Volkswagen Oil Standard 504.00 / 507.00 Approved Oils

Volkswagen 504.00/507.00 Approved Oils

Last updated: 25.05.2010
Current as at: 20.06.2010
ManufacturerProductSAE ClassVW Standard
AdamolAdamol Multitop LonglifeSAE 5W-3050400/50700
AddinolAddinol Giga light MV 0530 LLSAE 5W-3050400/50700
AddinolAddinol Mega Light MV 0539SAE 5W-3050400/50700
AddinolMEGA STARSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Aegean OilVelox Ultra XTSAE 5W-3050400/50700
AgipAgip 7008SAE 5W-3050400/50700
AgipFormula FutureSAE 5W-3050400/50700
AMAGGAMAPARTS Super LongLife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
AralAral SuperTronic Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
Auto-Teile-RingCartechnic Motorenöl MultiSAE 5W-3050400/50700
AviaAvia Synth 5W-30 Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
AviaAviasynth LSP plusSAE 5W-3050400/50700
AviaAvilubsynth LSP PlusSAE 5W-3050400/50700
BayWaTectrol Speed LL 530SAE 5W-3050400/50700
BayWaTectrol Speed Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
BPBP Visco 7000 Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
Caratad-High Tech Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
CastrolCastrol EdgeSAE 5W-3050400/50700
CastrolCastrol Edge 5W-30SAE 5W-3050400/50700
CastrolCastrol Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
CastrolCastrol SLX Professional LL03SAE 5W-3050400/50700
CastrolCastrol SLX Professional Longlife III 5W-30SAE 5W-3050400/50700
CastrolCastrol SLX Professional Powerflow Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
CastrolCastrol SLX Professional Powerflow Longlife III 5W-30SAE 5W-3050400/50700
CastrolCastrol TXT 507 00SAE 5W-3050400/50700
CENTROCENTRO Motoröl Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
Cyclon HellasCyclon F1 VSAE 5W-3050400/50700
DenicolDenicol Syn Extra Long Life IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
ElfElf Excellium TDISAE 5W-3050400/50700
ElfElf Solaris LLXSAE 5W-3050400/50700
EmkaSuperpower C-3SAE 5W-3050400/50700
EPROMeisteröl WIV LonglifeSAE 5W-3050400/50700
EurolEurol SyntenceSAE 5W-3050400/50700
FinkeAviaction Unique LongLife WIVSAE 5W-3050400/50700
FuchsFuchs Sintolux Force VSAE 5W-3050400/50700
FuchsFuchs TITAN GT1 Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
FuchsFuchs TITAN GT1 PRO C-3SAE 5W-3050400/50700
GalpGalp Formula Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
Globus Fachmärktemultilub Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
GulfGulf Formula GVXSAE 5W-3050400/50700
HunoldEUROLUB WIV ECOSAE 5W-3050400/50700
IgolIgol Profive 504/507SAE 5W-3050400/50700
Liqui MolyLIQUI MOLY Pro-Engine M600SAE 5W-3050400/50700
Liqui MolyLIQUI MOLY Top Tec 4200SAE 5W-3050400/50700
LotosLotos Quazar LLIIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
MabanolMabanol Xenon Ultra Synth LonglifeSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Meguinmegol Motorenoel CompatibleSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Millers OilsXF LonglifeSAE 5W-3050400/50700
MinervaMinerva TSVSAE 5W-3050400/50700
MitanAlpine Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
MitanMitan Monza GP 5W-30 Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
MitanMonza Super CombiSAE 5W-3050400/50700
MobilMobil 1 ESP FormulaSAE 5W-3050400/50700
MobilMobil SHC Formula VSAE 5W-3050400/50700
MobilMobil Super 3000 Formula VSAE 5W-3050400/50700
MOLMOL Dynamic Gold LonglifeSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Motor Oil HellasEMO SYNTO MAXSAE 5W-3050400/50700
MotulFeu Vert 50400 507 00SAE 5W-3050400/50700
MotulMotol Specific 504 00 507 00SAE 5W-3050400/50700
MotulMotul 8100 X-clean +SAE 5W-3050400/50700
Neste OilNeste City Pro W Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
Norsk-PennsylvanskDynoCat Voltron LLSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Oel-BrackMidland Crypto-3SAE 5W-3050400/50700
Ölwerke Julius SchindlerOJS Econo-Veritas Longlife III 5W-30SAE 5W-3050400/50700
OMVOMV BIXXOL special V7SAE 5W-3050400/50700
Paz Lubricants & Chemicals LtdPaz Extreme 507.00SAE 5W-3050400/50700
PennzoilPennzoil Platinum VXSAE 5W-3050400/50700
PennzoilPennzoil Platinum VXSAE 5W-3050400/50700
PennzoilPennzoil Ultra Euro LSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Penrite OilENVIRO +SAE 5W-3050400/50700
PentosinPento Super Performance IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
PetronasPetronas Syntium 5000 AVSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Quaker StateQ Diesel PlusSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Quaker StateQ European Engine VXSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Quaker StateQS Q Diesel PlusSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Quaker StateQS Ultimate Durability European LSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Quaker StateQuaker State Q Diesel PlusSAE 5W-3050400/50700
RavenolRavenol Vollsynthetisches Multioel Protect VMPSAE 5W-3050400/50700
RavenolRAVENOL WIV IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
real,-real,-Quality GSLSAE 5W-3050400/50700
RepsolRepsol Elite Longlife 50700/50400SAE 5W-3050400/50700
RoweHightec Ecosynt Longlife IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
RoweMulti Synt DPFSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Shanghai LizhongLiZhong No.1SAE 5W-3050400/50700
ShellShell Helix Diesel Ultra ExtraSAE 5W-3050400/50700
ShellShell Helix Diesel Ultra ExtraSAE 5W-3050400/50700
ShellShell Helix Ultra AV-LSAE 5W-3050400/50700
ShellShell Helix Ultra AV-LSAE 5W-3050400/50700
ShellShell Helix Ultra ExtraSAE 5W-3050400/50700
ShellShell Helix Ultra ExtraSAE 5W-3050400/50700
ShellShell Helix Ultra VXSAE 5W-3050400/50700
ShellShell Helix Ultra VXSAE 5W-3050400/50700
SinopecGreat Wall Ultra Gold V5457SAE 5W-3050400/50700
SRSSRS ViVA 1 SLV plusSAE 5W-3050400/50700
SWDGECCO Motorenöl VZWSAE 5W-3050400/50700
SWDswd PRIMUS LLXSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Techno GmbHTecar Motorenoel 504 00 / 507 00SAE 5W-3050400/50700
TotalTotal Activa 504/507SAE 5W-3050400/50700
TotalTotal Quartz INEO 507/507SAE 5W-3050400/50700
Unil OpalOpaljet Energy 3SAE 5W-3050400/50700
ValvolineValvoline SynPower XL-IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
VAPSVapsoil 507 00SAE 5W-3050400/50700
VapsoilVapsoil 507 00SAE 5W-3050400/50700
Volkswagen Original Teile ®LongLife III HochleistungsmotorenölSAE 5W-3050400/50700
WolfWolf Masterlube Synflow LL IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
WürthTriathlon Endurance IIISAE 5W-3050400/50700
YaccoVX 2103 FAPSAE 5W-3050400/50700
Zeller+GmelinDivinol Syntholight DPFSAE 5W-3050400/50700

38 thoughts on “Volkswagen Oil Standard 504.00 / 507.00 Approved Oils”

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  2. Have been using liqui moly 4200 in my brand new TDI YETI.Change at 2000 Kay’s then at 10.000 Kay’s what a great oil.Have for years used TOTAL quartz in my modern small Diesel engines both great oils
    Guys I say it not what you put in- It is how often I’ve ALWAYS done filters and synthetic @6. To 8 thousand Kay’s…Hey that’s just me…

    Dave. Australia. [email protected]

  3. Down under we have a six month old yeti diesel.Have been doing my own service @ 8000 km.No way I will run any diesel I own to 15000 Kay’s with out an. Oil change. Have just done filter and oil …Liqui Moly TOP TEC
    4200.So far so good engine is running a little cooler….

    Dave. Adelaide. Australia

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  5. Ran my merc 2.7 on mobile 0/40tubodiesel oil changed oil/filter once a year (8K) owned it 3years no problems.
    Now own 2011 Audi A3 2td oilchange due?

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  7. Excuse me! Is there any further update of the VW 504/507 approved oil list? Where could I find it? I need to find the lastest list for reference. Could you kindly do me a favor? Thank you.

  8. Is Long Life III SAE 5W-30 Synthetic? I want to know if I can use in in my new lawnmover in Australia were it gets quite hot in the Summer

    1. Yes I have a 16 y o mower 4 stroke .I have been running Royal PURPAL in it for four summers ..Wouldn’t use anything but synthetic oil .5w/30

  9. Pennzoil Platinum Euro LX 0W-30 WAS approved by VW in April 2015 for use in the CR TDIs. But… it’s not available here in the U.S. What’s up wit dat ?

  10. 507.00 is required for cars with diesel particulate filters. Earlier TDIs don’t require it.

    You CAN use 507.00 in gassers. It won’t hurt anything. But it’s not required. 507.00 also covers the requirements of other specs.

    Other than that, oil is oil. Newer TDIs want 5w30 507.00 synthetic. Beyond that pick your poison.

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