Adding Door Warning Lights to the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta – Front

This guide covers the installation of the door warning lights to the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta front doors as was fitted to the very first Mark V’s before they were discontinued for I assume cost reasons.  Along with the Puddle Lights these really light up the area around the side of the car and Volkswagen really did the owners a disservice by discontinuing these.

The light operates every time the door is opened day or night but it does shut down after the door is open for a period of time.

volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_finished_01 volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_finished_02

The white light visible on the other side of the door is the Puddle Lights mod which I performed at the same time.


Parts required:

  • 1K0 947 411 A (1K0947411A) – Door Warning Light (1 per door)
  • 1J0 971 972 (1J0971972) – Connector Housing (1 per door)
  • 000 979 019 (000979019) – Repair Wire for Connector Housing (1 per door – 2 connectors)
  • 000 979 009 (000979009) – Repair Wire (1 required for 2 doors or 1 required per door – see below)
    As you will see in the guide below I only had one end of a  000 979 009 (000979009) – Repair Wire left and took my ground from a nearby connector, I strongly recommend you take the easier approach and take the ground from the controller as it’s quicker and doesn’t require interfering with the stock harness. I have detailed how to do it this way as well in the guide.
  • Interior fabric adhesive tape – Fabric Adhesive Tape for wiring looms and harnesses
  • Trim Removal Tools
  • Selection of heat shrink tubing (3-5mm), soldering iron/blowtorch, solder
  • Vagcom/VCDS to code the door (this can be done before or after the install)

Volkswagen Golf & Jetta Door Controller Information Mark V has information on the door controllers. This guide was based on the install in my March 2008 build MY08 GTI.

The 1K0 947 411 A (1K0947411A) – Door Warning Light (bulb is preinstalled) and c0 971 972 (1J0971972) – Connector Housing.

volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_and_connector volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_front

volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_rear volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_comparision

The original reflector installed (left) and the  new warning light (right), installation is simple, unclip the old light by pulling it towards you from underneath and clip the new one in.

volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_installed_01 volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_installed_02

The view from underneath the door, red light is visible and white light is projected onto the area below the door.


First remove the door trim – Drivers Front Door Trim – Removal and Installation or  Passengers Front Door Trim – Removal and Installation and lay the door trim down on a work surface.

Plug both ends of the 000 979 019 (000979019) – Repair Wire into the 1J0 971 972 (1J0971972) – Connector Housing as shown and lay the cable out along the route that cable will run.


Using some side cutters remove the cable tie from the rear of the connector housing.


Using a small screwdriver, your fingernail or any other sharp tool to lever the release and at the same time pull the connector housing away from the housing.


Connect the end of the 000 979 009 (000979009) – Repair Wire into location 18 on the housing. If you are taking the ground from here as recommended above you will need to install the other end into location 19. The numbering on this side is from 17 to 32.

Please note these pins are for MY07 cars and later, earlier cars have a Gen 1 or Gen 2 controller and this uses pin 1 instead of 18. To tell them apart a Gen 1 or Gen 2 controller will have have the pin 1 location vacant and on a Gen 3 controller pin 1 will be driving the door LED. I’m not sure at what location is a spare ground. See the Volkswagen Golf & Jetta Door Controller Information Mark V page for more information.


Route the repair wire(s) down the harness running them through the two labels stuck to the harness. If you are running the two wires as recommended you may need to extend one of them, don’t cut the repair wires until you work out what lengths you require, better to extend one cable than two.


Wrap the wire(s) to the harness with interior fabric adhesive tape.


Pin 1 which is to the left on the photo should be ground and pin 2 to the right is positive. There is a zener diode fitted inside the lamp housing and if you wire it up incorrectly it won’t work until you reverse the pins or reverse the zener diode. Fit a suitable piece of heat shrink tubing, strip the wire from pin 18 from the controller and the wire from pin 2 on the lamp, twist them together and solder.

If you are taking the ground from a nearby connector skip the next instruction.

If you are taking the ground from the 32 pin connector as recommended strip the wire from pin 19 and the wire from pin 1 on the lamp, twist them together and solder without forgetting to put heat shrink tubing on prior to joining.

Please note these pins are for MY07 cars and later, earlier cars used different pins. See the Volkswagen Golf & Jetta Door Controller Information Mark V page for more information.


Bend the soldered joint backwards


Pull the heat shrink tubing over the soldered connector and heat to shrink the tubing.

volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_installation_09 volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_installation_10

If you’re taking the ground from a nearby connector press the tab as shown to the right and pull the connector from the bottom of the fuel flap switch (this only applies to the drivers door – there are similar grounds on the door switch, pin 21 of the controller, pin 18 of the controller and so forth).


Open the connector housing by levering it towards the front (the part that is sticking up towards the middle of the connector)


Push down with a suitable tool to release the pin, pull backwards at the same time on the brown/white wire as you are depressing the pin.


Bare the insulation from the wire without cutting.


The result should look something like this.


Twist the repair wire over the uncovered wire.


Solder the two together (I use a small gas torch as I get instant heat and don’t have to wait around for it to warm up but sometimes you end up burning the ends of the insulation).


Cover the soldering with heat shrink tubing and heat that to shrink it.

volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_installation_18 volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_installation_19

Slide the pin back into place and clip the cover back into place.


Reinstall the connector into the base of the fuel lid switch and wrap the repair wires as shown to the harness using interior fabric adhesive tape.

volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_installation_21 volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_installation_22

Wrap the other end as well.


Slide the connector back into the housing.

volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_installation_24 volkswagen_golf_door_warnng_light_installation_25

Place a new cable tie over the end of the connector.


And the door trim is ready to reinstall.


Coding using Vagcom/VCDS

Open the door controller, in this guide it’s the drivers door 42 and select “Coding – 07”


Note the current coding.


Add 64 to the coding to enable the Door Exit/Warning Lights and select “Do It!” to save.


Note that the coding has changed and is now 64 higher than before. Select “Close Controller” to finish.


30 thoughts on “Adding Door Warning Lights to the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta – Front”

  1. Great write up as usual m8, i’ve been wanting to do this and the puddle lights for ages can’t wait till summer to do these mods, also want to fit 12v white leds in the door handles for opening…keep up the good work m8…

  2. Hi guys just found out my golf R32 MY08 has very basic door controllers in 1k0 959 701 M they have no extra features in them so the puddle lights cannot easily be fitted to this..this also is applicable to adding folding mirrors and dipping while in reverse, the door controllers in the UK cost £200 each so can be very expensive, this also covers entry lights and door handle illumination as the pins are not physically present on the door controller .

  3. Would I be able to install these into a 2011 Golf TDI 4-door and change out the incandescent W5W bulbs for LED ones? Would they throw fault codes?

    Great job as always! You help in spending my hard earned money 🙂 hehehe

  4. Hi,

    I have door controller 1K0 959 793 C in my Golf v TDI 1.9 2doors from 2004 (European model)

    Which pins schould I use?

    Thanks in advance for help

    1. Hi mate I got the same issue did u manage to fit the welcome door lighting do u know witch pin I have to use for 1ko 959 793c on driver or passenger side door I got pin 18 free but pin 19 already in use any advice will b great full thank u

      1. I have the same problem with a 2005 GTI mk5 5 doors. I got the same p/n but ends with a G. Pin 18 free but 19 has a yellow/purple cable. Tried to bridge with no success. Even replacing it with the brown didn’t worked. Lights were tested prior and after.

      1. You can only use PIN 18 for 12V nad PIN 19 for ground of you have generation 3 door controllers. Generation 2 door controllers uses PIN1 as 12V and then you have to take ground nearby – Pin 2 and 4 has ground.

  5. Subject of coding: If you add +64 to the existing coding of 0000064( for the lighting) your going to end up with a coding of 0000128=(5 doors chassis )that exist already

  6. Mine is a European model… I have the exact same problem as Luke, Alice and Emil Johan Majani.

    2005 GTI mk5 5 doors. Pin 18 free but 19 has a yellow/purple cable..

    Anybody found a solution?

  7. On a 2009 VW jetta 2.5, MT, gas. What wires would i splice into for the door warning lights to work correctly. I took my car to a shop, they wired them i guess to the window wiring and they always stayed on, i had to pull my fuses out for my power windows for the lights to cut off, eventually i eneded up taking them all apart and removing them. If u can help id really appreciate it

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