Volkswagen RNS 510 Regensburg syndrome

Regensburg syndrome occurs on the RNS 510 with early hardware units that are running newer firmware and is identifiable by two conditions.

GPS: The GPS always starts with the car in Germany as the last location is not saved.

MP3 Resume: Variable Bit Rate (VBR) MP3’s will not resume where you last played them when the RNS 510 head unit was turned off but will instead start again from the start.

The problem occurs because the memory interface was updated with hardware C6 because the newer firmware saves more data when switching off. On hardware versions C4A and earlier this information is stored in the same sectors in NAND flash and modified firmwares can get around the problems but there is a small possibility that the data being written can be corrupted.

The problem occurs on a variety of hardware and software and a possible fix for this is to load modified firmware for the C4A and earlier units when loading firmware above 1200. Another solution is to switch to the radio before switching off as this saves the location but is only worth doing if listening to audio books or similar.

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