Volkswagen Climatronic Diagnostics – Mark VI

volkswagen_climatronic_diagnosticsThe Climatronic display on the Mark VI Golfs (and others that use the same system) has a heap of information that can be accessed like the Mark V.

Golk Mark V Information is here – Volkswagen Climatronic Information – Mark V

To access the information follow the steps as shown on the image.

  1. Hold down the “AC” button and press the “Window Vent” button, release when the LED’s on both buttons start flashing alternatively.
  2. The left hand knob adjusts the Main Channel, the centre buttons (FAN) adjusts the Sub Channel.
  3. To exit press the “AC” button.

The left hand number indicates the Main Channel and the Second number indicates the Sub Channel.

Further details to follow.

20 thoughts on “Volkswagen Climatronic Diagnostics – Mark VI”

  1. does this work with RNS510 (mark 6) as i could get the buttons to flash but when adjusting the left hand knob there are no numbers appearing for main channel and pressing the fan button also gives no numbers for sub channel

  2. I have the Polo 6R (2010 model) which also has a climatronic. I tried what you say and I couldn’t get into Diagnostics mode. Maybe there’s a different approach? I need to know the oil temp as the dashboard doesn’t even have water temp!

  3. I installed the new climatronics (shown in the picture above), the AC starts automatically when the car starts at low, and then the compressor switches off by itself. also, when I put the Auto on, the the compressor works only for 20 seconds and then switch off again. I have to shut the AC off for at least 20 minutes before starting it again in order for the compressor to kicks in again.

  4. Does anyone have channel info for this? I have for example channel 12-7 in my Touran and it seems that channels are somehow different than in the lists currently in the web…

  5. tried it on my gti mk6 with RNS 510. 1st time it was displayed on the screen, played around abit but didnt understand the numbers so decided to press AC to quit. Now the normal display could not be shown when any of the bottons where pressed. tried again to enter mode by pressing AC and window vent led where flashing but no display on the screen. Please help what did i do wrong.

  6. Hello, I need some hellp…

    I have a Passat 3C and tried to install the new climatronic on it!…

    The Climatronic i have has this part number: 5K0907044FL

    Is the one that cames whith The Sharan model…

    Does this model Works in my 3C?

    I install it but i have a few errors and the air flow in the central vents doesn’t seem to work very well!…

    Can anyone hellp me???


    Sorry for my inglish, i´m Portuguese!… 😉

  7. Hello!!
    I tried on my VW Vento 1.9 tdi (same display as golf VI) but after press both buttons (AC & ¨window vent¨) the climatronic display turned off. It doesnt show temp, fan, etc anymore and i dont know how to revert. Do you know how to revert?
    Thanks. Jorge

  8. I have 7N0 907 426 AN and like to change to 561 907 426 A
    are this possible ?
    How to make master reset – so i will work in my car

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