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Volkswagen Australia Commercial Vehicle Model Year 2012 (MY12) Changes

AllRCD210 and RCD310 display colour change
CaddyProgressively from week 34 engine bay no longer painted in body colour
CaddyCaddy models with “climatronic” the DUAL button will change to SYNC
CaddyCaddy 4MOTION will be available in Caddy Maxi van
Caddy LifeCaddy 4MOTION will be available in Caddy Maxi Life Comfortline
Caddy LifeName change of Caddy Life to: Caddy Life Startline. No change to specification.
Caddy LifeName change of Caddy Maxi Life to: Caddy Maxi Life Comfortline. No change to specification.
T5 – AllModel naming convention change (e.g. 132TDI becomes TDI400)
T5 – AllLower position of badges on rear of all models
T5 – AllTrailer Preparation standard for all models
T5 – AllDead locking of doors – now incorporating warning in instrument panel
T5 – AllDSG Logo on gearstick, moved from base plate of gearstick
T5 – AllPackage code (Z1H) Bluetooth Premium introduced (combines 9ZU and 9Q5)
T5 – AllReplacement of seat option packages with individual options
Transporter Chassis ModelsRevised tool kit for Single/Dual Cab Chassis
Transporter Chassis ModelsDeletion of model: Dual Cab Chassis 103TDI
Transporter VanChanged tie-down points for vehicles with (ZZ3) high partition wall pack
Transporter VanPark distance control front and rear now available without Body Coloured Bumpers
Transporter VanPackage code change for Side Assist (Z1Z becomes P1Z). Only for Transporter (Multivan remains Z1Z)
Transporter VanConfirmation that combination of High Roof/LWB with 4Motion is not available
CaravelleOption of Alarm with interior monitoring (ZF5) now available
CaravellePark distance control now available without Body Coloured Bumpers
MultivanAddition of TSI350 model with 150kW / 350Nm
MultivanOptional Bi-Xenon Headlights available (PXR)
MultivanDash Trim Upgrade including stainless steel look highlights
MultivaniPhone, iPod integration for Multivan (with 9WE). No longer USB standard
MultivanNew ‘Cascavel’ 17” Alloy Wheel for TDI340 (option) and TSI350/TDI400 (standard)
MultivanMultifunction steering wheel (ZE6) now standard on Comfortline
AmarokMultifunction steering wheel (ZA9 for Basic, PA9 for Trendline). Now standard on
AmarokHighline and Ultimate.
AmarokHeated seats standard for Ultimate, switches on console
AmarokDaytime running lights (standard from Week 8 production)
AmarokAvailability of Amarok Dual Cab Chassis and Trendline Dual Cab Chassis (ZFA,ZFB)
AmarokChange to the decorative seam for Amarok Ultimate armrest
CrafterA further bulletin follows regarding Crafter GP

Changes common to all models

1. Change in background colour for RCD210 and RCD310. The display colour for the RCD systems
is upgraded to match the instrument cluster.

Changes common to Caddy GP series

1. Engine compartment painting in body colour

Progressively from week 34 2011 the engine compartment in all Caddy models will no longer be painted
in body colour.

2. Change in function name with Climatronic air-conditioning system

The function DUAL has been renamed SYNC on the climatronic air-conditioning unit.

3. Caddy 4MOTION

As discussed at the launch of the Caddy GP range in 2010 we will add 2 models in the Caddy range incorporating 4MOTION technology. Firstly we will offer the Caddy Maxi TDI320 4MOTION 6 speed DSG Van and secondly we will offer the Caddy Maxi Life TDI320 4MOTION 6 speed DSG.

Both vehicles will have the same specification and ground clearance as their equivalent TDI320 Model with the addition of the multifunction display (9Q5) as a standard item. Production of these models will be limited in volume for quarter 3 2011 and will increase over time depending on demand from the network.

The Caddy 4MOTION allows customers the benefits of all-wheel drive technology in a similar way to the Transporter and Multivan 4MOTION variants. New model specification sheets and pricing will be advised soon.

Changes common to T5 GP series

1. Completion of naming convention change

As introduced on Caddy and Amarok, the naming convention for Commercial Vehicle models will now reflect our strong torque which suits perfectly the operating conditions for Commercial Vehicles. As such engine variants will be expressed as TDI400 – being engine type, followed by peak torque output.
This change affects all T5 models. For example, Transporter 103TDI becomes TDI340.

2. Lower position of badges on rear of all models

This change brings the badge position into line with Amarok and Caddy GP models – for all T5 GP models.

3. Trailer Preparation

All T5 models will now be standard with Trailer Wiring Preparation, similar to Amarok. This is a fantastic change, cutting fitting time substantially for the Accessories towbar and wiring kit. This change should give you confidence to promote the excellent 2-tonne towing capacity for all T5 models. The
fitment of the trailer preparation also brings Trailer Stabilisation as part of the ESP for T5 models.

4. SAFE Locking

A change has been made to show a warning for the SAFE locking (dead lock mechanism). This warning will now appear on the display of the instrument cluster when the key is removed for T5 models warning that the vehicle will be deadlocked when locked (unable to be open from the inside).

Translated, the warning says “Please consider the Safe Locking system, more information in the owner’s manual”.

5. DSG Logo on Gearstick

The DSG logo will move from a plaque on the base of the gear shift, to an embossed logo on the gear stick as per the image.

6. Package Code (Z1H) – Bluetooth

The package code Z1H is introduced for all T5 models, covering the options 9ZU and 9Q5. Z1H can only be ordered with ZE7.

Changes specific to Transporter

1. Change in tool kit for Single/Dual Cab Chassis

A revised tool kit is supplied for the Single/Dual Cab Chassis models. The equipment retains the same function.

2. Deletion of 103TDI Transporter Dual Cab Chassis

The model Transporter Dual Cab Chassis 103TDI is deleted.
With this change the entry level chassis model is the Single Cab TDI340 (formerly 103TDI) and the entry Dual Cab Chassis is the TDI400 (formerly 132TDI).

3. Design/location of the tie down points for vehicles fitted with a high partition wall (ZZ3)

Following a change to international regulations affecting the vehicles fitted with a high partition wall, reinforced load securing points are fitted to those vehicles. The position is changed for LWB vehicles. This only affects vehicles ordered with (ZZ3).

4. Park Distance Control (front and rear) now available without Body Coloured Bumpers

The PR codes 7X2 (front and rear parking sensors) and 7X8 (front and rear parking sensors with Rear View Camera) no longer force body coloured bumpers. This has the additional benefit of no longer restricting colour choice when optioning front and rear parking sensors for Transporter.

5. Package Code change for Side Assist (Z1Z changes to P1Z)

The package code has changed, all functionality for SWB Transporter with Side Assist remains as before.
This change is only for Transporter, Multivan retains the Z1Z code for Side Assist. There is also a reduced price for this option (both P1Z and Z1Z).

6. Confirmation that High Roof/LWB combination NOT available with 4Motion

7. Replacement of seat option packages with individual options

The package codes for Comfort Seats will change to individual option codes, allowing customers the option to add height adjustment and lumbar support without optioning arm-rests. ZS4 and ZS6 (Driver’s and Driver/Passenger arm rests, height adjust and lumbar support) are now split as below:

Previously part of ZS4 (only available in the combinations below)
3L2+7P6 Height adjustment for driver separate seat in cab and Lumbar support (manually adjustable) for separate seat, in cab, driver (only available as the combination)
3L2+7P6+4S3 As above, plus Armrests for drivers seat in cab

Previously part of ZS6 (only available in the combinations below)
3L3+7P4 Height adjustment for driver and passenger separate seat in cab and Lumbar supports (manually adjustable) for separate seats in cab, driver and passenger
3L3+7P4+4S1 Height adjustment for driver and passenger separate seat in cab and Lumbar supports (manually adjustable) for separate seats in cab, driver and passenger and armrests for both seats in cab

Changes specific to Caravelle

1. Option of Alarm with back-up horn and interior monitoring (ZF5)

This option has now been extended to Caravelle. The Alarm with back-up horn package is the same as for Multivan. In particular this means the Caravelle comes with two remote keys only and no third rigid key.

2. Park Distance Control (front and rear) now available without Body Coloured Bumpers

The PR codes 7X2 (front and rear parking sensors) and 7X8 (front and rear parking sensors with Rear View Camera) no longer force body coloured bumpers. This has the additional benefit of no longer restricting colour choice when optioning front and rear parking sensors for Caravelle.

Changes specific to Multivan

For MY12 there are some exciting changes for Multivan, building on the successful product offering in place. A new engine, refreshed wheel range and detail equipment and trim changes all help to maintain a strong offer in this segment and continue the success in 2011.

1. TSI350 Engine available in Multivan Comfortline and Highline (SOP still to be confirmed, will be from September at least)

During MY12 we will introduce the Multivan TSI350 petrol engine. This engine produces 150kW /350Nm and offers exceptional performance, driveability and economy. The engine has an extremely flat torque curve with strong performance throughout the range. Start of Production has not yet been
confirmed however a separate bulletin will follow with further information.

The TSI350 gives the Multivan strong acceleration, from 0-100km/h in just 8.7 seconds (compared to 10.5 seconds for the previous 3.2 V6). Compared to the 3.2 V6 the new TSI350 is 25.2% better in terms of fuel consumption and 26.7% better in terms of Co2 output (international figures).

The TSI350 model will be specified like the MY11 132TDI (now known as the TDI400).

2. Bi-Xenon Headlights (PXR)

Bi-Xenon headlights are now available as a stylish and functional option for Multivan Comfortline and Highline. Both high and low beam are
operated by the Bi-Xenon lights and Daytime Running Lights are a distinctive LED design. Headlight washers are included.

3. Dash Trim Upgrade

Adding to the comfort and appearance of Comfortline and Highline models, a new dash trim is now standard. The new trim incorporates stainless-steel look for air-vents and centre stack, as well as a chrome embellishment on gear lever and headlight switch. New mats in the dash storage pockets
complete the upgrade.

As per the change for all T5 models, the gear lever is embellished with the DSG insignia, rather than the base of the gearshift previously.

4. iPhone, iPod integration standard for Multivan (9WE)

Multivan will continue to come standard with the MDI system with RCD310 (CL) or RNS510 (HL). MDI will now be standard with iPhone/iPod interface. Interfaces to suit USB or other systems available via accessories. This change suits the family and leisure orientation of Multivan. Note that 9WE will appear
on the configurator for Multivan Comfortline as a ‘No Cost Option’.

5. New ‘Cascavel’ 17” alloy wheel for Multivan

This distinctive new alloy wheel is standard for Multivan Comfortline TDI400 (previously the 132TDI) and TSI350. It is available as a factory
option for Multivan Comfortline TDI340 (Previously 103TDI).

This wheel replaces the Neva 17” alloy wheel, no longer available.

6. Multifunction Steering Wheel (ZE6)

The Multifunction steering wheel (ZE6) with audio control is now standard in the Multivan Comfortline.
The Multifunction wheel (ZE7) with Bluetooth controls will continue to be available as an option. The wheel (ZE7) forces Bluetooth preparation package (Z1H).

Changes specific to Amarok

After great feedback from the media and public, there are only detail changes for the Amarok range. There is also the addition of the “Chassis” models for MY12, offering increased opportunity in the rural and heavy duty markets.

1. Multifunction Steering Wheel (ZA9 / PA9)

Multifunction steering wheel will now come standard on Highline and Ultimate models and will be an option on Amarok and Amarok Trendline.
The ZA9 wheel offers remote control for audio functions. Further information related to phone controls will follow.

2. Heated Seats for Ultimate

Heated seats will become standard for Ultimate. The switches are located on the centre console (above the buttons on the left and right side of the
gear shift). Note that the image shows the 4×4 adjustment on the left hand side, this remains on the right hand side for Australia.

3. Day Time Running Lights (from week 8/MY11 production)

This change has taken place early, forced from week 8/MY11 for all Australian production vehicles. Day Time Running lights operate in a similar way to the other models in the range with the benefit of increased visibility and safety.

4. Amarok Dual Cab Chassis (ZFA) / Trendline Dual Cab Chassis (ZFB)

Opening up a new opportunity for Amarok especially for rural and heavy duty use, MY12 sees the introduction of the chassis model Amarok – in both entry and Trendline.

For obvious reasons chassis models arrive without any rear badging (normally mounted to the tray) and there is no longer a rear 12V socket in the tray area. Mudflaps are also not fitted to the rear, but will instead be transported with the vehicle awaiting fitment with the tray.

Like the Transporter chassis models, the vehicle cannot be registered as delivered, the additional body (including rear tail lights, number plate lights and fuel-filler mounting) must be added prior to registration and by dealership/customer arrangement.

The comfort suspension is not available with Dual Cab Chassis models.

5. Amarok Ultimate: Change to decorative seam for armrest

The decorative seam is deleted for MY12 vehicles.

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