Volkswagen RCD 510 Information and Specifications

Volkswagen RCD 510 radio system

volkswagen_rcd_510_headunit_info_01The RCD 510 radio system offers a unique sound experience and is amazingly easy to use thanks to its large touchscreen and sturdy buttons. It also offers an integrated 6-compartment CD changer and an AUX-IN interface. The radio system can play both MP3 and WMA files, has a connection for an external CD player and shows information on the car’s air conditioning on its display.

Part Numbers

RCD 510

5ND 035 190 (5ND035190)

5ND 035 195 (5ND035195)

RCD 510 with USB Interface

5ND 035 190A (5ND035190A)

RCD 510 with USB and RVC Interface

3AD 035 190 (3AD035190)

56D 035 190 (56D035190)


Volkswagen RCD 510 pin assignments

Manufactured by

Blaupunkt (until 2010)
Bosch (2010 onwards)
Delphi (US Market)

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