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Volkswagen / Skoda OEM Bluetooth Install

VW / Skoda Bluetooth UnitVolkswagen in Australia and other countries offers a parrot car kit as their “OEM” car kit and don’t offer the excellent VW/Skoda fully integrated unit. The units are available from a number of sources in Europe and the US.

Part numbers for the kit include

  • 1Z0 035 729 (1Z0035729) – Interface Unit (older models don’t support the RNS 510)
  • 8P0 035 503 E (8P0035503 E) – Bluetooth Antenna
  • 3B0 035 711 B (3B0035711 B) – Microphone
  • 1Z0 971 813 62U (1Z0971813 62U – Covering Black or
  • 1Z0 971 813 3AU (1Z0971813 3AU) – Covering Ivory
  • N90 946 001 (N90946001) – Expanding Nut x2
  • N90 817 003 (N90817003) – Torx Screw x2
  • 6U0 819 055 (6U0819055) – Clip x2
  • Wiring loom – Strongly recommend a full plug and play unit

Bluetooth unit prior to installation. The 1Z0035729B as shown is compatible with the RNS 510.

Tools required for the install include

Wiring Harness

There are a few options here to connect the bluetooth unit to the factory harness behind the headunit.

  • purchase a fully built plug and play harness
  • build an inline adapter and connect to the harness that comes with the kit so you have a plug and play harness as above
  • use connector housings and repair wires to plug inline with the factory headunit harness
  • cut and splice (not recommended)

Plug n Play Harness

A problem with the Plug n Play harnesses is that they don’t have compliant CAN bus cabling which has to have a twist maintained throughout. The solution is to replace it with CAN bus repair wire.

Performing repairs on CAN bus wiring

Inline Adapter


Connector housing and repair wires

This process involves joining the connectors to the harness and doesn’t involve adding bulky adaptors or cutting the harness.

  • 1 x 000 979 133 (000979133) – 1mm repair wire – CAN bus Hi and Lo female.
  • 1 x 000 979 134 (000979134) – 1mm repair wire – CAN bus Hi and Lo male.
  • 1 x 000 979 225 (000979225) – 2.5mm repair wire – 12v and ground female.
  • 1 x 000 979 226 (000979226) – 2.5mm repair wire – 12v and ground male.
  • 4 x 191 972 701 (191972701) – Housing
  • 4 x 191 972 711 (191972711) – Connector Housing

Build harness using connector housings and repair wires for Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Install


Splicing the cables like shown here is not recommended.

Connection behind headunit

Bluetooth Interface Unit

Remove the two carpet squares that are premarked under the drivers seat using a small knife, don’t cut too deeply or you will cut into the paint on the sheet metal underneath. Insert the two plastic plugs and screw the bracket into place. Note that the bluetooth unit in this photo is upside down. Before you slide the unit in bend the metal bracket inwards so that it holds the unit tightly to prevent rattles.

Next remove the sill panel trim on the right hand side of the car, this only has to be removed for the front door and requires the clips to be removed so the edge of the carpet can be accessed.

Volkswagen Golf Sill Panel Trims – Removal and Installation

The next step required the installation of the microphone.

Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Car Kit Microphone Install in Volkswagen Golf

Remove the dash vent (or tray on non Climatronic units) by following this guide.

Volkswagen Golf Dash Panel Centre Vents – Removal and Installation

Remove the trim around the head unit using this guide.

Volkswagen Golf Centre Dash Panel Trim – Removal and Installation

Remove the headunit by unscrewing the 4 screws and carefully sliding it out, watch out when the unit is released as it could drop and scratch the climatronic.

Release the cables from the rear of the headunit and put the headunit aside safely.

The unit that I installed came from the UK, contact the owner of this site to purchase a kit.

Another installation guide is available from his website.









35 comments to Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Car Kit Install in Volkswagen Golf

  • rv65

    For the white dot models use part number 1Z0 035 729 A. The A model is for the white dot cars like the Passat CC, Golf VI, and any other models with the white dot display.

  • rv65

    There is now a new Skoda unit now available. Part number is 1Z0 035 729 D. Make sure you list that. There are some new features like Bluetooth Audio (A2DP). This feature is only available on the RNS-510 and RCD-510 with the latest firmware. The EU B revision, all US models, EU models with the 110x firmware and thats about it.

  • Hello!

    I got the module and it is already installed. It was configured for my Golf VI from the dealer on ebay where I got it… But, I cant see the phone section on the instument display.

    The car is the HIGHLINE version and I have boht the multifunction steering weel and the white multifunction display… I looked the code you posted somewhere else for the configuration via VAGCOM but I didn’t understood which is the code which configure the white MFD …

    Any help?

    Thanks a lot

    • Maverick

      You have to either have a VW dealer program your car to say it’s there or find someone with Vagcom/VCDS to do this for you. It’s a simple job that should take no more than 5 minutes. Whilst the unit may be programmed you need to program the CAN bus controller to say that it’s there in the car for the extra functionality to operate.

  • where I can get VAGCOM /VCDS? Do you think could be good to have? Is there any way to connect to the car through the elsawin program?
    Thanks again for the help.


  • gary

    My New Jetta 09 SEL Factory installed unit 1Z0 035 729 A ,
    And i have the RED MFD Highline display.


    I have blutooth oem kit but this kit wiring some faulty.i want to order this wiring seperate.I need part number or any solution please kindly help me.

  • Scott

    Do you know where to get a copy of the Skoda BT Manual? Does anyone have the part number? Can it be ordered in the US? Thanks!

  • I installed an RNS-510 US model in my 2009 CC Sport. Also replaced 9W2 BT module unde passenger seat with 1Z0 035 129 D module. All works great, phone works fine from steering wheel, voice command, all phone menus in the DIS. BUT, I get no phone pages on my RNS-510. Pressing PHONE just mutes sound.

    Is there a code that i missed?



    • Maverick

      Try pairing another phone to see if that makes a difference, I had a similar problem with my HTC (generally it worked but no phone book) and I removed the bluetooth pairing, rebooted the HTC and repaired it and it was back to normal.

  • Roman Herman

    Volkswagen / Skoda OEM Bluetooth Install.

    I live in Toronto Canada. I have a 2009 Passat with an RNS510.

    Where can I order the VW OEM Bluetooth unit from?

  • Marius Chirita

    I have the same question. I’m from Romania and I want to order VW OEM Bloetooth unit for a RNS-510. Does anyone know from where can I order?

  • Antonio

    Sorry its possible information for installation the system 1Z0 035 729 D into Golf6 1.4 TSI.
    Thank Very mucht.

  • Scott

    Does anyone know if the 1Z0-035-729E module will work with the red dot display?


  • Spydaboy

    Hi Fabio, did you get sorted?

  • Spydaboy

    Hi you guys,
    just swapped the rsap module on my 2010 sciroco with part number 1Z0035729E a skoda bluetooth unit. It was an easy hardware swap. The unit came pre programmed for Multi functinal steering wheel and White dot.
    However, I had to take the car back to the dealers who typed in the code 0000422. This allowed me to pair my iPhone with the mfd display between the clocks BUT I cannot get the phone function or any recognition of the phone on the RNS510!!!
    Does anyone know how to resolve this for me

  • Yorkshire Jack

    Hy Spydaboy,

    I purchased a VW Bluetooth Handsfree kit on eBay from Car Systems Poland.
    They told me that in the Telephone menu 77 of the Vagcom/VCDS you must use the code 0013022.
    I did this and it cured the problem.

    I absolutely love the on screen functionality I now have.
    The part number of my Handsfree is 1ZO 035 729C. I see yours has a suffix E and don’t know if this makes a difference.

    It is worth trying this.
    If this doesn’t work go back to the people that you purchased the unit from and ask them which code you need to use.

    Good Luck.

  • Yorkshire Jack

    Hi Scott,

    As far as I know the 1Z0 035 729 C will NOT work with red dot matrix ( MFD /MFA ) I see yours has an E suffix so I’m not sure what the difference is.

    You could contact Car Systems and ask them if your part number will work.
    If not see if they have a unit for your model.
    Car Systems email is:
    There phone number is: + 48 600 369 000
    The Guy I dealt with is called Chris.
    By the way I only paid just over $350 for my handsfree system and it is absolutely brilliant.

    Hope this is of some help.

  • Yorkshire Jack

    Hi Roman Herman,

    Don’t know if you got sorted.
    If not give these guys a try.

    Car Systems email is:
    There phone number is: + 48 600 369 000
    The Guy I dealt with is called Chris.
    By the way I only paid just over $350 for my handsfree system and it is absolutely brilliant.

    Hope this helps.

  • Yorkshire Jack

    Hi Marius Chirita,

    Don’t know if you also got the information that you wanted.

    If not try these guys who I use.
    I am sure they can help if they can.

    Car Systems email is:
    There phone number is: + 48 600 369 000

  • Yorkshire Jack

    Hi Paul Geller,

    Don’t know if you solved your RNS510 screen problem.

    If not take a look at my reply to Spydaboy.


  • Yorkshire Jack

    Hi Scott,

    Did you manage to et a manual for your BT handsfree kit.

    If not please private message me and I will email you a copy FOC.


    • Yorkshire Nige

      Hi Jack.

      Ive just installed my prem bluetooth kit into mk5 golf 05 plate to RNS510, when i go to the telephone screen it shows no phones connected. i have tried to search with two different phones but still cant find the bluetooth, also i wanted to enable voice commands is there a pin change for this? also could you please send me a copy of the install notes you have please.

      Many Thanks

      Yorkshire Nige

  • Benno Benzol

    I am looking for a bluetooth kit which does mot use the rSAP protocol so I can use it with an iPhone.
    I have an red dot display and the RNS510.
    Can somebody provide a partnumber of a unit fullfilling these requirements?



  • Kristjan Hirmo

    Hello everybody!

    What about part number 1Z0035729E Spydaboy was talking about? I just got it from Polish guys but if it was replaced with my old BT module in my 2010 Passat which has a premium bluetooth factory fitted, nothing happened. What was wrong there?

  • Greg

    Hey Everyone,

    I wish finding this info was easier than what it is. I have an 09 Jetta, without nav and red MFD display. It appears I need 1Z0035729B for my Bluetooth. I also have an iphone 3g. Anyone know if this sounds right or can direct me to find the right info??

    Thanks a bunch!

  • Sohrab

    Just finished install on my 2008 GTI with red MFD and Premium VII head unit. Used the 1Z0035729B purchased on eBay from It was A LOT more time consuming and complicated than I thought it would be. No one includes the underseat bracket anymore and claim it’s easier to mount the bluetooth unit behind the Climatronic. That’s probably true if you actually have Climatronic. I have manual air so it was a really tight fit back there with the added harness and such. You definitely need a second pair of hands when trying to reinstall the head unit.

    All in all, it was worth it. If I had to do it again it would probably take me about 3 hours but it took me a total of 12 hours this first time.

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  • Jay Zee

    Hi guys and dolls,
    I have a VW GT TDI diesel with RNS-510 LED and Dynaudio.
    I wish to fully integrate my iphone 3gs with the RNS-510 but i am confused on what to buy.
    What would your suggestion be?


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  • Bhupinder

    Hi, guys I have VW Scirocco 1.4 TSi 2010, with the RCD 510 head unit with the white drivers display, I want to find out which Bluetooth module i need for this and be able to use my Iphone 4 with.


  • […] now it  ready for fitting. As this kit covers many cars and there are many good guides like My-GTI or Octavia-VRS guide. I wont go into too much details on the install other then these features: […]

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