CAN bus gateway removing, installing and upgrading – Volkswagen Golf

The role of the Gateway (also known as the Data bus diagnostic interface J533) is the exchange of data between the CAN data bus systems (‘powertrain CAN data bus’, ‘convenience CAN data bus’ and ‘infotainment CAN data bus’) and the conversion of diagnostic data from CAN data bus systems to K-cable and vice versa so the data can be used by vehicle diagnosis, testing and information systems like the dealer VAS tools and Vagcom/VCDS.

For various reasons including power drain issues with third generation head units or the addition of new unsupported modules the CAN bus gateway must be upgraded to a newer revision. This guide covers the replacement of the CAN bus gateway in a 2005 MY06 Volkswagen Golf GTI. The upgrade replaces the 1K0 907 530 E (1K0907530E) with a 1K0 907 530 AA (1K0907530AA).

This process works the same for most Volkswagen models.

1K0 907 530 E (1K0907530E)
Revision: 11

1K0 907 530 AA (1K0907530AA)
Revision: H16

Record current installation list and long coding

Take screen shots or make a note of your installation list in controller 19 – Can Gateway using Vagcom/VCDS. This step is critical unless you want to figure out what you had installed prior to the upgrade. Don’t be tempted to copy down the long code unless you are installing the exact same revision of gateway as different revisions have extra features.


Whilst not essential it is worth taking a screen shot of the different screens in the long coding.

volkswagen_can_bus_gateway_upgrade_long_coding_before_01 volkswagen_can_bus_gateway_upgrade_long_coding_before_02

Removing and Installing the Gateway

Remove the key from the ignition or disconnect the car’s battery (the battery disconnect is optional but better safe than sorry)

Remove the footwell cover on the drivers side where the gateway is located – Volkswagen Golf footwell cover drivers side – Removal and  Installation.

The gateway can be in two locations on the Golf. One is above the accelerator pedal and the other is above the clutch pedal (if fitted). The clutch pedal location was used for the first year or so of production.

MY05 gateway location

volkswagen_golf_can_bus_replacement_01 volkswagen_golf_can_bus_replacement_02


  • Release the connector and pull the connector off the data bus diagnostic interface.
  • Press three securing pins together and push out of holes to release or the holder is hinged and release that.


  • Install in the reverse order of removal.

Reconnect the battery

MY06 onwards gateway location



  • Release the connector (1) and pull the connector off the data bus diagnostic interface (2).
  • Press securing pins (3) together (see arrows) and push out of holes to release.


  • Install in the reverse order of removal.

Reconnect the battery

Coding the new gateway

Using the screen shots and notes from earlier you can now recode the gateway. Below are screenshots showing the differences between the two gateways (old gateway on the left and new gateway on the right

volkswagen_can_bus_gateway_upgrade_installation_list_before_02 volkswagen_can_bus_gateway_upgrade_installation_list_after_02

103 thoughts on “CAN bus gateway removing, installing and upgrading – Volkswagen Golf”

  1. I just installed 7N0907530C on my 2006 R32 and it works perfectly also. But I needed to get the latest Vag com 11.11 in order to get access to the coding

  2. Hello everyone ,
    I have a VW Golf 2004 , I got RNS510 battery drain problem. Im about to buy a canbus . Who can advice what kind of canbus will be fine my new RNS510 F version.

  3. Hi,

    As I said in my previous posts, I have installed the new CAN(7N0907530C) on my mk5 GTI 2006 after the RNS510 F upgrade. It works perfectly.

  4. I have just got the RNS 510 Version C installed in my car. The problem I am facing is that when I press the MAP or NAV button I get a white screen with a RED pointer. It takes around 15 minutes for me to get a GPS signal. Once I get the signal everything works fine. I am not sure if I upgrade the CAN gateway it will work fine.

    I drive a VW Passat 2008.
    Please help.

  5. Hello,

    I used your instructions for upgrading the gateway on my mk5 golf. I have a couple of issues which hopefully you can help me with or point me in the right direction. The guy that installed it told me that he was not able to access the navigation settings in vag com after installing. Also, when I drove off in the car, the dash board light for bulbs came on and the rear fog light appears to have stopped working. Can you please help as I want to keep the stereo in the car if possible?

    Thanks, David

  6. i replaced also the gateway. I coded it. It communicates with the other modules. BUT i have as long coding 350000 Thats not normal or…?

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  8. Hi! I bought and installed the 7N0907530C gateway but my vcds cable says cannot init CAN.. and then wouldnt find anything in my car with the cable.
    The old one works.. what is the problem? version of vcds and cable is 10 something

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  11. I have changed my IK0 907 530E to 7N0 907 530 AN, since then all my cluster lights are on,I have also copied all the coding using VCDS. Any help will be appreciated

  12. I have a 2007 Jetta Tdi and had a RCD 300. I then recently bought a RCD 510 radio and installed it. Since then I struggled that overnight my battery power is drained. Pls advice me

  13. i have a 2006 tdi golf (mark 5) Recently bought an RCD510 radio and it is draining my battery, I’ve had to jump start it twice and i have now invested in a new battery. I read that if you buy a can gateway then your problem is solved. Any advice on what can gateway i should upgrade to??

  14. Replaced head unit second to gen 3 no sound its a510 c version swapped aux terminals still on sound ! Help cheers Dean
    Gti 08 Pirelli Mk5 unit came out of a Mk 6 golf R 2010

  15. hi,after instaling rns 315 eu bluetooth manufactured in 2015 on golf gt 2.0 tdi 2011 it drains battery ..any solutions?thanks

  16. I have a 57 plate mk5 GTI and am looking to upgrade from a RCD 500 to a RCD310. As i just want an Aux In setup. I have read that from 57 the canbus problem no longer happens. Can anyone confirm this? I have a friend that got a rcd510 in and had no problems, his car from same year.

  17. hi there, just need some advice whether ill need to replace can bus on golf 2007 tdi because id bought RCD 510 with dab. ive been reading on forums about a possible battery draining issue? really appreciate if someone can help me

  18. i have a golf 5 r32 2007.
    i have rcd 500, buttons on steeringwheel, Phone (bleutooth) and want to change my rcd 500 to RNS 510 R vesion
    is it better to upgrade / flash my own gateway/ canbus or is it better to buy an other gateway/ canbus??
    i can buy 7no 907 530 AN…
    is this good for my car (is this higher than L)

    please help me

  19. Just in case someone is searching for the Gateway location in a VW Golf Plus MK5, RHD, 18.10.2007, 57 reg, engine code BUD, it is not above the clutch, it is not above the accelerator, it is not behind the instrument cluster and it is not behind the ashtray or ESP button. I’ve looked last week for 4 hours for it, without success; although I have the complete VW repair manuals from VW’s Erwin system, but they are useless regarding Gateway location, because it seems that VW fits it all over the place 🙁
    Today, I’ve eventually found it, after reading a comment that someone found his behind the CECM (Central Electronics Control Module).
    IT IS BEHIND THE PASSENGER SIDE GLOVE COMPARTMENT!!! Once you know where it is, it is replaced and reprogrammed in less than an hour 🙂
    I’ve upgraded from 1K0907530K revision H04 0021 to 1K0907530AF revision H17 0233.
    Coding was not a problem. The old K-version had coding 3D3F034007009003 and for the new AF-version, I’ve used E9807F06000202009003.

    1. I had my old getway F and replaced with new AM .
      I am not sure if I had to replace F for AM and if F is fine and won’t drain battery please someone advice.
      I did not coded yet but radio goes off when key is off.
      My rds330 is from vw not replacement etc. if this is matter.
      Please someone replay.

  20. Thanks for idea.
    I am looking for it 2nd day and now will try behind this conpartment if is there.
    Vw golf plus 09.2005

  21. I have a 2008 Canadian Rabbit Mk5. It is unclear from my research if this model has the new gateway or not, it seems right on the edge. Is there an easy way to know, without removing the footwell panels, what gateway version I have? I could probably borrow some OBDII reading tools, though I’ve never used VCDS or alternatives; I can’t tell from quick reading if this is an expensive proposition or not.

    (I am a newb at this. I have tried to do my research before asking, but there is a lot of background I don’t know.)

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