluetooth deactivated.
    I don’t have a VCDS kit and understand this can be done in a workshop. I just wanted clear up what may be a misinterpretation on my part, i.e: If we were to update channel 133 to disable/deactivate bluetooth does that mean we will have disabled bluetooth emissions/radiation from the vehicle system?
    To be clear, we do not want bluetooth to be active/radiate/emit from the vehicle system.
    If someone could confirm this I’d be grateful.
    Thanks for your help!
    Another Mick in Oz

  • dany

    hello fr all , i have a golf mk5 2012 wit RCD510 , so cant i install the VW BT , and how coding step by step , thanks for all

  • JasonS

    Hi, I have a 2010 Seat Altea with RNS310 and 729E, I’m looking to upgrade my Bluetooth but don’t know what I can take it tom if anyone can help I would appreciate it.

    In looking to understand my car a little more I bought a VCDS, my first look at the Bluetooth module has confused me as my coding Is 0010555 which seems to suggest a non multi function steering wheel and everything in Spanish.

    What’s going on ?


  • Ahmed Salem

    Hi, i have Škoda Rapid 2014 with multi function steering wheel and BT system. The problem is its connecting phone and not connecting audio and it doesn’t have any usb or aux connection and the dealer has no solution for me and thats very annoying , do you have solution for me?

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